Chris Brown Denies Getting Beat Down At Meek Mill’s Party


Chris Brown jumped on social media to reveal that he never got into a fight or received a beat down at Meek Mill’s party on Sunday night.

Here’s what Chris Brown said:

“Killing these lil rumours that I got beat up last night at meek mill party. It’s funny how I’m always the topic of discussion for bullshit.

Given my prior encounters with the law I don’t conduct myself like that when I go out. So no, I wasnt involved in any pistol whipping or fighting. There was an altercation between other people at the party and I observed. Me and my team left so we wouldn’t have anything to do with it so the police wouldn’t f*ck wit me. You know how my name pops up in everything.



  1. Chris please leave the country for a couple of years. They way things are going for you you will either end up seriously injured, dead, or in jail. Money, fame, and woman will always be available for you when you return. Just take time to travel and enjoy life. I believe that it would also help you if you helped others. Join UNHCR, go to Africa, help kids, save lives, make lives better–just go AND tell knowone where you’re going.

  2. It was just best he stay away from parties and any celebrity outings for a ling time so your name won’t get dragged. I’m sick of him ranting on social media. Shut the hell up and go to the old folk home to volunteer.

    • He said ‘No more nigga parties’ but look where he ended up at. If he don’t go to ‘nigga’ parties, where is he going to go? White people don’t want his ass either.

  3. LOL! Chris say he always the topic of bullshit lol, Chris you crazy mayne, why they after you? why they hate’en on you?fa though Chris you need ta stop wil’en man just take it easy relax have fun lol, cause you be out yo mind lol, you’ll be alright if you just relax and enjoy your self

  4. Most of these stories about Chris are bogus and the media is milking the hell out of it.One thing I do feel is “they” are trying to tell us something and Chris may be in danger .It’s not always easy for these celebrities to just get up and quit or hide away.

  5. I have no feelings about him one way or the other since his nasty little passive aggressive attack on black females. Hey ho, ‘Ayo’.

    • @Scorpiess

      you ain’t lying in one of his songs he talks about smashing coco
      ever since this whole rihanna incident he’s putting white women in his music videos
      he casted shannon eiizbeth as his love interest?

      it seems black women are easy targets these days, black man have to do better their
      bashing the wrong race, they should bash white women not black women

  6. their after him, when mike died back in ’09 they needed a someone to replace him
    chris brown was meant to replace mike but since this rihanna incident it really messed up
    chris’s image and career, so justin bieber had to replace mike

    ever since the rihanna incident chris has gone downhill, she’s to blame she nothing but
    a white man’s whore just a common object for white men to phuck

    while chris brown is getting shot out in public place, ever since the incident chris has dyed his hair to blonde just to fit in with white people

    but before chris didn’t give a phuck about white people

    • You call yourself intelligent but you sound anything but. You Chris sympathizers are nothing but loons. Newsflash Chris has been violent all his life. You aint seen the picture of him as a baby with a clenched fist? His cards were marked right there. Dysfunctional family, sold into the industry from young. It wasn’t looking good. Y’all stay blaming Riri but she aint dating him now. What’s his excuse for acting up in the here and now? Y’all know the incident was about 8 years ago. Keep molly coddling these useless black men, because of your dumb black female caretaker shit, that has you feeling sorry for wayward black men, who don’t deserve your pity.

  7. This kid is so talented but after that Rihanna incident his life has never been the same. Where’s the intervention for this kid?

    • He isn’t a kid. That’s the first thing. He’s been on a downward spiral, but y’all got to know he’s clearly been damaged from before the Rihanna thing. Dude been having fist fights and tearing up his momma’s house long time before he knew Rihanna.

  8. The matter of Chris Brown is a classic example of why be independent of the major labels . They use and abuse, and when you are all worn out they throw you away or make trouble for you. Being independent you may make less money, but you will be free.

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