Lil Debbie: I’m A White Rapper, I Say The N-Word & Don’t Give A F*CK!


“You know what I’m saying? Everyone’s still gonna get their check whether someone likes it or not.” -Lil Debbie

Meet Lil Debbie… a white Z-list rapper who doesn’t only promise to keep saying the N-word, she’s spilling word that she’s gonna continue to collect checks for saying it! The Oakland femcee — whose real name is Jordan Capozzi — says, “It just is what it is.”

“I just feel like if you don’t want it said, you don’t say it.” -Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie is far from the first, and will likely not be the last. A few years back, her two ‘White Girl Mob’ partners also stood firmly behind their use of N-bombs in their rap lyrics. V-Nasty — noted as ‘the first white rapper to say the n-word and actually stand behind it’ — claimed, “I didn’t even know it was a problem.”


During Lil Debbie’s recent ignorant interview, she broke down V-Nasty and her N-Bombs. “I grew up with V-Nasty,” Lil Debbie said. “I think V-Nasty’s biggest fault is she’s so stubborn on just being herself.” As for the White Girl Mob’s third member?


Check out what Lil Debbie put out there:

“I’ve dealt with this situation with V-Nasty for sayin’ the N-word for so long. To, me it sounds like a personal problem.

Like the white and Black thing is a huge issue to people. I don’t give a f*ck about it. I don’t look at ethnicity. I don’t really care about it. I’ve only had like two white boyfriends ever in my life.

V-Nasty said the N-Word… Kreayshawn said the N-Word… there’s a lot of white people that say the N-word… there’s a lot of Black people that say the N-word… I know Asian people that say the N-word… I know Indian people that say the N-word.

I just feel like if you don’t want it said, you just don’t say it. Period. Don’t use it in reference to the person next to you that’s the same race… don’t use it and be Asian and use it on another Asian, or another Black person… and that’s just how I feel. Like, I don’t really care about how anybody else feels about it.”


  1. I can’t wait until this white bitch gets her ass beat out of rap. Go sing country

      • She aint angry dat piece of white poor cracker trash need dat azz beat hope da foxy brown woop bitch azz

    • Let the chick make a fool of herself Damn y’all got more opinions than originality Stop playing the race card A word isn’t entitled to a certain hue That’s ridiculous & insensible We all pink skin, some red blood, some blue Either way instead of worrying about how another chick embraces your heritage WHY DON’T YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT EXACTLY YOUR HERITAGE IS THAT YOUR STRAINING YOUR INTELLIGENCE TO INSULT THIS TROUBLED TWERKING GIRL IN ORDER TO PROTECT BECAUSE I CAN GUARANTEE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR CREATION IS WATERED THE FUCK DOWN WHICH IS WHY YOU THINK THE WAY YOU DO BECAUSE YOU LET PEOPLE MOLD YOUR MANNERISMS & DISABLE BRAIN FUNCTION CODES THROUGH VIBRATIONS, MAGNETS, SOUND WAVES, PROGRAMMING, & FREQUENCIES AS A WHOLE

      • Easy to say coming from a racist cracker. We all have pink skin my ass……. Lol. Your talking about twerking……. The last time I checked Miley was the queen of that. As as for my heritage trust me even though your people have spent a lifetime trying to hide and cover it up I know it very we’ll.

          • People are funny and aint gonna do SHYT if a white person say nigga or call them a nigga to their face or around them
            People talk so much shyt over the internet. smh

            • Try it and see cracker…… I bet you end up on a you tube video getting you ass knocked out. Oh but your just an internet racist wannabe gangster.

            • If you think people won’t do anything with people calling them an ‘n’ word to their face you clearly haven’t seen it done in Chicago. I’ve seen people beaten mercilessly.

            • I wish one would call me that shit or say it in ear shot. Not all blacks play that nigga massa shit.

            • Black men don’t seem to mind if a white girl call them the N word, but let a white boy say it. Black men go off.


        • miley wasn’t twerking she was tweaking.

          meen come on don’t wanna see flatass white ass white girls who look like boys on drugs coming out shaking aSS AND SHE LOOKS LKE SHE HAS’NT HAD A PERIOD YET.



        • Why do you have to be so disgusting & nasty? You want to victimize yourself & that’s not sensible nor personally tolerated When things are going bad for yourself or you’re troubled or lost, you are at your most vulnerable to let in negativity & let it overcome you & you become a big cloud of transparent evil Though it’s a choice to dwell in the mishaps rather than focusing & embracing the joys of life & only even speaking on such With that being said I AM NOT A “cracker” I jus simply do not point fingers at 1 protege of a the problem nor do I waist priceless time by slandering them NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTSIDE OF THEIR SKIN IS MY TWITTER PAGES ARE @OFFTOP & @JRBIRCHER if you don’t believe the truths I’m telling you

          For the record if you guys don’t know twerking was not publicized by this chick It is what you do on a dick while you’re f*cking & Uncle Luke if ANYTHING had the shit banned Soo if that’s what you want to blame Miley Cyrus for killing or black people for “owning” then what a sad world we are living in because she is only a f*cking shell w/ a vicarious host Jus as Beysus & anybody else in the game Unlike this chick, Lil’ Debbie, every1 else is planned out & their careers & the reactions we give them & responses are blueprinted to generate them more money

