MC Shan Keeps All His Daughters Packin’!

MC Shan vs HSK

“Sh*t I got my 17-year-old daughter a pink AR 15!” ~MC Shan

HSK Exclusive – MC Shan is sticking to his guns.. LITERALLY! Despite catching some social media heat after his post featuring an image of his young daughter handling an assault rifle, dude doesn’t only see no problem with that picture — he’s reveals he’s got plans to take the youngster to a shooting range.

Here’s what MC Shan put on blast:



  1. He’s setting them up to be in prison!! Or they might even shot his ass tables might turn if the mother is alright with him teaching them to be mass murders what can you say? Shan you goen about it wrong mane I see a whole lota trouble headed their way and yours shan i think he’s the crazy one lol being i. That snake pit of a cesspool industry done sent shan on a rampage lol that’s the industry for you

    • Chill
      Every person of color should know how to use fire arms. Everybody else is 4real. Balance is the key to life 4real

  2. Your career ended a long time ago. Is this the only way to make yourself relevant. By the way what happened to that canadian with the fake jamaican accent named Snow with that hit informer?

  3. Hey Shan, the bridge is ova, the bridge is ova (joking). Loved all the battles. Those were the good days of hip hop’s past. Take care and keep loving your girls.

  4. My dad and uncles were military men and he taught me to shot at a young age and I have already taken my first born to the range. My second born turn is coming soon. I see no problem with this better me teach them than they go out and learn on their own. By the way im a mother.

  5. MC Shan ain’t nuttin But a Modern Day Crack head. He’s Addicted the the FAME that he will NEVER capture again…even if he had a POK-E-Man ball the size of Mother Earth. I hope they take your KIDS away. Straight up you empower the other people to say, look, see, they are a menace to society. But your Dumb ass WOULD take that as a compliment. You are the shit of the earth. Nuff Said.

  6. I believe that the lil girl is too young to be holding a rifle like that but i have no problems with him teachin his own kids, the older ones how to defend themselves and if he has a permit for all the guns then all is good…in todays day and age i believe knowing how to shoot a gun and handle it responsibly is a must…

  7. white ppl show their kids how to shoot at an early age so ehats wrong wit this

  8. Not for public consumption. Shan smarten up. You just turning yourself into a target. And they don’t really care how many guns you got. Or that you know how to shoot. They will just use it against you, when they come to shut you down.

  9. He probably shouldn’t have POSTED A PIC, but I must admit my dad taught us to handle guns when we were 9-15 yrs old. We began in our yard, then on to the range. His reasoning was while he was away(merchant marine) if anybody tried to break in our home/violate the family- we were able to defend ourselves…I hated it but my bros loved every minute of it. We also didnt dare think of guns as toys. We knew the deal young!

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