Suge Knight Officially Charged With Murder; Denied Bail!

Suge Knight Denied Bail

Suge Knight now faces life in prison, after having just been officially charged with murder in the death of Ice Cube affiliate, Terry Carter.

The L.A. County D.A. just filed the charges in connection with the hit and run fatality which occurred on Thursday after Suge ran Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan over in Compton.

Here is what’s been reported:

“Suge ran over an adversary — Cle “Bone” Sloan — and Carter was accidentally struck and killed.

In addition to murder, Suge was charged with attempted premeditated murder, hit and run resulting in death, and hit and run resulting in injury — all felonies.

As we previously reported, deputies obtained a video of the incident. Law enforcement sources say the video captures “a portion” of what went down.

Suge’s $2 million bail was revoked Monday … the bail commissioner decided he’s a flight risk and might intimidate witnesses.”


  1. Well,looks like his get out of jail free card was revoked !
    He might actually have to do some real time ! I’m starting to think they set him up just to get him out the picture!?…..He knew where to meet and you can always count on a bully showing out gotta be gangtser ! Now the one time he probably wasn’t in the wrong everything went according to plan ! I wonder who they will choose to replace him?!

    • He has the what you mean I’m not going home bail denied face !!
      That’s not what we talked about that’s not the what was promised !?
      Can’t wait for his tell all book !?

      • What tell all book? O Man U mean somebody is going to going to get Suge knocked off. Somebody going to kill his ass.

  2. if suge is going down? then puffy is next belive me if they are not tired of diddy yet? T.PT.B say take suge ass down were tired of taking care of his ass. suge got played by the same who he helped take down tupac maybe the elite is serious…..wild guess

  3. Sad to say this in reference to a “black man,” but, it’s overdue. Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!! So much blood on this m.f. hands, he’ll NEVER wash it off. Ain’t that much sanitizer.

  4. Maybe now all the rappers can go back to rapping and having fun instead of rapping about evil / hateful stuff all the time. You know the crap Suge started and called gangsta rap. They really screwed up the world and the economy. Got men and woman hating each other. This dude gone be a mess in jail. They need to put him on the highest level of security part

    • I get what you’re saying, but gangsta rap was started by the CIA program Cointelpro. Suge, NWA, etc were only pawns that were used by the government to push their agenda to further destroy the black community

      • But did they realize that gangsta rap was going to affect rich white suburban teens who hate their parents just as much as it was going to change the minority communities? I live in a primarily white gated community and the white kids take this stuff waaaay more seriously than anyone. I think it’s because, deep inside they realize that being a pretend bad ass gangsta isn’t really going to affect their future. But they love that sense of doing something slightly dangerous and pissing off the parents at the same time.

  5. The trip is, he really looking at his lawyer like its the lawyers fault. Wtf? He really don’t understand , he did the crime, got caught and may possibsbly do the time. His lawyers can’t stop the judge from doing nothing. Suge watched too many movies and tried to bring them to real life. Now reality is starting to take over.

  6. I wonder what that video showed? Must have been pretty incriminating to deny him bail.

  7. He was gone go to jail sooner before later his ass is to old for this! And he still has to careful because im sure Terry Carter’s family wants a piece of him!

  8. what you guys don’t understand is that some inmates are agents working for the cia, fbi, etc. suge is an agent regardless of his standing.for example tookie willams was an agent they would have let tooki live but he started reveling too much info. he talked about how the gangs are ran by the government and gangs are agents for fbi and cia that’s why tookie had to die has long suge be quiet he’ll be fine

  9. This fat motherf*cker has hurt a lot of people over the years. He used to order his goons to rape young dudes coming into the industry. Don’t believe me, just ask the light skin brother who was part of Jodeci. Still a cloud hanging over his fat head concerning Tupac’s murder.

  10. Some1 just need to get rid of this piece of garbage known as Suge Knight.

  11. Fredd I am still tripping off the fact that they have all these informants and none and I none of these motherf*cker are not out of jail! That’s that bullshit that gets me! Slave mentality at its best! Doing all that extra shit and they asses is still locked up. Damn that in format shit on snitching on the next man. If anything Imma look out for ya.

  12. Didn’t Suge order a hit on Biggie when he was locked up? If he’s in prison he could still have that witness killed. Suge should have been in prison for all the dirt he’s done in the past.

  13. I agree that diddy days are marked as well. They finally got Jimmy Henchmen doing life for his crimes and murders. It won’t be long that diddy is doing the perp walk.

  14. I believe it was Suge and a former cop by the name of David Mack that orchestrated biggie’s murder. I believe diddy had his little dirty hands involved in biggie’s murder because how in the world is diddy walking those la streets.They would have killed them all that night lil cease and junior mafia. That coke head Faith Evans would have gotten hit too. Every interview she does she got Tupac’s sick in her mouth.

    • And don’t forget Mr. Green Mile, a bodyguard whose career shot sky high after Biggie’s murder.

  15. I meant to say every interview Faith Evans does she has Tupac’s dick in her mouth. She was married to Biggie so why is Tupac on her brain because she and Tupac had something going on. Biggie said in the song bklyn’s finest that” if faith has twins she probably have Tupac’s get it Tupac’s”.

  16. He is done, lawyer will turn on him and tell him he had no business going to that set, he cant help him, but take a plea bargain! Suge will refuse and talk crazy to the lawyer. The lawyer will make sure he gets life and take the last little bit of change Suge has left. The lawyer will then tell him to keep his mouth shut, the powers that be no longer need your services and good luck to you Mr. Knight!!

  17. and the freakest thing is. lord jamal said the same thing on vlad tv fews weeks ago

  18. suge did this on his own no label told him to intimidate and extort money out of this movie.



  19. Well his lawyer was replaced (the new one looks like death frozen over), the judge over the case stepped down, now he’s feigning a heart attack. Yep, I’d say it’s time for Suge’s swan song, time to take that dive in the third round……….


  20. suge brought this on himself guess he wanted to go back to those fags in prison.

    people who are repeat offenders seem to want to be around fags.

    ask dmx, ti, Gucci, and jeezy they love going to jail.

    seemsa like chris brown like getting in trouble now.

    they must like the fags in jail.

  21. Still think he may walk or his lawyers will bag a reduced manslaughter charge. I think thr Devil takes notes from Suge. Dude lived hard and grimey, been shot, incarcerated and still looks 35. Makes me think I am doing then wrong shyt by trying to be a decent human being,

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