          So the more you guys on these comments continue to think the way you do & let the television mold your morals the more you will continue to want to categorize people instead of jus loving yourself & every1 else even if they don’t know you because you wouldn’t want some1 to hate you even if they didn’t know you or else you’d never have opportunities or chances in life You’ll never get anywhere in life referring to people as crackers jus because your brain in poisoned w/ genetically modified organisms Get over shit & you’ll be fine You need to wake up blaming me because you think I’m not the same as you is absurd even if I were white You’d still be wrong & you don’t have to be wrong for forever You can always let the sedatives go & live a coherent alert life even if it’s hard There are temptations everywhere but what will make you stronger is to exercise your strength & always take the higher route because that how you become enlightened to knowledge & experiences that are not visible to you when you’re seeing red Roads & paths will appear out of nowhere if you simply want to do good rather than distribute bad like the people who enslaved whoever did which is obviously why you are so mad Get over it You weren’t even there You don’t even know but if you channel righteousness I promise you can travel back & find out for yourself or you can live in today & make what whoever your heritage didn’t have great & the best & proud If you are religious maybe that’s your problem I pray to the sun & feel 1 w/ the moon You don’t have to agree but it’s jus a incite on what cannot lie to me & I jus feel like no1 can give me a Bible on the sun I was born & raised Catholic & I guess legally still am but my beliefs have led me to stop feeling like sex, liquor, drugs, & attention is validation It doesn’t have to be my disbeliefs that I focus on It its now only my destination that holds relevance to me & you could use some of that promise

          • I understand where u coming from. If it doesn’t apply it flies by me that word as a whole is being used by all ethnicity but is someone wa to say it to me in a cruel antagonizing manner we are definitely gonna have a problem! This is a new generation who had no respect or regards for authority welcome to the new generation.. I have a couple girlfriends that are grandmother and we are the same age 32… No shade all I’m saying is it’s no more big mommas (grandma) and the ppl on the block who use to telling you.. The 80-90a error at least it wasn’t so open we played hop scotch, jump rope, basketball (hook the crate up to the light pole lol…they will never experience that because the generation has change to where it cool for men to wear FeMALE CLoTHES in public like really…
            It’s a harsh reality I’m black & German I have white, black, Indian and mixed cousins who say it to eachother with no harm intended all you hear is nig this NIg that a dAmn shame. In damn near every rap song nig this nig that but will get locked up if called one by the outside race… We have to do better!!! That chick gon make her $$$ she prob already has a white fan base who loving to rap her ish smdh

      • @J R are you serious! That ish is wrong on many levels and she should get her ass beat at any venue she uses the word. I know my heritage and guess what that word I DO NOT TOLERATE! R U A RACIST CRACKA? HUH


          • People all people including black people(yes I’m black) need to quit using the word. The fact that you are in a uproar shows that you know the history and negative connotations of this word. When a black person says it ..its all good , but when a person of another race says it..its a problem.. and YES it should be a problem because its derogatory BUT I don’t think that anyone should use it.. my opinion.This trashy z list chick is obviously trying to catch an azz whipping or make a name for herself by doing this! She knows its controversial.Some people will take attention any way that they can get it, including using N word..when they know they shouldn’t.

    • are WE really jockeying for ownership
      of that word?? jus the other day i was
      at the local mall and overheard a group
      of NON-BLACK teens calling each other
      “ni99a this and ni99a that. when they
      noticed i was listening, they quickly
      apologized and went about their business.

      upon my leaving the mall, i see this same
      group of teens, raggin’ on each other again;
      nigga this, ni99a that, or ni99a you wack”.
      …i jus smh and kept it moving’.

      i say if they want it, give it to ’em.
      let ’em have it. why would i want
      ownership of such a word?? i’ve been
      referred to as ni99a for 35 yrs, and
      i have yet to benefit 1 iota from it!!!
      let them hold on to that for a change,
      let’s see how that works out for them.
      …hey, its better them than me!!!

      • Really. These kids have no idea.
        Kids today have no idea about anything.
        And ignant fools like these 3 skanks got whIte etc kids thinking its ok or acceptable to talk like this.

        Imagine the white slores of our day (Madonna, Celine Dion) coming out saying this stuff. They were more “One World”, I guess…

      • @ birthmark I have to agree with you. I live in an are composed of upper middle class whites and blacks. THE ONLY TIME I hear the n word is when the white teenagers are speaking to themselves. And as you said, when they see me they always look sheepish and occasionally offer a mea culpa of saying “we only use it because it’s cool” or “we use it because we n8gg8s too!”

        While I don’t like it, I honestly don’t think the little punks even get it.

        I do hold the rap industry for placing their imprimatur on the word.

        • 14:15 I had to laff at part where U said white kids said they was niggas too, Lmao!

