Darren Sharper Allegedly Confessed to Raping Two LA Women


New Orleans investigators are saying that former NFL player Darren Sharper has admitted to witnesses that he and a second suspect raped two women back in September.

New Orleans police department has now released an arrest warrant for Sharper’s alleged associate Erik Nunez, which officials allege both men had non-consensual sex with two women who were “substantially impaired” on September 23.

Here is what’s being reported:

“Cops say a “known acquaintance” observed Sharper in the NFL star’s apartment wearing only his boxers — and saw Nunez exiting Sharper’s bedroom in his boxers as well.

In the document, officials say … “Through further investigation by the detectives it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had vaginal and/or oral sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission.”

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  1. So sad to see a man who can easily get sex feel the need to rape women. Rape is crime of power and control. Sharper obviously feels weak in some areas of his life. He needs prayer and lot of it.

    • He needs to be castrated. They used to kill rapists. The women he raped needs prayer.

      • Words of reason right here. This kneegrow is gonna get a whole new perspective of rape in prison.

        And I hope he gets life in LA

  2. I’ll betcha he has “mommy” issues. He may have felt dominated by a very strong mother and now seeks to gain control he never felt he had. Just a theory.

    Was he not connected to Gabrielle Union at some point?

  3. Don’t matter who you are a man’s gotta learn to keep it zipped. It’s easy for some women to set up a somebody like Darren.

    But, that ego is just way too out of control for him to realize it.

      • Ummmm….indeed. I never said that Darren allegedly admitted to rapping anybody. Nor did I say that he did do it.

        I said in so many words that people like Darren are sitting ducks for golddiggers. That are willing to do and say anything to get paid.

        I also said that sometimes egos gets in the way of rational and logical thinking.

  4. I wonder if those people who’s said that everyone who thought he was guilty was crazy, because “He Too fine and good looking to rape” will show up on this one….prolly not. It just shows how many adults have noclue about real life and what goes on. Too many people are blind and think life is what you see on reality shows, movies and music. It’s sad because although I know that people don’t live in reality, I never expected adults to say that a man could not possibly rape because of his looks and his money. It seems as if some people are growing physically but we are regressing mentally. People are becoming increasingly unable to think rationally or logically. Looking at the previous posts about this man and some of the comments made lets me know that some people have no idea about realities of life and people. Looks and money have people brainwashed. Some people need to realize that the devil will not show up unattractive, broke and undesirable. Read up, learn how the devil operates and understand that the devil is running rampant on this earth, if you understand that you might be able to avoid pitfalls and traps set by the the enemy. ALL THAT GLITTERS AIN’T GOLD.

    • Thank you ELTHP: People are naïve due to television. They think reality tv is reality. They cannot see the message beyond the messenger in circumstances.

      This week of HSK has given me pause and has not been it’s shining moment of idea exchange.

      • Ain’t it crazy!?!? I watch television and I have gotten to the point where the only thing I see is the plan. By plan I mean, I automatically see the poison being injected into minds. The subliminal is what I’m talking about. Crazy, crazy crazy stuff. It’s plenty going on but not much I’df it is good, I just appreciate those of you who are tuth seekers and refuse to be brainwashed. Turning your head and ignoring truth is what allows weak fearful minds to enjoy a false sense of comfort. But that’s the life of a coward and like the saying a coward dies 1000 deaths.

        But just like you I have seen some debates on HSK that make me cringe. The post where ther is bickering about African tribes is particularly sad. We all were pu here by God. Due to control issues we have been split up by the powers. They have used race, religion, skin complexion, political parties, class, gender and everything that they can categorize to separate us because they know who the war is between, and the real war is slowly comin to light. People don’t realize that soon the only thing separating us is the title….it will be the haves and the have nots, no religion no politics just that.

        • ELTHP:

          Your words said it all. The level of discourse this week has been rather base, but when I read your post, I am hopeful that this site will return to its glory of the exchange of ideas amongst the conscious, the enlightened and the aware.

          I love that you said you see “the plan”. People like Darren Sharper see the plan also, and try to manipulate that for evil and then they get caught. He is going down and that is a good thing. Too many of our people, as my grandmother use to say, know wrong and do wrong. It is one thing not to know, but to know and do the wrong thing is unforgiveable (Buddhism).

          Keep writing ELTHHP, always love your posts, but I gotta take a break from HSK.

          See y’all next week.

          • I will definately continue to let you know what I think. I appreciate the feedback. I love discuss these things. I will always use,my brain, do the math and share my opinion. I’m just happy that there are some of us who want the truth. Truth seekers are Godly people and I have all the respect for you. Those who want the truth are the stable people of the world. Everyone should want the truth, and if you don’t want the truth, You are a coward or just simply deranged. I want to say something that public enemy said. “it will take a nation millions to hold us back” if we band together.

    • Thank you, ELTHP. Some bitch brought my intellect, morality and sexual history into question on a previous thread because I believe Sharper is guilty. Where is that cunt now?

      • That cunt is gone. And they should be sick to the stomach after this. But you have to look.at it like this. Anyone who judges a person or situation on their looks and money had to be a teenager and if they are not teenager, they have a teenagers type of mind…they need to get it together

        • Very true. I’m still appalled at the lengths they went to defend him. No need to bring MY history into question. I was baffled by that. The funny part is, I don’t regret doing a damn thing because I am never “active.” Lol

          • Sinful…they do it because they are idol worshipers. They have no clues as what important in life. They are money crazy, so money crazy that they defend people that have money, no matter what. They dont see or don’t care about what a person is really like because with them money and fame are the things that make a person. If they don’t wake up and stop basing everything on material thing…..ghetto garbage….lost souls

            • Very true. But this situation will serve to teach girls and women not to trust any man based on looks or perception. Sorry his victims learned the hard way.

  5. Prayers are needed for the victims. To whom much is given, much is expected. This dude had what others only dreamed of. He had access to psychiatric services, which any of us uninsured do not.

    No sympathy, no tears, no prayers.

    Men who get caught usually have a trail of victims that they got away with it.

  6. pray ms.linda but don,t be naive the devil is very busy and getting busier every year,lasting in the last days are real and are here NOW.

  7. Damn fine as hell 2 Me & had 2 go do some dumb whack-azz shizzle like that SMGDH…

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