50 Cent: “Ma$e ain’t worth two million with two million in his pocket.”


Fiddy’s recollection of his past dealings with Mason Betha’s Diddy (back in the mid-2000’s, when he had interest in bringing Ma$e to his G-Unit) aren’t exactly consistent with what the Harlem Shaker had to say a few months back. “Puff would tell you I got really, really paid,” Ma$e said, during a Hot 107.5 interview. “Puff wanna give me another check and I’m gonna take it.”

According to Fif, Puffy didn’t only pull a pimp move — putting Ma$e on the bidding block — he says Mr. ‘I got money hangin’ out the anus’ threw a wrench at Ma$e’s music career, when he shot down the million Fif was offering up.

Buss it:

“Puff Daddy wanted too much money for him to hand Ma$e over. I was like, ‘What you looking for for that?’ He said two million. I’m like, ‘Ma$e ain’t worth two million with two million in his pocket. Are you crazy?’
This is right before we went on that [G-Unit] tour. The principal is more important. … He was a million over what Dep was supposed to [make]. He could have made a million dollars out of it but he’s saying two million. We could have did it for the million dollars. He could have got that back.”


  1. Fiddy is one gossipy little bitch. Always running his mouth like the ladies on The View. Just shut the f*ck up already. Sheeeesh!

  2. Queen Queen Queen smdh he is the stereotype to a tee of a DL rapper…..one queen fighting another over truly who knows what but I doubt its just his “rapping skills”

  3. This sez a lot about 50. He knows mase is a soft egg. And still try to put him on. 50 must be a bit gooey himself. Why else would he do it.

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