    • She is not white. She is mixed. I can look at her and tell. She is just trying to be famous. My sister and brother are bi-rical so I can spot people who are trying to “pass”. Look at her skin tone. It’s olive, it has a tint. If you look at her hair texture you can also see it was straighten. Girlfriend probably gets a relaxer once a year like my sister. I can tell by her hair color as well. She looks like Zendaya and the rest of them chicks with White mommas/black daddies or black mommas/white daddies trying to pass.

      Girl Bye!

    • Why is Diary giving these ugly , funky, nasty looking tricks a forum any damned way?
      Where is Jacky? This blog us alippin’.

  2. I am sure TI and the rest of the coons will be out in full force trying to jump start her career soon.

      • You sound stupid as f*ck and no I don’t believe you. You must be a white racist just pretending to be black because your comment would mean nothing if you disclosed your true race…… Poor white thrash just like the whore were talking about.

        • And you sound offended that you just got OWNED by this guy. You sound mad, maybe you’re TRASH? 😉

          • Offended, not at all, this is very entertaining. owned? Who says that anyway. I guess you could not get on the KKK website today.

          • “N*gger”. I mean……I was typing but my device changed it.Even my auto correct is too classy for this POS….but GO AHEAD….you were saying how no body will do anything?

        • @anon I agree NOBODY should be using that word but BM are insane and think they should be respected for calling self a vile slur.

        • @Anonymous Reply:
          July 21st, 2014 at 10:14—AGREED! THE “TRUTH” is black alright! LIAR and the truth ain’t in you! THE TRUTH must be a racist!

      • We can say it but i be damn if i let a white person it around me grounds for azz kicking

          • lol… fulla shit. ok bad ass since you so hard and all, Jacky Jasper is black. Post a comment calling him a bigger and see what happens. Double dare you.

          • Oops, auto correct. I mean, if u really don’t think anyone will do anything, watch what happens if you call Jacky Jasper the n word, playa

      • Are you saying that you think this piece of pure trash is exactly the same as Iggy? Because they are both white? This chick makes Iggy look like Meryl Streep.

        Remember, Iggy claims she did not tweet the n word, and even of you don’t accept her apology, at least she has the sense to know it would be a disaster for her to do so. This person sounds like she endorses the use of the word.

        • Meryl Streep! BOL!

          Good observation about the difference between the whites. These 3 need some soap and hot water whIle Iggy looks bathed. Iggy tries to be as classy as she probably can but this bummy trailer look isn’t her. 2 different type of white slores.

          But that’s how TPTB get you.. they attract the poor with relatable poor folks. Take Eminem. Poor white boy poor whites could relate to his angst or whatever he sells. These girls are clearly poor and aim to further disenfranchise other poor white girls by power of suggestion

          • @Willie Jones Jr I feel you bruh! Well spoken! Iggy looks like she grew up in a trailer with wheels on it and this heroine,molly popin ghost looks like she was reared in a trailer with no wheels! Not to mention the dogs living underneath it! In other words she embodies the true essence of what a trailer park heffa is really like! No class drug addict!

  3. Ugggh……who moved the damn rock? Where all these raggedy azz trailer trash who think they can rap coming from?

    • This is all by design…… In 10 years people will think white people invented rap just like they did with rock and roll in the past. Wake up people.

      • Only idiots think white people invented rock & roll. Even white rock stars admit they were heavily influenced by artists such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry and even Solomon Burke (Mick Jagger was influenced by Burke).

        We know who the architects of rock are and they are Black.

      • I don’t know anyone who thinks white folk invented rock and roll. Stole plenty of the publishing rights, yes. Invented it, hell naw

        • You must hang out with a bunch of really old history buffs. Because looking at the current state of rock and roll now from a young persons point of view how in the world would you think that blacks invented it unless you were a big chuck berry fan almost 60 years ago…. Dumb ass….

          • I’m 28 . And I know they didn’t invent shit because like everyone my age, I have the benefit of the internet, Vibe and Source, and Rolling Stone magazines, Behind the music, YouTube, Music Appreciation called at University, etc….those stories are out there. There were so many black artists that were ripped off, their music stolen and white washed. Like how you called me a dumb ass for knowing my peoples music history. That’s “rich”.

            • Okay, so you watched a few movies and feel like you know the history of the music biz…. That is great….. I don’t know what your point is though with your response are you trying to say that because you know it that everyone knows that rock and roll was started by blacks. Are you speaking for everyone now. I guess the racist websites are not interesting enough to keep you off of this one….. Dumb ass

            • @ B, thank you. Respect.
              @ Dumber than ever, just Anonym-ASS, my point mother f*cker , is even though we are younger than your evil decrepit ass, people my age still know their stuff. Pasta, Irrigation, Fermentation, Engineering etc….that’s a short list for you of other stuff whites definitely didn’t invent that we know about.. Now f*ck off.

      • Look, I’m no fan, but Mick Jagger would be the first person to tell anyone who asked that he grew up worshiping black artists n the US and he copied everything they did. Their first single was a cover of a black artist. He and most Brit rockers were huge fans of the blues even when the blues was out of fashion in the US. Hell, even Kurt Cobain, who I do like, lists Leadbelly as the artist who influenced him the most.
        Whites may be culture vultures, but in fairness, the biggest most successful one own that fact outright.

