Adrian Peterson’s Mother Sounds Like a Pimp


Adrian Peterson Pimp Mom

Adrian Peterson’s mother, Bonita Jackson, has stepped out to stand behind her son during his child abuse scandal.

Here is what the NFL mom had to say in a recent interview:

“When you whip those you love, it’s not about abuse, but love”.

“I don’t care what anybody says. Most of us disciplined our kids a little more than we meant sometimes. But we were only trying to prepare them for the real world.”



  1. He got it from his momma. He just did what he was taught. She beat his ass the same way when he was a little boy.

  2. An obese, country, black baby mama with blondish dyed hair named Bonita.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Sometimes I wonder if these stereotypes are not created.

    • You know what, you can’t argue with that verse. The more discipline is scrutinized by the the world, the fallen get younger and younger.

      • Stay with me, cause I’m reaching… Maybe all this hoopla bout parents hitting children in the way of discipline, is just another agenda attack on the bible….. They gotta know the bible is gunna quoted in this public discussion……

        • Thereis no doubt. It’s everything you said, but this no discipline thing is a disobedience toward the lord…it clearly says in the bible to discipline you children

    • Fuck what White people say and what they think. If your kids need their ass beat,then beat it. I am light skin and i got plenty of beatings because i was a bad ass little boy. Talking to me didn’t work. Some people need to get their ass beat before they learn. The word says beat their ass and do it. Just don’t abuse them.

      • Ok. He is Four years old! What was the reason for the punishment? A swat or two on his ass would have sufficed.

        • Shut up you damn idiot. I bet whatever he did he won’t forget that ass whooping. Maybe they had been talking to him so much that he refused to listen. GOD said beat them when you need to and ain’t nobody gonna tell me to disobey GOD.

  3. You better say it Tammy!

    Sidebar: I know this is a rhetorical question…but when is HSK/Jacky going to start posting stories again exposing the tea about celebrities BEFORE it happens?

  4. That’s why black men are the way they are today because because of ignorant mothers like Bonita. I’m sure she’s the same type of woman who would make an excuse for Adrian if he killed someone.

    • And fathers who have abandoned the mothers, abandoned their kids and who have abandoned the black community. Black people are just f*cked up. Enuff said.

  5. God Bless Bonita for doing the best she could with what she had and what she knew. And if in her heart she honestly whooped her son to prepare him for this cruel world then no matter what anyone says, she had good intentions and the worst thing anyone can say about her is that she made a mistake for all the right reasons. You may not know it bu I know how hard it is raising a young man in rual Texas. It’s hard for a young minority to make it out of those parts without falling victim to their crooked criminal system or some dudes who think it will be fun to tie you to a bumper and drag you round util you rip apart.

      • Eddie, my husband said he used to get his azz whooped with the Hot Wheels race track…LOL…said he still gets a slight shiver when he sees them on TV around Christmas time…LOL

  6. I got my ass whipped when I did wrong what’s wrong with discipline today? So when these children go out and shot someone or out here robbing people or selling drugs getting in all kinds of trouble who will be the first person they call? THE MOTHER they don’t search for the father until they’ve tried to contact everyone else I’m in favor of discipline to a point so the child can learn right from wrong now he may have gotten a bit to rough he should have spank the child on the behind not all over the arms or legs and back just on the butt cheeks and maybe no tv take away the child’s favorite toys or no friends and no outside for a week something in that order no fun just sit in your room by your self for a few days he might have gotten a bit outa control but he was trying to punish the child for whatever he or she did you have to be careful how you train and discipline your children I know alota homes that doesn’t have dad in the home or even deal with his kids at all he just needs to find a better way to spank them

  7. Blacks having a heavier hand when disciplining comes from slavery. Back then you couldn’t have your children misbehaving. The Master would ask who child this is, they would maim or kill the child as example. So slaves would beat the child before slavemaster could get to them. Kind of like now with the legal system. Don’t have a problem with discipline but I do have a problem with ignorance & our low level way of thinking. White & Asian children are prepared for business. All Black children know are belts and are ill prepared. These incidents are prime example

    • Mainly under educated and poor/lower income brackets do this due to frustration and ignorance. People from the woods and the hood are raised differently from buppies. If one has to result to striking someone smaller and defenseless, chances are that person is a poor parent. Its funny because my asian friends literally have Tiger moms and were beaten into PHDs and good credit. I guess its due to their family values rather than beating a kid because you are single parent frustrated working three jobs just to maintain an apartment and Hamburger Helper KoolAid gourmet.

