Farrah Franklin’s Reported Arrest Goes Viral


“I’m from Myrtle Beach and the police always arrest people for dumb sh*t. They need to worry about these killings and rapists that’s running around here.”

It’s been more than 14-years since Farrah Franklin spent five-months as a member of Destiny’s Child — yet word of the 33-year-old bombshell’s reported citation/booking is spreading like wildfire. Not too sure why. I mean, besides the reported time and place of Franklin’s alleged ‘disorderly conduct’… there’s not really much to report. Just consider the fact that one three-letter totin’, over-hyped celebrity tabloid states: “our sources tell us alcohol was definitely involved.” REALLY?

From what we’ve learned, Farrah Franklin is currently writing a book — a project she apparently launched just two-months ago. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s the REAL story! Anyway, sources say… Farrah spent about eight-hours at a Myrtle Beach, SC cop shop before posting a whopping $280 bond. That’s just $30-dollars more than a Los Angeles J-walking ticket.

Here is what’s out there:

“Farrah Franklin was arrested near Myrtle Beach, S.C., early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct. The website for the Horry County Detention Center in nearby Conway shows that Franklin, 33, of Sherman Oaks, Calif., was booked at 4:55 a.m.”

Here’s some background:

“Franklin joined Destiny’s Child in February 2000 but left in July of that year. According to MTV News, Franklin was kicked out for missing promotional appearances and shows. (She says she left because of “negative vibes” and a lack of input on decisions.)

At the time, Beyonce said: “Destiny’s Child is going to be fine. We’ve done three or four shows already without Farrah and they’ve been phenomenal.”

Additional background:

“Three years ago, she was reportedly cuffed for disorderly conduct in Culver City, California. At the time of her arrest, Franklin claimed she had been roughed up and racially profiled by officers, telling media that police had merely detained her.”


    • Yes, i really do. She, Farrah, just has a much fresher face. Bey is beautiful but she does have those nasal fold lines women start to get in their faces when they hit 40s. Might be time for a little botox, ijs

      • Or smoking women also get those smile line type of things from smoking. I’ll tell you this though Beyoncé is not in her 30’s. I’m mid 30’s and she looks older than me.

        • Exactly.. Beyonce is the same age as Gabrielle Union (41. They were childhood friends. I know for a fact when Destiny child came out Beyonce was 24. A friend of mine was their hair stylist back then…

  1. Culver City PD is notoriously racist. They will harass you for driving a nice car while being young and Black. Poor civil servants who are mad because their paper doesn’t stack right.

    Farrah is cool people. She’ll be just fine.

    • The only city I’ve ever been pulled over in is Culver City!! I don’t even drive there that often but when i do, I get pulled over 50% of the time.

  2. I am waiting to see how many people are going to come out and say this is Beyonce fault. Because it’s not.

    • Also she dose not look 33 more like 43 if she really is 34 that is a hard life she is living. She needs to cut the drinking out.

      • You are joking right?. If this chick is 43, I’m an embryo in utero, I just happen to know how to spell: F O H.

        • In my opinion she and Beyonce look the same age. So, if B is 40 so is Farrah, and if Farrah is 33, then she and B are just hard living 33 year olds. But no way is B 7 years older than Farrah.

          • Sorry. Disagree. Beyonce’s looks like 10 years older. Her skin quality ain’t that tight.

      • In person Farrah is a refreshingly youthful beauty.

        I love Bey- but the youthful peice of her beauty vanished years ago.

        I still agree with the Bey being older than Farrah comment.


  3. Damn she was only an hour from me! And she us from SC? Hot dawg! But she is right. South Carolina is a red ass racist state that will pin U with a bullshit charge you have never heard of!!

    • Specially those MB police.. I’ve had to show them ass & elbows many a time!

      Where are you? I’m in Charlotte. I used to be all up& through south cakalack back in the day… good times

      • Darlington! LOL! They don’t know about South Krack ask Cherries Johnson her and boyfriend got pulled over by Scott Garfield in Marion County! LOL

  4. didn’t they say farrah left the band because she had a pimp their’s a photo her

    with a man wearing a fur coat and a hat. farrah was half naked posing with group of girls

      • yeah maybe a pimp wearing a furr coat and hat being surrounded by black women

    • Naw….never heard that. Sounds like its possibly the beyhive ruining reputations.You gotta link to an article?

      • there’s a photo of her with other girls half naked with a pimp in the centre

        it was something about sex or something not sure this was 10 years ago

    • No. Farrah was allegedly asked to leave the group because she posed for the cover of a book by a controversial author, Tariq Nausheed (sp). Beyonce claimed that Farrah posing for that cover didn’t align with the “image” of DC. Beyonce has since gone on to become a full blown whore, penning mindless songs such as “Bootylicious.” So much for images.