        • typo “ones” not one
          Led Zeppelin
          Blind Faith
          Allman Brothers

          The only rockers I can think of who didn’t copy were the Eagles and they suck.

      • No and just like chess, lacrosse and even hockey just because they dominate it doesnt mean that they originated it. Aside from google some of us have grandparents who arent 35.

    • Oakland isn’t exactly great. She probably came from the hood, but she knows that she is out of line. Kids in the Bay area receive much more comprehensive education as it pertains to race and history than possibly anywhere else in the country. The respect factor for Black people by white people in the Bay was usually high because white children are taught Black history, and not just during Black History Month.

      This ho is a troll who won’t last long enough to see her career come to fruition.




            • Nope. Elohim was Most High is Hebrew. Raphael and Gabriel are archangels. Rappers today are NOT paying homage to any of these . When they say lil, it sometimes means “young or small in stature like lil kim , lil bow wow, lil romeo. but it also means born again on the dark side, which is why they sometimes call themselves lil or young or new…..ever heard that geriatric camel call himself young hov? hes not paying tribute to God he is making a mockery of Him. That’s why in that crazy in love video with his “wife”. He is driving a car and crashes and kills her but then “young” B steps out of the car unharmed in the incarnation of the Sacha Fierce demon



  4. They all look like poster models for hepatitis C ads. Haven’t called anyone a skank since high school but they are definitely the embodiment of that word

  5. I told this white chick that stayed in my building in Hollywood “if I not a n#gga don’t say n#gga,n#gga”!I didn’t hear the bitch say another word after that.Its just the way it is.

    • black people will attack another black person before checking a white person
      Massa has planted “The fear of God” in most black people psyche or the fear of the police

  6. Bitch it dont matter how u feel. This aint 1914 you will get yo ass stomped. And idgaf who is condoning it in yo “circle”..But this goofy bitch does make one good point. YEARS of the word being used in the entertainment field(especially rap) has gotten other races, including some whites, thinking its ok to use it. BUT RAPPERS DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE!! Not every black person uses the N word (i know shocking) So every black person is NOT ok with this! Lord o swear tptb tryin take it bacl to the 19th this.bitch smh..also this bitch is real ARROGANT. Like i know u.dont care, but this word has history. Jdgaf is you said “a” instead of “er”

    • Excuse the typos yall lol. I was amped up and typed it in on my notes because i dont have time for jacky and his auto refresh bs lol. So hsk literary police spare me :p

  7. Kreayshawn’s album dropped and sold Robin Thicke overseas numbers. We haven’t heard from her since. V-Nasty, which must be short for Vagina Nasty, has no album. Lil’ Debbie better stick to making snack cakes and sit tf down. My guess is she’ll receive a cease and desist letter from the company, which will kill her career. There’s nothing to see here, folks. Clear the area.

  8. Does the N word still have weight?
    All the rappers say it. Ppl not associated with a history of enslaving blacks say it, like Asians and Hispanics. Like the dummy said, its a greeting..

    The industry is trying to push the whites in rap. We should have said NO to Eminen in 1998. Now any white can be a rapper.

    Sorry, some things need to be segregated. Whites should be no where near hard core rap. Its a black thing that most whites couldn’t possibly understand. (I’m half white). Its not our culture. Blacks are welcome to try singing country or heavy metal music, but not the vice versa.

    This new white rap crap is awful and has nothing to do with actual hip hop or rap.

    • This is why some feel that no matter how hard they try, whites will never be able to take over rap. Because blacks still define the culture, the lingo,and the fashion. They will keep trying…and failing miserably lol

      • What blacks define the culture when they have ALL sold out? Please name 1 who still define the culture
        They all act like frauds and coons to me

        • The culture of rap 2014.

          Men wearing dresses and or skirts and leggings.
          Gay innuendo in lyrics.
          Encouraging heavy drug use.
          Encouraging rape.
          PromotIng general ignorance instead of being positive or uplifting. (It’s cool to have no future and to blame the world for why you cant get rIght)
          Satanic lyrics and imagery.
          Degrades women especially black women.

          I change my mind. Whites can have that mess!

        • Who are all of the Black people who have sold out in hip hop, Anon 11:23? Are you referring to commercial artists, underground artists or both? Please elaborate.

        • 11:23:

          Hip hop is part of the Black culture, whether or not you care to acknowledge it. It is just another genre of music, started by Black people. Not only does it encompass music, it encompasses breakdancing, graffiti art and fashion. I suppose I should include slang terminologies in that as well. Hip hop is a form of expression that was created for Black people to share their experiences in their neighborhoods. As much as white people want to seize the art, they know who the originators of the art are.

            • Inspired by and created by are two different things. Learn the differences, as well as the difference between “to” and “too.”

    • A good rapper is just that.When crediting someone as a good rapper I look at their ability to rap… Rap is a predominantly black industry but there are a few good non black rappers..

  9. This is when blacks should stick together. Don’t purchase her mess. Just because she dated blacks doesn’t mean she is in the black family. She is a stale cracker!

