Bobby Shmurda Can’t Raise $2 Million To Make Bail


Bobby Shmurda said in a jailhouse interview that the District Attorney and the Judge set his bail at $2 million. Know why? Because the DA and the Judge know the rapper can’t raise the $2 million to bail.

Here’s what Bobby Shmurda revealed:

“I think the DA and the judge and everyone in the court is being biased. It’s so crazy. The favoritism, yeah. They don’t have no evidence, nothing on me for the bail to be so high.

I haven’t been out for a year, I haven’t been around for a year. So I didn’t make two million dollars! They gave me a bill they know I can’t pay. We can pay the 10 percent. And we tried to pay the 10 percent and they told us collateral. And every time we go for bail, it’s something new.”


    • he set the cops on himself with that rant. record label didnt have to do a thing. Cops listen to hip hop and watch youtube too. not just hip hop police

  1. No money unless its coming from THE MACHINE

    Call one of your boyz…oh..they are just as broke as you.

    One less fool on the street, making wack “dance videos”

  2. vlad interviewed his uncle on his YouTube channel

    what he’s uncle said was very interesting, he said the music industry is very shady
    he said, he wants to guild his nephew in a positive light and his friend don’t care about him their just in it for the fame and money

    he also said he nephew’s record label don’t care about him, which is true
    these young black teens need to stop with this rapping shyt

    what’s wrong with getting 9-5 or going to college to further your career??
    all these celebs that you look up to they dropout of school because of fame, they didn’t
    care about education, some of them can’t even read or write!

    some of them aren’t good with their money because they didn’t do maths

    • Yet you spend the majority of your time writing and commenting on drop outs! Damn you make school sound so enticing, where do I sign up? Go find help!!!

        • @Anon

          don’t call me boo, where’s your self respect, i’m guessing you haven’t got one
          i was purely commenting on bobby’s career aspects. i wasn’t criticizing him nor bad mouthing him

          i was purely asking a question, why do young teens want to do rap, is it for the money or is it because their scared of doing a 9-5 job

          • Do you read the shit that you write before you post it? Please tell me that English isn’t your first language.

          • Grammar and forming completing sentences aren’t your strong suit. Ignorant Black Woman is a better fit for ya’! IJS

            • *complete … @IBW don’t get mad at me because nobody can read your nonsense without proofreading it first. Maybe if you paid attention in your Keyboarding and English classes you could live up to your name.

          • Yep! I guess “haven’t gotten any,” not everyone’s called to go on the same mission in life. We tell that by how many college grads that are serving tables, not to knock what you’re trying to say but you yourself are a prime example my friend. Self respect? You make me laugh, love a good clown. Just a little less white paint on your face, the bumps and wrinkles are starting to show.

    • IBW you make valid points. They should be pointed in a different direction. If they do music it should be done independently. The labels don’t respect them coming in the gate.

      • @4 x4x4

        thanks, people see music as a easy way out! which in fact their wrong music is hard
        most of these rappers praised music for helping them?

        last year a black teen turned out a full scholarship because he wanted to became a rapper??
        he could of been a doctor or a music teacher

  3. I do not know one college grad sitting on 2 million. However, I can tell you what they are sitting on, thousands of dollars in debt, but won’t go there “I ain’t the one to gossip.”

    • Correct! I’m a college grad but I’ve enough sense to know college isn’t everybody’s meal ticket. Learning a trade/skill, in demand can be just as, if not more lucrative. What’s ironic is that I learned a skill on my own that has provided for me and my family for the past 8 years though it has nothing to do with my degree. Go figure!

  4. He already knew the music industry is shady before he indulged in it but it still isn’t an excuse for why he has a $2 million bail. He was already trouble before he got into it.

  5. Bobby Shmurda got that murder disease…in the disease ward…some of these dudes in the industry are nasty…for all the rappers with need to wear a condom and not spread it

    • He’s a misogynistic, angry, violent hoodrat who add nothing to the black community. His brand is ratchet. Just like Chris Brown, who should also be in jail

    • That’s a question only your dumb azz can answer … Dumb bitch why you in here?

  6. Another useless dusty negro I am commenting on today. First Chris Brown, and now this clown.

    • …but yet you still comment…your comments are usless. Get off a blog site if you have a problem with yourself or people commenting.

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