Al Sharpton Stiffs His Pastor For 100K In Rent Money

Al Sharpton Back Rent

The Rent is Too Damn High!

Al Sharpton owes his Pastor/landlord, Mr. Jordan, 100 thousand dollars. Know why? Because when Sharpton separated from his wife Kathy, in 2004, he rented Mr Jordan’s Brooklyn home for his ex-wife to reside in, but over a three year period, he never paid Jordan.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Kathy stayed in the Brooklyn house owned by the Jordans. Even though the landlord was a friend, problems arose paying the rent in 2006, the Jordans sued the Sharptons for $56,000 in Brooklyn Housing Court. They did so again in 2007 for $42,000. The outcome of the suits is not clear.”


    • Landlords fault you can’t stay any where your not wanted !
      He’s at fault for not asking up,front hey !!! Give me my money or all,your shit will be outside waiting for ya!!

  1. Rev Rollo goodlove at it again, shiddd they better get ready to take them ta court again lol, cause rev rollo goodlove known for skip’en out now

    • Bet if he would’ve killed the hot water al would paid up as soon as his got a cold shower!! You can’t maintaine a perm like that in cold a shower !

  2. To Al and Jesse and the Entire Congressional Black Caucus.

    You better stop riding gravy train and sh*ttin’ on your own people. Without our vote, you cannot win.

    Pres. Obama has just granted amnesty to illegal aliens. Will the black political power be diminished?


    Your sorry azz sleazy Uncle Ruckus political tricks need to be in the community gathering names of Black folk who got caught up in the drug game and had to plead to Federal drug crimes due to the whole funding for police departments to fight the phony war on drugs, through the lies of informants on innocent black folks.

    Plenty of black folks doin’ nickles because of lies.

    If this don’t happen, the Black vote will be overpowered by the illegal alien (now legal vote) and all the low-level jobs and government jobs will be taken by the illegal (now legal) aliens.

    This is because you cannot vote with a felony federal conviction and you damn sure ain’t gettin’ no job. And forget about day labor, they only lookin’ at illegals.

    If this does not happen, we will be disenfranchised back to the days of Jim Crow (did those days ever really leave)

    And we can thank Al, Jesse, Barack and the other “black leaders”.

    • Your comment is so on point.

      I hope you copy & post it on several sites especially political ones. You would get a lot of attention.

      If only our people would listen…

    • Thank you, people need to really pay attention to all those executive orders he’s signing.

      • They are not going to pay attention (Even though this is a very on point view and comment)
        Our people are in a very very deep sleep and they will not wake up until its too late. It should have never have gotten as far as it has.

    • The Mexicans are replacing blacks as the new under class and the powers that are have plans to make blacks disappear completely in the near future.

      Jobs are far and few between
      Mexicans being fast tracked in the US
      Building more prisons
      Urban warfare drills

  3. We don’t have no more real black leaders, it went out in the 60’s it’s over, these are bought and paid for, phoneys just want to be seen

  4. Rev. Al ain’t worried about a damn thing…His Boys Got His Back! De Blasio and Obama…The Scoundrels! He can go to hell on a stick of dynamite as far as I’m concerned…F@#$ Him!

  5. I know a friend who was going to rent her co-op out to Kathy Sharpton back in 2008. I bet she is happy she didnt do it now

  6. i wish, for starters, that MSNBC take this no-good crooked dried-up California raisin scam artist of tv, off the airwaves. and thereafter, throw this con artist smackdab on prison where he freakin belongs. this is sad with this crook. i mean how long are people, let along the network he’s working for, put up with this always-been-a-crook loser? smdh at this.

  7. never trust a man in 2015 who wears a perm or has his hair slicked back.

    I mean al should have killed the perm when jb died.

    as long as they leave jheri curls in the 80’s.

    please I hope that never comes back.

    bring back polka dots, bring back e.t. bring back Atari but please leave the jheri curls in the 80’s.

  8. Family friend of not.If they resided in my property for that length without paying they would have been out and that’s the truth! Sharpton gets money so why didn’t he pay it? Why allow anyone to get that far behind in rent?

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