    • If your philosophy worked, niggas would stop supporting people like the Kartrashians, who f*ck Black men, bleed Black men dry, yet make a mockery of the Black race and hate Black women.

  10. Well well….
    I think y’all should focus more on the BLACK!!! rappers who support them using the word instead if giving these disease infested BROKE bitches some free publicity…
    They from CALI, and some of the rappers out there has no problem with them using it, so let’s put they stores as to why they supporting this shit! Thanks HSK

  11. That white girl just looks plain stupid in all her rap “gear”….and trappin for her kids?……. bitch please! She better go wait on some tables at Applebees.

    • I’m shocked that 1. She is a girl and 2. That someone laid down wit her and donated sperm. Yuck.

      • Lmao…..and 3. She has some half-Black kids at home she probably calls her lil n*ggaz.

          • Me too. I only know most new acts from reading about them.

            I quit Top 40 and Power98.. only oldies and adult contemporary for me and mines.

            I refuse to let my boy be programmed and brainwashed by hip hop like I was from 1996- 2008.

  12. This may be controversial, but I have long thought that poor white trash and black folks who are raised without the benefit of education and exposure to the rules of decorum have far more in common than middle class blacks and working class/poor blacks. Therefore, they tend to follow the same rulebook.
    We as more educated and “proper” folks here are horrified by this woman and others like her. Believe it or not, non-trashy whites would be just as disgusted.

  13. A lot of racists in here. Y’all are the REAL racists and you can call kiss Lil’ Debbie’s ass crack while you’re on the ground bowing down to your WHITE slave masters HA HA

    • The same slave masters who lusted after black women while their pasty, flat-assed white women were left alone in the bed dreaming about Mandingo? Now you bitches get ahold of black dick and think that qualifies you to be a rapper…….bitch bye! Try again.

    • II would rather raw dog Gooch in prison than kiss Miss Snack Cake’s ass crack.

      Far less chance for disease involved.

      I am going to assume that you are the precise demographic I was referring to in my post above. I certainly can imagine how difficult life must be for one who grows up without any advantages or benefits of self betterment such as yourself.
      Perhaps one day you will be fortunate enough to discover a way out of your personal white trash hell.

  14. if she so coo with ninja how come she has none in dat bullshidd azz video work da middle with her stiff azz

  15. Ok, so that I am not saying that her saying the “N” word is in any way ok but, if rappers is runnin round saying it then whites and others r gonna feel privy to say it too, until black people respect themselves, they r damn sure not going to respect us and they doing it to our face! We just turned back the hands of time smmfh

    • I agree. But thats the thing, not ALL black people are using it. But rappers can reach millions of people. But those are literally just a smudge of the whole black population!

      • I agree with you, that handful of ignoramus bunch unfortunately have a platform to reach millions and give the impression that it’s “cool” to say it and they make it ok for others to say it so freely without gettin chin checked

  16. From what I see, it’s the in thing to be white and adopt a black mojo I guess, all smoke and mirrors cuZ I guarantee when lil Debbie get out of her black phase she will change up to a more white appearance and she will be aye ok

  17. How can I put this politely? The tattoo covered stripper gear wearing chick with a horrifying grill is posing with a cigarette.

    Wouldn’t we be more surprised if she DIDN’T say the n word?

  18. this skanky chick looks dirty black people this is your fault for using the word around white people!!!
    these white people think they can saying just because their friends are black!!!


    And BM ain’t gonna do shit about it like the simps and chumps too many are they will still kiss the ass of white women.

  20. That half baked bitch just ain’t said the N-word to the right Black person yet. That bitch would have one time to say to me and i would reappoint her face. These dirty trailer ass white whores better stop thinking all blacks are down with that shit. I don’t play with nobody. My mother did give birth to nobody by that name.

  21. Shes from the bay area…everyone from the hood or associated with the hood use that word out here…bla k,mexican,asian,middle eastern etc.. she just needs to understanx the rest of the country aint with that shit so she needs to watch hersself when using it away from home

  22. This is the black man’s karma. No other men spent 30+ years calling their own women hoes, bitches and now Thots. The black woman is your power center but you fools tore her down. Now…let the whites openly call you N******…because if you don’t even respect your own mothers, daughters lovers and sisters why should they respect your dumb asses????

    • @Anon you got it!!! BM taught the world to diss their women mothers sisters and now miss becky calling YOU BM N’S. Serves you right. Everywhere I go is a bm calling himself n, at the gas station, in a restaurant, in the bank yall got served by a ww!

  23. she’s evening posing like a black women and her hairstyle is what a black women would wear black men this is your fault

    these white women think their better than black women becuase black men are constanly bashing black women in front of white women
    these white women think their all that but is funny how their copying a black women

    black men stop bashing degrading black women in front of white women stop turning your white women into black women!!!
    because your hypocrites with a captial h

    • That’s exactly what they are doing. Turning white women into black women.
      Saw Iggy’s video (while flipping through .. I promise!).. pump up their bodies, give em a weave, teach them to twerk and give em a ghetto pass. Instant black woman.

