Columbus Short Hits Stand-Up Comedy Circuit

Columbus Short Comedy Comeback

On the way out?

Recent word point to Columbus Short as being back on the grind… doing the comedy club circuit.

Here’s the latest:

“Short was outside Flappers comedy club in Burbank this week and we asked about his burgeoning career as a comic — he had a pretty fantastic sense of humor … and even fired off a joke about how his life is in the crapper.”


  1. This is why people hate comedy in L.A, stop taking up space wife beater! Same stupid comics with lame jokes blaming us why we dont laugh! David Burger is the only comedian who is org and funny! Try saying he aint funny!

    • Some girl comic slashed some other comic’s tires at a show. If thats what you are talking about.

  2. If you know you can beat the living shit out of most of the people who talk shit about you, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

  3. Some men will never learn, abusing women is a lose-lose proposition…Don’t Do It! No good comes from it. He sees the pit his actions put him in…Live & Learn!

  4. Since when has Columbus Short been funny? Losing the gig with Scandal was career suicide I dont see him recovering from that it might take awhile just ask Isaiah Washington!

  5. And what will his stage name be?

    The ANGRY Comic?

    You know dude gonna get heckled so that folks can see him flip out and then sue his dumb azz, right?

    • I imagine nutty buddy nose diving into the audience and doing a ron artest if booed. I’d patronize just to see him flip over a table and take his shirt off to fight…which I guarantee will happen if no mood stabilizers are prescribed.

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