Baby Marley Rae: Eva Marcielle Gets Full Custody, Kevin McCall Loses Visitation

Eva Marcielle vs Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille has won full custody of her baby girl as her restraining order battle against baby daddy, Kevin McCall, continues. Only time will tell what a judge will ultimately decide as “a further hearing into the matter is scheduled for next month.”

“It is unfortunate that life has thrown a curve Into Eva’s life but as a responsible parent and adult she’s taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their child and herself.”

Here’s whats reported:

“She took out a restraining order against McCall last month after he allegedly went on a rampage in their home. She claims he kicked doors and even tried to steal their daughter from her arms. According to terms of the order he is banned from coming within 100 yards of them.”


  1. No surprise here. Is Eva bi? One could see where is was trying to go with this “my own family” bit. Initially dude kinda looked like the model Tyson Beckford, but then on second glance, he had ‘THAT FAR AWAY’ look in his eyes.

  2. That’s why you don’t get pregnant and try and set up house with a man you have only known for less than a year. I only feel sorry for the baby in this situation.

  3. There is no justifiable reason for laying hands on a woman, unless Eva killed someone or harmed the baby. Now it’s likely Eva is speaking out to the press about this, and yet this chap hasn’t said a damn thing. He has said nothing about the allegations, or even denied the serious allegations.

    That speaks volumes.

    • Oh and just to add he is affiliated with Chris Brown.


      • I agree with @George and at SB you sound like you may have hit a woman before .All those examples you gave had nothing to do with the Eva situation ….bye fool .

        • Clearly u r having trouble following the interface. I said only, I aged, and I was saying it to GMs original comment. I didn’t give any examples.

    • Lmao@ SB you have a point, no one knows what caused that man to go off. And the report does not say that he hit her it says he tried to take the baby from her arms. So stop reaching people. Too bad they couldn’t resolve this with each other, folks love running to the white man to settle everything. Unless a person is really in danger, we need to relearn how to settle our own family issues. Blacks run to the white man to play a power struggle game, its ridiculous.

      • I am sure Eva thought she and and her baby were in danger since the man kicked down a door! I am sure she did not want to call the police (since every black woman in this country knows — or should know — that if she calls the cops on a black man he could end up dead) but felt so afraid that she had no choice.

    • Another weak ass male terrorizing his home and child. She did the right thing but I’m taking a page out of the Miss Sophia playbook:”I lubs Harpo but I’ll kill him dead before I let him beat me.” And to the fool up top who asked if Eva is “bi,” what the hell does that have to do with anything?

      • Listen here you TRICK. *smh* Eva being bi may have a lot to do with why dude act’n out. Anywhoo, this is a blog and I can ask anything I want pertaining the the subject(s) of any article! Get your life else where OR go play in traffic or have a double shot of chlorox bleach! NutAZZ>

        • You’re right. You can say anything you want. And I can too. So here goes: Fuck you and the cow you rode in on, asshole. Now, like I said, YOU ARE A FOOL. Only a fool advocates a woman be beaten because she “might be bi.” Only a DL loser, like you, would beat the mother of his new born child. LOL. You can’t even spell Clorox. You are truly a joke. Gutterball simp.

          • Again listen here you gutter-azz TRICK! *smh* Never would I advocate ANYONE put their paws on a woman. I am 100% WOMAN! Yes, so what if Eva’s bi. My point was, perhaps baby daddy has his own issues (jealousy and control possibly *shrugs*). Anywhooo, nutazz, here’s a shot of bleach ON ME.

    • SB, you make a valid point. However we don’t know if Eva is the one in the frame. And if she is, my point that you didn’t address, is that Kevin has not defended himself against the allegations. If she was the instigator, why hasn’t HE spoken out to clear his name? THAT speaks volumes to me.

      It’s like the brainwashed stans who always tried to pin the blame for Chris Brown violence against Rihanna, on Rihanna. However Chris crazy ass has had years to exonerate himself, you know to adjust public opinion and set the record straight were it really SHE who was at fault for instigating. You know what? Though he is spineless and forever trying to look like a victim, HE never did that. Because dude knows very well what he did. And even his dumb ass knows that he was at fault. No one else.

      If someone launches allegations at you, you have the right to fight for yourself and your name. Neither of these males did that. That reads GUILTY.

      • I wanted to add, you only made a valid point about setting a house on fire, and not the other dumb shit you said.

  4. So, let me get this scraight: ‘Cause Missy (allegedly) beat Eva that means this nicca gets to lay hands on her also? What kind of f*cked up mentality is that? These women need to get strapped and start laying these bastards out and I bet you they will change their minds. Nobody as the right to put their hands on anyone else and that ESPECIALLY goes for some grown as punk thug beating on a woman. Some of you people are disgustingly sick and twisted on this site. I notice a strong sentiment of hatred towards black women on her. I’m really starting to wonder what really is going on with this site and who is behind it.

  5. If you want to know what’s going on, ask MTO since they own it. Jacky’s a phantasm now.

  6. Learn how to control yourselves. To many of these men of all races are terrorizing their homes and family and it has nothing to do with education or money. Just for those who don’t pay attention to the college educated and rich men that have done this and are doing it.

    I glad he didn’t go beating on her but he needs to get himself under control. Even if she dated him for a minute doesn’t mean he would not be doing this because some women date, marry for years and this happens.

    • I read in passing he was charged for sexual assault during college. I can’t verify the story, but my goodness if true looks like violence against women is his M.O

  7. We live in a world where you say sumptn foul to the wrong person you get popped in the mouth. Point blank period. Watch ya mouth.

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