      • white women can never be a black women in fact black women are strong they do’t put up with crap
        white women are weak their cry about stupid stuff

        black men you can’t turn your white women into a black women your being hypocritical
        if you wanted a black women should of dated one. do’t turn your turkey neck old looking white women into a black women
        it do’t make sense

        • hollywood made racial jokes about black women’s bodies white newspaper would do a racial cartoons about it
          even on tom and jerry. is interesting how hollywood is now embracing it these white women having big butts to
          upstage black women remember black women had it 1st

          sir lances alot did a song about black women’s butt in music video. two white women were making fun of the butt
          now white women are getting butt implants

        • Whitney? Bobbi Kristina? Mimi? Any LHHATL women (any race?) Beyonce? RhiRhi? Karrine Steffans? Blaq Chyna? Strong black women? Yeah right.
          I don’t have enough time in the day to discredit all the weak whites..

          Every race cries about their problems. Hard to believe but its true.

          I was being contrary about instant black woman. But yes be aware that is what is happening. They’ve even had a black man play a black woman on that prison show on Netflix.
          Its disgusting.

          • hollywood black women are sellouts their weak for that money so they coon for it

            Harriet Tubman was a strong black women
            CJ Walker was a strong black women
            Josephine Baker was a strong black women
            Bessie Colemen was a strong black women

        • Good Lord CB you’ve changed your screen name yet again.

          Could you even attempt to actually disguise yourself???

          • @Anonymous

            what’s your beef you been following me on here for a past months ain’t cool it makes you looks pathetic just leave me alone

            • And I am NOT following you. I am reading and there you are with a different name. It’s like death and taxes–you are inevitable and ubiquitous.

            • @Anonymous

              your a bully and a stalker you post immature comments that doesn’t go with the threads. the reason i change screen names is because of
              YOU!!!!! because you keep hassling me all the time i need a break from YOU!!!

              so be a grown up and leave me thanks you

            • Im one of them. Ok me officially dropping off. I think your not gunna change, and all by all rights you have every right not to. But please believe there is good white people out there. Peace cb.

            • there are another people on here who doesn’t like white people so go lecture them!!!
              you single me out because you think i’m weak?? that’s what bullies do in fact white people bullied black people
              throughout slavery and the civil rights movement

              i do’t mind you commenting on my thread only if the topic is intelligent. if you going to tease me about my screen name than do’t bother

            • @Willie Jones Jr

              you got to admit i made a excellent point these women were strong when tho it was a racial era black women never gave up!!
              being a strong black women is about working very hard to strive to get a better results. these black women did that

              they were probabbly bullied by white men constanly putting them down but their strive for success

  24. “From Superman to Man” J.A. Rogers…read it white people…educate yourselves.

  25. They can’t say it PERIOD!! What are they out their honkey minds??? LMAO. First of all, even if the word is used now amongst the rap community and amongst urban dwellers such as myself, that still doesn’t give the whites a right to use it. When they used the word it was intended to disparage and entire race. The fact that the true intention of the n- word has been changed and it is now utilized as a term of endearment in our communities is no thanks to white people. Latinos and blacks have the god given talent and creative prowess to take anything negative and put a positive spin on it. Now, they feel like they have the power to use the word, because we changed the word into something that is not so evil and demoralizing. This is pretty much what they have done historically…make beautiful things ugly and take the beauty that we’ve created and claim it as their own.

    • Latinos shouldn’t be using the n-word, either. And to mention Latinos in hip hop before you mention Black people (not “Blacks” as you so disrespectfully stated) is comical.

      • Glad I amuse you V. Stiviano…but bust this, I’m from the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Boogie Down Bronx, and Puerto Ricans and Blacks were rocking block parties and doing rap before it got put on vinyl. And Puerto Ricans were very much a part of the creation of the Hip Hop culture…we were a huge part of rap, the break dancing evolution, the hip hop fashions, as well as graffiti…all facets of the Hip Hop Renaissance. Shiitt, who you think through bombers on those trains in the yard…So fall back and do your research. I’m not nobody disrespecting jack…I speak the truth. 100%

        • And whether I put Puerto Rican before black or black before Puerto Rican…it doesn’t matter because on the east coast we were all making it and creating it together at the same time. Don’t have a superiority issue with who was listed first, because then you become what you hate.

        • I know the origin of hip hop. That does not excuse Latinos re: using the n-word. If we called you guys sp!cs and other slurs pertaining to your ethnicity, you’d be upset. Don’t act like you don’t know Latinos using the n-word is dead wrong.

          • You know the origin, but I LIVED it. And black people and puerto ricans in my neighborhood co-exist together. We’re from the same streets, the same smelly ghettos. I know what I am and what you decide to call me does not alter who I am. Spic does not bother me…it is a racial term begat by whites and if you feel you need to use it to make a point go ahead…you still my nigga tho!! LOL

            • And side note: My friends (black people and puerto ricans and dominicas) on the east coast in the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn have referred to me as their nigga. So, are they being racist to me…and I’m a straight up NuyoRican? No, I don’t take it that way.

