Cops Are Looking For Bad Boy Puffy For Assaulting Party Goer

Diddy Superbowl Brawl

Police are looking to have a talk with Hip Hop mogul, Puff Daddy. Know why? Because Diddy, has been accused of punching party goer, Steven Donaldson ,at a Super Bowl after party in Scottsdale, Arizona early Sunday morning.

Here’s what Steven Donaldson revealed:

“Diddy was there to host the party, but didn’t show until 1:15 in the morning and he only hung out in VIP. I was pissed because he paid $100 to see Diddy — so I decided to get in his face and cuss him out.”
A video surfaced, allegedly depicting Donaldson acting hostile toward Diddy.

“Hey, f*ck you for not performing tonight. You are a f*cking *ss hole. Yo P Didz, you’re a f*cking ass hole. Get the f*ck on the stage and perform.”

Donaldson has since filed a report and the police in Arizona are looking to have a sit down with Combs.”


  1. Now Reg,Now me and U both know we will not let no clown ass do no shit like that. Let me go to the bus stop with my son.

    • DR1,

      EXACTLY! I’m telling you…people are a real trip at these events. They do the same thing to us when we’re at a sponsored event where we give away gratis item. Some of the things that they say & expect are really outrageous.

  2. thats good for him lmao let them lock his ass up right along with suge and throw away the key. and whats sickening is that white people always think they can get away with their ”freedom of speech” tactics lmfao they will always get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT AND STOMPED INTO A COMA so its only right that they stay in their place

    • Yes they always do get knocked the f*ck out. And then they get a lawyer and get paid. Even if a drunken asshole gets in your face and runs their mouth, it’s still assault and battery if you punch them.

      You seldom hear of a white celebrity punching someone.

      • Point taken. And didn’t they all pay the price for it too? I heard a critic say that Russell Crow’s career never recovered fully from that time he threw the phone at the hotel desk clerk.

  3. This guy must be white. Why would he get in Diddy’s face after the incident with Drake. Diddy is known for giving beatdowns. Steve Stoute anyone?

  4. Why would he think his $100 would give him a chance to mingle n dine with Puffy. That just gives u access to enter the building. This dude was not black because most brothas ain’t trying to rub elbows with that twisted eye pompous negro.

  5. Puffy usually would slap any man he assumes is as soft as he is but he’ll never slap Suge or 50Cent.Suge made a entrance at that Jamie Foxx party and Cottonelle Puffy hit the nearest exit.

    • Yep. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was paid to start some ish and then PDiddy cracks him and then all those, ah hem, gay rumors circulating are quieted.

      Just sayin’

  6. Puffy would feel right at home with the fellas…Imagine The Visuals? A manwich he would surely be…Clink Clink!

  7. So he harasses Diddy and get’s in his face yet this p*ssy is suing because he got decked. Ahhh, that’s gonna happen when you get in a person’s face barking and yelling.

  8. At least Puffy was alert. Puff came to my cousins wedding and dawn near fell asleep,smh.

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