  5. We should’ve seen this coming, “The Writing’s on the Wall”. Farrah is a “Survivor’ it’s just “Second Nature” to her.

    • She will be ok she know how to keep things jumping jumping we know she will keep her happy face she don’t get to emotion and when times are low she can always go eat a apple pie lamode

  6. Y’all should just quit lol but I vaguely remember her. She’s relevant how

  7. This photo is not recent because the photo attached to Farrahs current arrest homegirl is not even a shell of her Destiny’s Child Days.Mathew said he only hired her for her looks to begin with.

    • Rhymeswithsnitch has Farrah Franklin’s mugshot. The years of drinking alcohol have destroyed her looks. My brothers and sistas, alcohol and us don’t mix. ALCOHOL IS THE WHITE MAN’S POISON! All of us need to stop drinking the liquid crack immediately! Alcohol is killing us, literally!

      • Yes, yes NBA. Vodka: for Russians and wine for Europeans and Middle Easterners and Asians. Rum and Whiskey for no one. We should only be drinking beer, and in moderation.

        Black don’t crack, unless it has been with alcohol and/or drugs.

            • Wray And Nephew’s is a Jamican rum company who make their rum
              many jamaican’s drink it is very strong that’s why people mix it with coke
              and some jamaican’s put it in their cake for christmas

  8. Beyonce was threatened and jealous of Farrah because out of all the girls Farrah rivaled her in the looks department and that made all of them uneasy including Tina Knowles. I guess that’s why she asked Farrah to bleach her skin and Farrah told them all to FCK off!

    • Asking a mixed girl to bleach her skin is comedy in and of itself, but it’s just another day for color-struck Coons like those in your comment.

    • Tina Knowles is one devious witch. Anything to keep Beyodel in the spotlight. Telling Farrah to bleach while telling to love her dark skin. Oh the hypocricy!

  9. No. They asked her to tan not bleach. Making Beyonce stand out by being the lightest one in the group. They are some very colorstruck people.

    • Cool.But it was stated she was asked to Tan because she was replacing Latavia who was of a darker Hue.Being asked to do something like that is a total and outright insult and I applaud Farrah for no selling out and staying true to her morals as a woman.

      • Yeah but the whole deal was shady in the first place. That say my name video was messed up.

  10. During my clubbing years, I met Farrah Franklin a few times. I can tell you for a fact she is an alcoholic! She drinks so much, I’m surprised she is still alive. On a positive note, she is a nice person, she is not stuck up. In fact, the few times I saw her in person, she would give 5 and 10 dollar bills to the homeless. That’s cool! It’s better that she was kicked out of Destiny’s Child. Baphomet Beyonce doesn’t like it when there is another girl in the group that is just as pretty as her!

      • Chasing ballers and athletes I presume.You know that’s how dreamchasers operate.

  11. On a side note, Cherie Johnson was once pulled over and handcuffed in Marion County South Carolina.

  12. Myrtle Beach police cant win for losing. First they are deemed racist and profiling then apathetic and incompetent after a bunch of drunken rowdy people at Black Bike Week killed each other. Lets not mention the rape reports and cases of lewd conduct, such as walking the strip ass naked with gladiator sandals. Not sure how Franklin’s behavior was but her mugshot was cute, loved the smirk and she should start a natural hair vlog.

        • Yeah some, but getting better. I remembered one year this Jamaican girl came down from New York for Bike Week, got on the back of a bike, got raped and was stranded down here! Mind you her friends left her! She finally made it back, but they caught dude and she sued him and her friends. I was like damn!

          • Good for her! That was common. My cousin’s friend was grabbed in the hallway by group of guys in a nearby hotel room, assaulted and set back outside as if nothing happened. She couldnt remember who or what room, the hotel was at capacity and she was wasted. Don’t think the vhs of her grinding on top of club speaker hours prior would have helped. From what I am told it got more ratchet once Freaknic stopped in 97/98 the same time the Philly Greek went downhill for a spell. Myrtle Beach officials wont end it, that one weekend brings millions into that tiny town. I tried it once and after 2 hours realized that Kappa Beach Party and South Beach were more up my alley.

            My relatives said that guys used to just grab your arm, slap your ass or film your crotch and if you said something or had the screw face reply “well you shoulda stayed him”. Since three people died and 4 shot this hear I guess they will clamp down in security.

  13. wasn’t she married to a NBA player or was it a NFL player
    she’s pretty how do you know she’s mixed??? there dozen of black people with lighter skin tones

  14. speaking of tell alls Kelly was there from the start her book would be a bestseller.

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