  26. I’m so tired of this mess. All they are doing is saying the n-word for its shock value to come up. They need to gone with this “ I’m so hard and hang with Black people so I can say it too” shit. I wish sometimes that God would turn their ass Black for real then where would they be. Exactly, nowhere. In fact they are riding on their color because if they were Black they wouldn’t even be getting the (little) publicity that they are now. Cuz we all know aint nobody trying to endorse any Black female wrappers which is a shame but that’s the state of the music industry today.

    Swigger jackers. They only want to use us and our swag to get on. What’s really sad is that our own people are helping them to do it so that they can get on too. Hello TI, Puffed up-D, Usher, and Lil’ man’s disorder Wayne. Sold out is an understatement to describe these men.

    I don’t know about ya’ll but they will get love from me because they are of no relevance. Shit, I would have more respect for them if they came out being themselves but where would they be if they did? Nowhere because the market is overly saturated with little white girls screeching at the top of their lungs and played out (stolen from Janet Jackson) dance routines.

    No Becky we don’t need any more of your kind, we’re all stocked up here, go sell “I’m down wit da N***** and can say the n-word” somewhere else.

  27. from the respected black struggle to the laughing stock of the world, all within one hip-hop generation courtesy of Amerikkka’s biggest export… MUSIC!!!!

  28. She looks like the little boy in the kevin Durant commercials with a wig on
    Join my framily

  29. Who are these chicks? Wiggettes feel free to climb out of their holes…We Love You Iggy!!! Only takes 1 coon to open the floodgates. Now, they will never shut up!!!

  30. Crackers have notice how blacks have gained from saying nigga. Now they want to capitalize on it too.

    • Cracker, honkey, clay eater and redneck are terms that will never be 1/1,000,000 as offensive as the n-word. Everyone knows this. White people weren’t being raped, imprisoned, lynched, brutally beaten and enslaved while being called those names. Black people endured horrendous treatment while being called n-words. You don’t need to know much about history to know the brutality Black people have faced in this country and continue to face in 2014½.

      I understand why people would want to take such a hateful term, alter the spelling and turn it into a term of endearment. That is a coping mechanism. We all react to ritual abuse differently. As much as many of us can say we are blessed in this life, if you’re Black, you’ve also encountered racism. It may be racial profiling by the police. You may have been discriminated against by an employer or a prospective employer. You may have been followed around a store because of racial profiling. Whatever the case, we all bear a scar or multiple scars as a result of racism, even if we don’t wear our scars like we wear our clothes.

      White people know better than to use that word, whether with an -er or an -a. Our struggles are a direct reflection of this mistreatment we’ve received from them. It’s time they show us the respect we rightfully deserve and stop the BS.

      • We allow a minority within our race to fan the flames. These wiggettes are the creation of hood stars. Caucasian women obsessing over black culture is nothing new. Both parties need a reality check. Shame on them for pushing stupidity to the masses for small change. What a time we live in?

  31. ‘Who moved the rock’ indeed? These Cockroaches’ 5 (Not 15) minutes of fame have been over for three years and some change now. Not to mention ‘Did a garbage and ignored collaboration Mixtape with Gucci Mane’ wouldn’t be a highlight on ANYONE’S LinkedIN page. Oakland is capable of better than this, I’m sure.

  32. Who is gonna be the 1st person to beat the loving, f*ckin, day light aout of her.

    She tossed out the gloves….

    OR are you Sista’s just about fightin each other, and snatching off thigs off of each other in fancy restaurants.?

    • You are a dumbo. This is the BM’s fight not the BW’s fight we don’t go around calling ourselves N in front of WM! BM call themselves N in front of their WW, Kanye so step back and take off your jockstrap, I smell you Tyrone, LOL.

  33. And ima say white trailer trashy ass look’en doped up trick cause that’s what ya look like a true bum bitch once you get your white trash ass beat you’ll change bitch dusty look’en ho look like the epitome of a racist trick ass bit a and I don’t give a f*ck so we on the same page trap anyone who records for this bitch f*ck u too

    • The blame is on all the dumb niggas in Oakland that let that YT bitch get a way with that bullshit. Where is you self pride Oakland. Niggas will let anything slide for some ass.

      • Preach! This is the black mans fault when he’s with his white chicks he calls himself n and we know it and 30 years of rap calling bw b’s and h’s this is the bm’s karma and he can’t do shit about it.

  34. You can tell shes wack, unauthentic wont have longevity. Shes somewhat delusional referring to herself as the underground and that miley ray cyrus is stealing twerking and other things from her and other “underground” artists in the full dj vlad interview.

    White males like Yelawolf, MGK and Mac Miller, a Jew from the suburbs, can generate buzz, maintain a following and put out hiphop and rap music without using the n word and respectfully decline to use it. I guess white girls need their own version of Khia. Dont understand the trend to emulate ratchet pxxxy nowadays.

    Speaking of which that kk:hollywood app is kinda fun and addicting.

  35. First off, I just wanna say V-Nasty look like a fugly dyke, Kreayshawn look like a $2 suck a dick street hooker and this Lil Debbie bitch look like a junkie. But these busted ran-through skanks think they can roll like black folk? I heard the Aryan Nations roll pretty strong in No. Cal., so who are these race orphans? Fuck em all.

