L.A. Reid Sued For ‘Gender Discrimination’

LA Reid Gender Discrimination

L.A. Reid is at the center of “gender (pregnancy) discrimination” allegations… in a lawsuit drawn-up by an ex-employee to the music mogul. The woman, Shola Smith-Kiran, says it was during the third trimester of her pregnancy when she was told she “would no longer function in her previous capacity… and was terminated on or about May 15, 2013.”

“She didn’t receive any compensation from September 2009-October 2011 aside from “some meals” and “nominal payments” for commutation.

Recently released court docs reveal Smith-Kiran — a former office assistant at L.A. Reid’s Park Avenue, NYC MYMuze offices — is seeking “recovery of unpaid wages and overtime pay”… over reports that Reid stiffed her on her paper, before firing her “while she was seven-months pregnant!”

“[L.A. Reid] did not maintain records compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

From the suit:

“[Her] schedule routinely involved late nights and weekends, often resulting in her working 70 hours or more each week. She held no other employment during this period… and was subject to the direction and control of Reid.

MYMuze initially characterized her as intern or unpaid volunteer…”

Read entire court docs:


  1. Everyone knows that L.A. Reid prefers men so this story does not surprise me. He’s a flaming fruit and I hope this woman sues his pants off. Nasty mofo.

  2. Yes, she needs to sue. But, lets be real NYC is not a cheap place to live, so who in their right mind would work for 3 long as years without compensation. A DAMNED FOOOL, thats who.

  3. Ya big dummy. Who does that besides undocumented aliens? He looks like the uncle that diddles with children.

  4. This is no surprise LA Reid stiffed this woman the same way his ex wife Pebbles stiffed TLC. Aint no good going to come to you LA Reid!

  5. If eyes are the window into your soul, then this mother f*cker is the soul eater! Why do all celebs of any race or age have dead eyes? No shine, no happiness, even when they smile or laugh! Dont believe me? Youtube a baby laughing its ass off and look into those eyes!

  6. There are two kinds of fools. A Fool and A Damn Fool! A Fool knows when they had enough, but A Damn Fool will work they asses till the cows come home.

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