Stacey Dash Does Fox News

Stacy Dash Fox News

“Dash will offer cultural analysis and commentary across FOX News, daytime and primetime programs.”

Stacy Dash has gone from Single Ladies soap-star to Fox News woman! It was announced yesterday that Stacey signed with the news network.

“Dash made headlines during the last presidential election after backing candidate Mitt Romney.”

FOX News reports:

“Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates. We’re pleased to have her join FOX News.”


  1. Doesn’t surprise me. She’s been suffering from an identity crisis for a minute.

  2. wonder what she had to do to get this gig probably sleep with a white man that’s what’s she likes after all

    • To Get THIS Type of Paid, you can bet that Rupert Murdock (Ugh!) got up in dat Ass!

        • She’s just playin the game…folks like koonye wearin a dress r the real sellouts

          • nah, she’s a sellout 2. Sad thing about her is she actually believes people like Romney have her best interest at heart. They don’t even “know” us or our struggles.

            • kanye has VERY BAD fashion sense, that’s all, lol…Say what you will about him. He may have a big mouth, he may talk out of turn, but he knows the devil when he sees him. Let us remember how he exposed Bush during the Katrina disaster. He was not afraid to say the truth…”Bush don’t care about black people”

            • The thing is, she hasn’t been one of ‘us’ since the early ’90s, if then. Stacey only marries rich white men, endorsed Romney two years ago, and defended Paula Deen’s Grease Bomb ass, so is it any wonder she’s a Republican commentator on the racist farce that is FOX News?

            • Thing is, she doesn’t think she’s one of us! She’d prefer to be a white woman any day!

            • Yeah, I didn’t know what her angle was when she went to talking that Mitt Romney shit in 2012. But It looks like she was working on her next job once she got fired from from that wack ass show. Did she think she was in the tax bracke that was gonna benefit from the Romney tax initiative. Probably so, ask Lisa Raye….lol

    • Agreed. Aside from her horrible taste in politics, men and media outlets- she looks amazing for 47!!

      Ladies- stay grinding on that healthy lifestyle plan. It will pay off!

  3. Doesn’t surprise me. She stomped for Mitt Romney knowing his Mormon ass thinks black folk are cursed. Some folks think just because they had some success they worked harder than anyone else,and so they hate entitlement programs of any kind. Republican party/fox news/tea party is a beacon to these conservatives. She can have her gig but I hope she realizes they don’t see her as one of them, no matter how green her eyes are


      Don’t Believe the shit they R feeding U!!!!!

  4. Why do some black people men and women think you have to look down and talk down about a black person to make it to the top no matter what you do are be with you will allways be looked down by them to them she is a sucker in the past I really did like her as an TV star but what I seen from her killed it its a lot of uncle ruckus in this world

    • As time rolls on, Folks tend 2 4 get about the Past.


      We came 2 this Country as Slaves.

      No Matter how Rich U become, or Marry White, or Bleach your Skin, Wear other Races Hair, Talk with Perfect Diction, etc……2 them you will NEVER be Equal…Still a N***ER.


  5. Say what you will, she was 32 in CLUELESS! She must be sucking up virginblood, because she has not aged! Her and Pharrell need to have immortal demigod children!

    • Tkeyah Crystal Kemah is 3rd runner up. Shes gained 20 lbs in 25 years and no wrinkle in sight. I need that caramel brown youth serum. Looked younger than raven symone on that so raven and she was the mom

      • no she didn’t look that young.

        maybe tkeyah was dyking with raven never know with those Disney freaks.

  6. Fox’s thirst for black sellouts is…unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    Damn. If we hate you, they love you. IDGAF. I’d rather tune into Rachel Maddow anyway.

  7. You know what tho, she’s gonna need a paycheck in order to be able to afford her security detail. IJS

  8. We Have No Allegiance To Parties, Peoples, Religions…Period! It’s not about blue and red, it’s about black and brown. Who among us is a patriot for the red, black, and green? My views are conservative, some others may be liberal…Does It Matter?

  9. Hollywood won’t hire Stacey Dash. Black hollywood won’t hire her either. Stacey has been blacklisted! Stacey Dash siding with the enemy is the only way she can get a paycheck. My question is what will Stacey do when the Fake News Channel is through using her. Will she do what most old bitches do and prostitute herself overseas? Will she do a sextape? Only time will tell. This old bitch is four years away from the dreaded fifty!

    • @nba is fixed

      Real Talk…Is this about her marrying whitemen or her politics…I’m Confused? Those of you who are Democrats, Is this the best you can do? The faux outrage is comical to me. Black people are not slaves, some of you really think that all of us are Democrats, Seriously? Ty is not a donkey, i disagree with their policies. But, i don’t hold a grudge against blacks on the other side…We Simply Disagree! My opinion, this is more about her sleeping with Caucasian men. Negros are mad about it, keep it real? A lot of sellouts on the other side as well…Stop The Madness!!!

  10. This is what happens when you rely on your looks only and you don’t develop your talent. You gotta suck dick to talk shit on the most despised network in AmeriKKKa.

    And… she will blow this job as well. You gotta be drug-free and sober to be on that sellout grind AND THAT AIN’T THIS BISH!

    • Ummm Shepard Smith isn’t clean and sober and he’s been anchoring there for 10 years. She’ll be fine because THEY need HER.

  11. Stacy was never one of us maybe when it was convenient for her when she needed roles and being all up in the videos. Stacy’s mixed with everything and suffers with an identity crisis.

