Paul George’s Baby Momma Drama!

Paul George Baby Momma Drama

Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George is being sued by a former stripper who claims he is the father of her month-old baby girl. 24-year-old Daniela Rajic gave birth to daughter Olivia on May 1, and on Wednesday she filed a paternity suit against George in Manhattan Family Court.

“George and Rajic were reportedly an item for a short time last summer.”

This news comes more than a year after George shot down allegations he offered Rajic $1 million to abort the pregnancy.

“She has already undertaken a paternity test, and there’s no question he is the father. The court is still expected to order an official DNA test.”

Here’s what Paul George had to say:

“If and when there is legal confirmation that I am the father, I will fully embrace my responsibilities.”


    • With a nice body that is rare. Cant hate on her. Wonder will he crip walk and harlem shake across the field like those buffoons on Maury after the results come in? Hopefully no ray curuth situation….

  1. Well clearly he wanted to cross breed with a light bright damn near yadayadayada…yall know how it goes. These ninjas will never learned. Hope you held on to that million dude. You about to really need it. #hoesstaywinning

      • Stfu. I don’t give a fifth of one shit and ain’t nothing ever going to change. These fools will keep falling into the same trap, provides said trap is surrounded by light enouh skin. Ain’t nothing new under the sun.

        • Bitches be angry when they see the the next bitch having a baby by someone other than a black girl

          • And bitches be keeping it 100 and calling it like they see it too. Yall stay on denial if you want to. These hoes will screw and raw dog any man w money, but black dudes are the brass ring because they wife hoes. And are proud to do it. More power to them.

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          • Lol….I was waiting for that lame ass comeback,Captain Obvious. Sure , I “envy” them both. They both get to f*ck hoes raw and raise unwanted babies. Who wouldn’t envy that kind of joy filled existence. Ok. So that’s me. By your logic you are either a gold digging skank, a black ass with a wallet bigger than his dick or the trick baby they produce, lol. Whatever your story, I don’t give a fuk. I said what I had to say and if u don’t like it ,scroll on, sucka. But don’t ever delude yourself into thinking that u reading somebody, or somebody’s jealous. Don’t nobody want your wannabe Save -a -hoe -ass no way . Punk ass

            • First of all im not saying your envious of the situation and if its such a horrible one why do you care what color the girl is? Im none of the things you say but i am light skined and im tired of ignorant people who hate themselves hating on everyone else that doesnt look like them.dont hate on others because you cant look like them because if you were secure in what you bring to the table and look like, someone elses looks wouldnt be an issue for you to dwell on in the first you can f*ck off and die cus ain nobody
              trying to save a hoe like you! Thats why you so mad about who a black man is f*cking cus its ovious it aint hoes that look like you or so you say.

            • @ 12:40…u r Fukkin pathetic. U r lightskinned and tired of people picking on everyonewho doesn’t look like them. R u crazy? Why dis u assume all the co signing women are dark skinned. Bitch plz, I hate to even stoop to your level and embarrass myself by pointing this out but I’m light brown with natural curls. I am black . Black parents, 3 black grandparents 1 bi racial grandmother. I wasn’t speaking to my hardworking sisters of every shade of brown, I was speaking to the tendency and black athletes to knock up red d pink asses hoes the instant they climb the ladder to success they trip and fall into the nearest exotical hoe. Who the f*ck was talking about you? And why would u take it so personally unless your on some dignity for sex workers type shit, that I just can’t relate to. Chile take a zanax and stay out the conversation if u can’t handle some basic truths. I know exactly what I’m speaking of and so do most of the women on here . You are one strange bitch and being “light” has nada to do with it, dummy. Oh and by the way, Im married. To a black man. An actual wife. Chew on that, yellow salamander

            • @11:38 Somebody feels powerful with the little words they typed now lets put all that pent up anger and energy in making a difference to uplift can you handle that or too challenging?

          • She’s right it’s called SELF-HATE c00ns wanting to breed the black out of themselves!!!