  8. Wow this is truly sad to hear this mother defend her son’s barbaric actions towards a child. Dont they live in Texas? Which is the same state that executed a black woman for starving and abusing her then girlfriend’s son. The woman’s name is Lisa Marie Coleman she was executed by lethal injection. Wake up people abuse is abuse!

  9. We didn’t get spankings and turned out fine. Other ways of teaching children besides striking them. Slave culture.

  10. You have to understand the way white people think. Their thinking is blacks are incapable of doing anything right: raising children, working, teaching, being civilized Now beating a child does not deter a child from bad behavior it makes them more aggressive. If that was that case Adrian Peterson wouldnt have a mugshot.

  11. If this is true, why do Asians beat their kid for bad grades ie:B+

    Maybe as a ppl we should beat the shit out of our kids for that reason. Maybe as a ppl we should talk to kids under 6 and not beat them.

    Oh wait…. a lot of us do this already! It may be because we went through getting beat for stupid reasons. Like, when the parent is mad about THIER PROBS and take it out ina spanking. Many ppl with old school parents know this….. if you run outta breath while spanking your kid, you are f*cked up!

    • Anon 10:19

      I like this website. I am a regular. But is it me, or is this article all over the place?
      I have figuratively been all around the world in this article and I still have not gotten to the point. Perhaps I am a little punchy from mild insomnia. I am going to read it twice.
      Yeah.. Maybe it’s me.

      • A in 10:19

        I am not reading that article anymore. My heart is too tender, and it broke from reading that. I used to be young and strong and tough. Not anymore. That article made my heart hurt, and it feels like a whole the size of the universe is left in my chest.

  12. damn his mother looks like a p*ssy licker these fat dykes are rutherless!!! they wear strap-on d*cks just to act like men
    these bytches think they can f*ck better than men???….what’s better a rubber d*ck or a human d*ck??!!

    personally i like the real thing!! rubber tickles the p*ssy!!! but you can’t tell them dykey dykes because they will be mad!!!!

    • @Anonymous

      are you getting enough d*ck?? cos if you was you wouldn’t be following me would you!!
      honey i get it your a loyal fan of mine. thanks thanks thank you darling

      i thank my personal d*ck who keeps me up at night!! who makes me groan and moan at the same time
      i like to thanks my d*ck for love and support throughout the years!!!!

  13. People are going to have to start taking tests to have children. There’s too many screwed up people with children that shouldnt have them. Parenting classes and counseling should be mandatory in order to be a parent! Oh and drug testing as well.

    • That should have been a requirement a long time ago. We already have an entire generation of children who are messed up.

  14. Yep talk to these wild ass maniac kids like the white do to their kids – we see where it got them – their kids shooting up schools – killing their parents – cussing them out – no respect. We better start whipping our children again because they are getting out of control tod, no regard for life doing drive by and killing other kids. Better stop listening to these white folks and go back to the old school way of raising our Black children.

  15. Bottom line is that he is their free cash ATM who has been put out of business. Mama and others can no longer withdraw the green.

  16. What a lot of blacks are saying is black kids are different from other races of kids and have to be dealt with like a circus animal.

  17. These White devils will say and do anything to try to break up the Black family. He is a Black man who disciplined his son because his ass probably needed. Whenever the Black father is not around people talk about that. Now you got one who is doing what GOD told us to do and they want to criminalize him for it. Fuck these cracker devils….beat his ass if he needs it.

    • He is four years old, what could he have done to deserve that bullshit? Nothing! AP is nuts, you cab tell from his mug shot!

      • Why don’t you call GOD on his 1 800 line and tell him he is wrong for telling people to beat their kids. Some 4 year olds can be a hand full and hard headed. You were not there so you don’t know. Proverbs 23:13…..stick to the script of GOD and lean not to your own understanding.

        • ^^^ Please include verse 14 as well- it is the REAL REASON why discipline is outlawed and now called child abuse!

  18. What I want to know is WHY isn’t this child’s mother not in jail for “allowing the child to have unsupervised visits with his father” since this was not the first time this type of incident happened.”

    Why isn’t she being charged with negligence? His mother should be charged with “displaying just how ignorant she really is.”

  19. One thing for certain, two things for sure…this world is wearing me out and wearing me down. This is a mean, ugly, unjust, lying, garbage world we live in. So much wickedness and soooooooooooooo much injustice. it’s killing me.

  20. A lot of us got whipped, but, i never had marks like that on my legs…Never! Moms gonna defend her baby, that’s expected. He went too far, the photos say it all.


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