    My problem is wit the rappers who done created this atmosphere. I hope all those sell out useless DL ignorant “nigras” live to 50 just to get called the n-word by a 7 year old.

    We need to stop supporting our celebrities, athletes and movie stars and singers. We need to boycott their azz so they won’t even think of MISREPRESENTING US. Cuz when they do, this is the result.

  36. Don’t get mad if you hear white folks say the n word. Here is what you do. If a white chic says it just reply to her like this: What’s up baby killer, sleeping with your daddy, uncle, brother, dumping your kids in the lake, herpes infested, method addict, killing your parents for your boyfriend, dumping dead babies in a trash can, sleeping with every black d*CK you suck, fake body having, chemical induced lips having cracker b*tch. Say it with a smile though. For the white boy: what’s up bomb making, serial killing, shooting up schools, shooting up your place of employment, killing your parents for life insurance money, jacking off to video games, raping babies, raping the elderly, starting fake wars, stealing, robing, cheating, gay pride loving, terriost looking, getting drunk out your little mind, sleeping with your mama cracker boy. Say it with a smile. Next time you are at an airport and one stands next to you just yell out loud he said he has a bomb. Or tell a cop or security guard that the white chic just told you she dumped her kids in a lake. Just embarrass them in public! That would be fun!

  37. most of the women on “women who snaps” are white women and sadly some black men get sexual aroused about it
    when white women act black using the n word fighting etc etc these black men find it sexy but when a black women does it
    “oh she wasn’t raised right” “do you live in a barn because you acting like an animal” like i said sellout black men are

    hypocrites with a capital h you can’t diss one and not the other

  38. Fools…all these comments for something you dont like me and you still don’t realize that negativity equals buzz. You’re talking about her and at the end of the day that’s all that matters positive or negative it doesn’t matter. So get it in your mind that if you do not like something ignore it…. this article was probably written by her manager.

    • Ignoring something you don’t like NEVER works. Pacifism is a strategy that leads to world wars. When you see/hear something you don’t like, loudly object.

    • Seriously take your dimwit azz back to the trailer park and shut the hell up. You’re so pressed about our comments but your dumb azz read every last one of them!

  39. that pic of lil Debbie is wrong hope she don’t think shes sexy.

    yes only weak miunded black men would wanna wife her.

    she looks like a crackwhore.

    her and the white girl mob like most white girls who go through a rebellious phase go round sucking black dick for hood passes.

  40. All you niggas will talk that shit that they shouldnt be sayin this or that, and yall muthaf*ckas be the first ones with your hands out for a paycheck too n look over the shit.Just look at bieber-yall niggas still ridin his nuts after that shit. Yall wanna pick n choose w these white folks who gets a pass or not

    • can’t name not 1 bieber song never heard him but once.

      fergie’s little rap phase didn’t last she was never street noway she was a Disney girl.

      gwen Stefani started out punk rock and went to hip hop phukking eve, outkast, pharrell, and slim thug then married a white dude like fergie and now bacvk to punk rock while she crossdresses her kid.

      pink was a mary j blige wanna be married A WHITE DUDE AND IS A TOTAL DYKEW DOING ROCK AND ROLL.







  42. I usually just read and trip off the comments..but i had to step in and add my two cents.These DISRESPECTFUL ass, syphilis tongue, trashy trailer park, reprobate ugly dare these bitches….the nerve! I’m not concerned with them saying that “nigga”shit.but just because you sucked plenty of black dicks does not put you the the category to use it as it’s used.SORRY! And all this MK programming got these pale Patties Thinking This shit is’s not.f*ck around and get hurt in the streets behind words u claiming you ain’t gonna stop

  43. cant compare Michael Jackson to timberlake or the incest loving Donny Osmond.

    you wanna talk about the jacksons lets get on the osmonds who’s religion sdays blacks can’t get to heaven.

    those Osmond kids have serious drug issues maries son killed himself.

    name anybody related to the jacksons tried to kill themselves besides paris but shes a white girl anyway a real strong black woman would not even think about suicide regardless of what her daddy did.


  45. I got one good ass question. Where in the hell is Joss Stone, Adele, and the rest of those other white folks that started out strong and all of sudden, they just up and disappeared? No music, no nothing!

  46. Haha this is f*cked up…where does is this quote that she said the n-word?? where can u reference this??? this is some website that sponsor by the government want us to start race wars and shitt??…and f*ck what loser lamor said, hip hop is whatever its gonna be, nobody cares about that racist shit, expect ignorant f*ck boys!

  47. white people are a jealous unoriginal culture. They just mad that Us darkies are the chosen ones. We dark because of pigment which helps block the uv rays to protect us.whites call it ugly
    But desperately pay to get a fake one.Whitea are the fakes race in the entire universe. glad im not white
    Jesus was a darkie with nappy being a Nigger.

  48. white people are a jealous unoriginal culture. They just mad that Us darkies are the chosen ones. We dark because of pigment which helps block the uv rays to protect us.whites call it ugly
    But desperately pay to get a fake one.Whitea are the fakes race in the entire universe. glad im not white
    Jesus was a darkie with nappy being a Nigger.

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