Indianapolis Colts D’Qwell Jackson Arrested For Assaulting a Pizza Man

D'Qwell Jackson Mugshot

Indianapolis Colts linebacker, D’Qwell Jackson, was arrested Tuesday night, for assaulting a pizza delivery man. Know why? Because Jackson, violently insisted on a specific parking space.

Here’s what’s reported:

“A police report claims that Jackson struck the unidentified man in the face and in the head over a parking space.”

Here’s what the 41 year old pizza man revealed:

“He ordered me to move my car and he was using foul language too. I didn’t budge and so he socked me several times.”

Jackson was reportedly released from jail hours after his arrest, but is scheduled to be arraigned at a later date.


    • I really don’t want to laugh but I wonder if the pizza was free after all ? I won’t pay for a cold ass pizza ! Just saying no more 30 minutes or less!!

  1. Salute to that brother. Anyone who has ever lived in densely populated metropolitan city with limited or controlled parking zones, like DC, learns how to be ruthless else pay astronomical garage fees or walk 5 blocks to your destination. Its too cold for the nonsense. Ive almost came out of my Self a few times when trying to park in adams morgan. I need more info before passing judgement.

  2. We have not heard the entire story yet. As it unfolds the football players version will be different. It will be like “yes he just stood there and looked at me, after he called me my girl friend A nigger lover, called me a overpaid monkey and slapped our beautiful perfectly mixed children”…lol

  3. Brothas really think they can act like YT now, don’t they.

    They gonna get they wake up call.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says to you, do NOT put your hands on them first.
    Big ol’ football player beating down a 41 year old man who makes pennies an hour over a parking place?
    Feel like a real man now?

  5. (Diva Mode) is all the rage nowadays…Million Dollar Fools With Fire Hands! A body with no head to control it…This Dude!

  6. Okay you guys…
    When this guy no longer has an NFL career dont be at all shocked & surprised.

    The NFL has a “get rid of high faluting negroes who don’t know how to behave off field.”

    Don’t believe me? Ask Ray Rice & Warren Sapp.

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