Jay Z Kicks John Meneilly To The Curb!

Jay Z Fires John Meneilly

“For more than a decade Meneilly sat at the center of Jay Z’s notoriously tight inner circle.”

Jay Z’s track record of severing ties with people who’ve been there with him since the jump is growing! Industry insiders have revealed Jigga has kicked John Meneilly to the curb. According to one source, Meneilly didn’t want to go: “It wasn’t his choice.”

Here’s the latest:

“Meneilly helped build Jay Z’s Roc Nation, which was born as a record label and transitioned into a talent agency. He also helped build the Rocawear clothing line before it was sold.
The former Provident Financial executive is largely credited with navigating the rise of the Rocawear clothing line, which Jay Z sold off for $200 million in 2007 while maintaining marketing and licensing rights. Meneilly is also credited as one of the architects behind Jay Z’s huge deal with Samsung last year, which instantly moved a million copies of the rapper’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” Meneilly was also a chief player at Roc Nation, which has grown from a record label to a talent management group that reps Yankee CC Sabathia and former Bronx Bomber Robinson Cano.

While Jay Z has always been reluctant to call Meneilly his “manager,” he referred to his once trusted confidant as his “consigliere,” according to Forbes writer Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who literally wrote the book on the Brooklyn music mogul.

When meeting with Meneilly to begin work on 2011’s “Empire State of Mind,” a book on Jay Z’s business philosophy, Greenburg recalls a down-to-business man who set the tone for the negotiation by immediately asking, “What’s in it for us?”

The “99 Problems” rapper is having a rough couple of weeks for sure. In addition to a surveillance video that went public of his sister-in-law pummeling him after the Met Ball gala in mid-May, photos of Jay and Bey sufaced in the Hamptons last weekend while his “Watch the Throne” collaborator Kanye West was marrying Kim Kardashian in Europe. Jay Z is also being sued for $7 million by an artist who says the rapper ripped off his Roc-A-Fella records logo design in 1995. Jay Z’s legal team is trying to postpone that case while Mr. and Mrs. Carter are on tour this summer.”


      • what’s even more unsettling
        is how many black folks are
        on the sidelines salivating,
        and licking their chops, while
        eagerly awaiting jay and bey’s fall.

        that to me makes about as
        much sense as frying bacon
        in the nude.

  1. What go around comes around this is just the beginning of his fall they going to get Jay z this year it started with that tap after him Beyonce then the other will fall.

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Dre deal..hmmmm. Who would get rid of loyal people who had a hand in creating your empire and ensuring you descendents for generations to come would reap the benefits? Bizarre

    • @Anonymous | May 29th, 2014 at 17:11

      Those things came to my mind, as well. It doesn’t make sense to cut ties with someone as beneficial as this man. Maybe he is a bit bitter about dr. dre among other things and is taking it out on others? Dude needs to grow up!

      • It sounds like John Meneilly is the real businessman and a business, Man. Jay Z is his product.

  3. I suspected he was having money problems and I still think Bey has more money than him but not nearly as much that’s being reported.

  4. Is it true Jay was first contacted about Dre’s headphone deal and he turned it down? If so, that may be the reason why Jay let this dude go. It was a good run but Jay is on his way down.

  5. Regardless of how much their worth but how much money do they really have? It would be karma if both camel and his wife ended up broke.

    • Pride comes before a fall!

      I doubt Bey will go down with him. Her team is probably working over time figuring out how she can distance her brand from him. I beleive that elevator shenanigans was a start. Jay probably held her hostage to this so called ‘tour’ because he knows his time is up. On the run is truer to life than we know.

      Mama Tina.. Matthew! Where ya’ll at???

      • LOL

        They are on the run from their slave master LIVE NATION. And they will be on the run until their loan is paid back in full with INTEREST.

  6. Yall bitch when a man get a non black wife. Yall bitch when jay z do. Maybe yall just bitches.

    • Maybe you have a point. Besides the opinions on these blog not gonna stop what ever it is he is doing.

    • Maybe you are just a delusional stan with a hard on for an ex drug dealer and his faux exxotical black wife. Who both have fake images concocted by PR handlers

      Go cry some more

  7. I do not believe for one second that joe camel is worth the $500 millions they he’s worth, but thats another topic for another day.
    jay z decision to part ways with his longtime manager,a man who has helped get to where he is, is another proof that he’s not the brilliant business man that he and his handlers have made him out to be
    However i do believe his decision is 100% connected to Apple’s $3B acquisition of beats by dre, a deal that puts dre within $100mil of being a billionaire, hip hop first billionaire and we all know joe camel wants that title so bad…..

  8. The Apple deal is all about music streaming, they could care less about those cheap ass headphones.

  9. Jay’s money combined with his wife’s money would almost make them billionaires. But Dre’s money combined with the monies he receives from this deal makes him rightfully Hip Hop’s first billionaire on just his money alone. Wasn’t he considered a music mogul before this deal came along?

    • Dr dre would not be a billionaire. According to forbes he would be worth 850 million. Nothing to be sniffed at, but the billionaire thing is false.

  10. Damn!!! Dr. Dre’s net worth before this deal was put on the table and finalize was already at 780 Million…and not he’s going to get more money? That’s a lot of coins.

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