MiMi’s Meltdown!

Mariah Carey 2014 Meltdown

“Mariah’s alleged mental state is the reason she hasn’t been making many public appearances….”

Can somebody please lend MiMi a helping hand to try and get her back on her meds? Know why? Not only is Mariah’s pre-World Music Awards Tuesday tantrum being told… she’s said to be “demanding people refer to her as ‘The Biggest Selling Artist in Music History’ whenever she appears on a show or performance.”

“Mariah’s career crash, unfortunately, is causing a huge toll on her personal life…”

Here’s what an insider reveals:

“Mariah showed up 4 hours late to the World Music Awards because she was creaming… and crying like a kid who just watched his puppy get hit by a car… when she found out how low the numbers were for her new album.

It’s sad because we are watching one of the most talented singers ever deflate into an absolute joke.”



  1. I don’t know if Mariah Carey is mentally ill or not but I do believe she has an alcohol problem. That being said, she is one of the most talented singers of our time. Her talent cannot be denied and whatever her personal problems are, I hope she gets the help she needs because she has two children who need their mother.

    • Agreed. Know people close to the situation and it is indeed Alcohol mixed with diet pills and other assorted drugs of choice that is at the root if her craziness.

      Be well, Mimi.

      • Do you know what kind of diet pills, or can you find out since you are close to those who know. Thanks

    • Glad I am not the only one who notices the champagne flute of Happy Juice in every photo and interview. Hope that she gets herself together for dem babies sake.. Probably all stems from unresolved childhood issues. Her sister was an addict and promiscuous as well and though not glamourous or acclaimed when observing both of their lives is like viewing different sides of the same coin.

    • She always struck me as being someone whose elevator is not going all the way to the top. Like you, I wish her all the best, she has a family who needs her.

  2. This is sad what is this like the tenth meltdown. She had are they on the bus! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her people. Need to stop kissing her ass she haves. A lot of yes people around her that why she is childlike

  3. She has a problem with alcohol

    Mariah is a legend, so whatever her current album sells will not affect her legacy anyway.

  4. Music industry done passed her by. Gotta be as nasty nowadays like Bey, Rhi, Iggy Nicki.

    Time to put her out to pasture in Vegas like Britney. They can prop her up for her Early bird special performance.

    • It’s interesting you call those other artists trashy, while Mimi has been strutting around for 15 years looking like an escort with a clothing budget.

      Now I don’t disagree those artists you named certainly have some low rent ways of selling their brand, but Mariah comes from a place of TALENT. All the more worse when she sells herself like that. Titties barely contained in her freaking dress, etc Lol.

  5. O Mariah get a grip girl I’m tell’en you when these artist get the fame they once had they loose their minds u can’t always be on top I’m sorry but the younger generation are coming and it’s their turn Mariah you been on top your rich and you have 2 beautiful children live your life and enjoy the fruits of your labor and stop all this crying and acting like a spoiled lil brat try living in my shoes I bet you’ll rethink things and reconsider try my life on for size you’ve been blessed with everything stop it learn to appreciate the things you have

  6. I heard Tommy Mottola mentally abused really bad when they were married. Mental illness is no joke. Im not for medications but for proper diet and exercise. I hope she gets better.

    • Watch your back When talm bout Tommy Mattoa. When Michael Jackson called him a devil, MJs days were numbered…..

      • We are not talking about him, but rather, stating the facts of what happened in their relationship that Mimi revealed to the public. And Tommy apologizing on national t.v. during one of his interviews.

    • He made her get a lot of abortions which is why it was so hard for her and Nick to have babies. Those fertility treatments blew her up quite a bit, unfortunately, but when you’re a presidential (Marilyn, Beyonce), you’re not really allowed to bear children.

      • Bey had a kid, no?

        Actually fair point. She never actually GAVE BIRTH to that kid.

  7. Ok but that picture is misleading. It’s not like she lost her mind and tried to take the subway in a ballgown. That’s jermaine dupre and the guy who hosts those basketball wives reunion shows with her. I think it was something like she was proving she s not too diva to take the subway.
    Anyway, I’m team Mimi. I hope she gets it together so she can enjoy motherhood and the fruits of her success. She’s no ingenue, she’s at that guest appearance/greatest hit stage and there’s no shame in that. no one stays on top forever and she has had a pretty good run.

  8. One sign that she’s off her drug-induced(?) rocker is her sudden assertion that she’s ‘The biggest-selling artist in Music History,’ as if Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and the like never existed. ‘Thriller’ alone sold over 100 million (And God knows how many more copies since his death–As you know or should know, major artists’ deaths are big business) copies, a number Mariah or damn near any other artist has ever reached. I’m a fan of hers, but those drinks and drugs are really f*cking with her mind if she believes what she’s saying.

  9. Get it together Mimi you have two beautiful children to think of. I have to give credit where it’s due she’s got such a beautiful voice but the demons within are going to destroy her. There is some kind of Omen in Hollywood for real

  10. Her career Stagnated with the emergence of Leona Lewis but homegirl talent can’t be denied.Mariahs first record came out in 89.I’d say the Honeymoon is over!

  11. I’ll just add that sometimes mental illness precedes a turn towards alcoholism as the person attempts to normalize their condition. Self medicating they call it. This is particularly true for bi-polars.

  12. And since we on it. Read Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit” to understand why Nick ended up with Lupus nephritis (kidney-specific) after he got with her.

  13. Mariah has a big ego when she was in labor she told the doctors to play her concert dvds so she can through the pain and then when her kids were delivered she made sure her performance was finished and the audience was applauding.

    Mariah has issues.

  14. she made sure the first things her kids heard was their mommy singing in concert.

    or is this a form of mk ultra training.

    she named her daughter munroe after you know who that other whoree of Babylon Marilyn.

  15. Most stuff media writes bout “celebrities” is sad. It’s not news. It’s people living imperfect lives just like everyone else. Not only that, but a lot of what they report are lies. The media has an agenda.

    1 Timothy 5:13
    Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

  16. Mariah’s identity-crisis suffering @$$ gets no sympathy or empathy from a ninja me…apathy rapidly maturing into antipathy, maybe.

  17. I”d still bang Mariah but she’s delusional if she think’s she’s the highest selling artist ever. The QUEEN Madonna holds the record for most sales for a female artist.

  18. It is form of mind programming to lock one in small spaces and to deprive one of sleep and food..classic mibd programming tactics..

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