Source: “50 Cent got Tatted Up Holly living like a prisoner”


HSK Exclusive – 50 Cent has apparently taken on as a rest haven. Know why? Sources tell us he’s moved Stephanie “Tatted Up Holly” Marrero into his spizz!

“50 talks about everybody but he’s really a insecure trick.

According to our insider… “Fif wants to keep a close eye on Holly fearing she might cheat on him again with her ex Fred ‘Nasty Media.'”

Dig the Drop:

“Fiddy verbally abuses Holly and they won’t be surprised if the rapper were to lay hands on her in the near future like he did to his baby momma Daphne Joy back in 2013.”


    • FIDDY threw that ball like he was deformed in one arm during the first pitch at a baseball game. CAN U SAY LMAO still.

  1. It must be a slow news day because no one cares what trick 50 is living with or what he MIGHT do to her in the future.

  2. can you say karma did daphne joy left deray for 5o cent ugly ass now he’s getting cheated on when you do shyt you get shyt daphne get her ass whoop she shouldn’t of left deray

  3. He know that she like the other women he has would NOT even notice his existence if it wasn’t for his long money… js

    • Curtis has been acting Queenish lately, all the womanish antics he’s been pulling.

    • I think so. Will add him to the list of DL woman hating, manipulative violent men.

      The Game

      Chis Brown


      The Dream

      ll cool j

  4. Celebrities are the most insecure people on the planet. Why is that when they have so much?

  5. I like that 50grand Hermes croc that he dropped on her. Beats Cheescake Factory dinners and Michael Kors and Coach which most birds are accustomed to. He has good taste

  6. Well i thought 50 cent was not a ass but he is setting his ex’s house on fire what the hell

      • he’s insecure he burnt bridges with his band mates do’t know why women goes crazy over is ass the sex must be good

  7. His thing must be small. Ciara cheated on him with Amar’e Stoudemire. just sayin’

  8. I think you should all mind your business and worry about your own relationships because 50 will be just fine. While you will be worrying about how to pay your bill.

  9. He needs to get with a regular chick and leave thoes fake ass hollywood hoes and wanna be hollywood hoes alone..Since hes so real…Get with somebody thats real..Hes from the hood he knows fake bitches..Why he keeps f*ckn with them and jeopardizeing his freedom by puttn hands on them is a very stupid move for a business man..could be hes addicted to drama…smh

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