  12. ^^^^When Stacey first started, mainstream hollywood wouldn’t hire her. Only black hollywood gave her work. After the success of Clueless, she got a little work, but the racist hollywood mafia realized Stacey couldn’t act. Years later Stacey burned her bridges with too many black hollwyood producers and directors. Hollywood won’t touch her. Stacey Dash has no choice but to work on the Fake News Channel.

  13. Hate the page refreshing so ignore if already published:

    She is quite inarticulate without a script and with impromptu questions that she has not prepared for, she looked dumbstrumb during her defend Romney interview rounds. Hope she memorizes her lines and the TelePrompter doesn’t fail but the Faux political “news” pundits aren’t the brightest and rely on standard talking point phrases anyway.

    PS – did not her white husbands beat her ass?

  14. Well Damn! LOL… Nah, but there is a huge difference between Romney and Obama. And GOP and the Democratic party may stand for the same things essentially, but one is definitely the lesser of the two evils. One wants us lynched outright, the other wants to brainwash us and use us before they do the lynching

    • Read my post…I said “stand for the same things ESSENTIALLY”. And nothing I write is sad. It’s my perception. I don’t think you being confrontational and calling people idiots is sad…I think its your perception. You don’t know me like that, so you don’t know what I support. Just making a comment on the sellout.

      • And nor do I have an obligation to agree with you. All white media essentially portrays us in a bad light. That’s nothing new. So why don’t you say something we don’t know. Dropping Cah Cah.

  15. I don’t have to clarify anything to you. You have not used my own words, in fact you have altered the meaning and embelished my words to fit your agenda. That chick is a sellout with a capital “S”. She supports a system that doesn’t support or love her back…PERIOD! And that’s that. I don’t protect or defend any system…especially as system that lies to us.

    • I notice you cannot communicate without insulting me, yet you say it’s nothing personal. You read my words, apparently you have a reading comprehension problem. The phrase “lesser of the two evils” is a phrased penned to describe two things that may have the same intentions but go about it two different ways. Hence the phrase. It’s like Reagan and Hitler…one wanted to kill us slowly (Reagan) the other wanted to kill us outright with a bullet to the head (Hitler).

      And I am TOTALLY different from Dash cuz I make my money without selling out my soul or my people

      • You’re not equipped to follow the depths that I can take this conversation so I bid you goodbye, have a nice Friday and be good to your family. I always keep it CLASSY.

      • Nope.Lesser of two evils is exactly what it is. In actuality both parties are puppets and the shadow government is running the world. However, its a trickle down effect as far as I’m concerned. Although it hasn’t historically been the case the republican party now generally reps an agenda that is too anti social program/ education/anti abortion and women’s rights etc for me. Before u start your nonsense, I reiterate, this is a generalization. Basically its so against everything I stand for I’m practically a democrat by default. They take a softer line with social causes and you know that. It’s either choose one or don’t partake in the political process. And I do partake simply because so many of my forebears gave their lives just so I could. So when u belittle niks thought process, just realize it does make you look very short sighted…like u r arguing just to hear you own key board clack.

        • Lol…what you are saying makes no sense is one of your favorite lines. Tired as bell. But u trot it out everytime like the one trick pony u are.
          Actually what I said makes perfect sense but you might have to have a little sense to comprehend, so try re reading it and see if u can catch up. Because both parties want to lynch you is a ridiculous over statement with no actual depth, just wordplay.

  16. Find where I wrote I like Democrats??? Find that. Can’t, cuz I never said that. You keep altering my expressions to fit your agenda. You don’t know what I support so kill that noise. And I lack critical thought??? LOL, you’re sad.

    And why are we all idiots? Why are you so insulting? Negativity is what brings us down as a people. You are dropping no knowledge…you’re dropping CAH CAH!

  17. Droppin’ Knowledge…we’re not idiots. There are some very smart people on this blog…don’t diss us because you’re angry.

  18. your words: The phrase “lesser of two evils” basically means you pick the less worse of two situations, not that they get to the same place using different methods. That is simply using basic english comp though

    “Less Worse”, “Less, Worse?????? And I lack thought? CTFU!!!

    • Ha. You are the one who should be embarrassed. You are formulalistic with your bullshit. It’s always the same pattern with you. Pick some stupid position and engage an argument, then you to obfuscate the topic. When that doesn’t work you try to insult the other persona position. Then u belittle their Intelligence. It’s a failed mind control technique called insult and insist and you do it constantly. When it doesn’t work you fake laugh at the person and tell them they have embarrassed themself. And when all else fails you insult their spelling and grammar. Textbook. I can’t even believe anyone engages you. U r sooo fake.

      • Whatever, jack ass. Read your own comments. You used “then” for thin , and “feel” for fell. That makes you look stupid as f*ck too. You k ow what they say about throwing stones and glass houses? It’s a mite commonly used expression than “both parties want to lynch you”.

  19. ‘Less worse’? Really, DK? You ought to know that you CANNOT combine two comparatives in that way: Little, less, least; bad, worse, worst….the proper order is comparative-positive, i.e ‘less bad’. Don’t even TRY to claim that mess is grammatically solid.

  20. Currently, Stacey Dash is more pathetic than Traci Bingham! Twenty years ago, Stacey Dash was one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. Now she is a f*cked up old fancy girl slut for the oppressor. She kept getting work only because of her beauty and her desire to f*ck for roles. Now her looks are gone, she is damn near fifty and has more miles on her than a hooker on Figueroa. Let the racist republicans at the Fake News Channel deal with her. The black community is through with her!

  21. Watch the latest youtube clip of Stacey Dash, she can’t read a teleprompter. This 46 year old hoe really is stupid!

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