            • He JUST Signed a 90+ Milli Contract, and the first thing he does is go to da club, and pick up a thirsty Stripper who iz look N 4 the come up.

              If I had a guaranteed 90+ Mil, I would not B looking 4 a Big Butt and a Smile, I’d be check N 4 Her Portfolio!

              Sum Folks NEVA Learn!

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            • @16:48,,aren’t you just so witty and above it all? And yet, you are still here. But I like this new persona of yours, the one who doesn’t use profanity, lol. Makes you just soooo much better than everyone else!

            • @17:49 nah I’m not better than anyone I just can respond to a disagreement without cursing someone out and can express myself but to each his own ….what makes me better is I don’t spew poisonous hate .

            • @8:29, if that’s true then you aren’t the same anon from earlier,in which case it doesn’t apply to you.

            • I am 16:48 addressed me but I am not here for hate it doesn’t affect me .I am kind and just speak my mind without offending .

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      • @SHUT YO MOUTH You have a lot of common sense which is refreshing to read your comments when you speak truth people get scared and the only come back they have is to curse you out because they LACK common sense and morals.Keep doing you

        • Yes its so refreshing to have a half caste cave woman admit that she thinks black women are jealous of her. That’s common sense on your planet I’m sure, because usually they pretend about it, lol. You all so fulla caca del toro

          • You should be glad. It absolves you from taking responsibility for jumping into a comment that wasn’t addressed to you. And starting all this race baiting. You were the first to throw down the word bitch. But in your case, is wasn’t hostility right? It was you expressing your emotions properly. Hypocrite .

            • Can you read? Me saying karma is a bad bitch is not the same as calling some one a bitch out of hostility, and since when is suggesting something uplifting like saying “be the change you want to see”, race baiting?

            • Can you? I said you were the first to throw down the word bitch. I didn’t say you called someone a bitch, so check your own comprehensive skills before you question mine. The problem with you is you are rude and condescending. You set a hostile tone and that’s why folks clapped back.

            • Queen momo ….step up your game if you intend on getting attention your cursing is sooooooo BORING like baby gibberish talk.Grow up and grab a dictionary then you wont be so frustrated lol

            • Nice try but you don’t get to turn this into a grammar lesson as a means of pulling rank. You curse and misspell plenty , so don’t act like you are somehow any better. Your superiority complex is damn annoying.

            • Being respectful can be confused with having a superiority complex I guess.Either way I am sure you are used to ghetto rants and arguing back and forth I can not accommodate you with that only with politeness lol

          • @shut yo mouth- yes and they also resort to name calling and using the old cave bitch put down too. Like mixed = white.

    • Right. Its almost like th
      ey programmed to do that shit! Like a All Black baby isnt good enough! Fuck dude Sambo ass. I hope this trick robs his dumb ass blind. Why do men (Niggas) keep makin the same exact stupid choices… Smfh lol

      • Because they dont want their children to turn out like you hateful and bitter lol

        • He didn’t want the kid to turn out at all remember? He tried to get her to kill the kid for a million. She’s having it because she figures with his salary she will get more collecting 18 years of child support.

  2. I can’t believe he went up in her raw. And I can’t believe she LET him as many groupies as he’s smashed. SMDH

    • Some on here are missing the point. It’s as if when a black woman comments at all she’s jealous, wants the man in question and completely unhinged by the sraightness of the white girls hair. Or She she herself is mad she missed the opportunity. Maybe we are just gossiping…I mean, this IS a gossip blog, ya know. But I agree with you. No one needs to rely on someone else’s bank.

  3. The average woman f*cks 52 times a year and only has 2 or 3 kids but let her f*ck a celebrity she’s pregnant 10 out of 10 times. Hard to respect a bitch like that. Just sayin

  4. And the stupid nigga of the year award goes to:Paul George. I’ll O.J. that bitch!!

  5. These dudes that “have a type” have issues anyways the critical can have em, and it don’t matter anyways.. she gone definitely get a check and a whole heap of bullshit to go with it.. good luck with that…

  6. @ 13:31 get a life and stop worrying about what and who every other black man is doing if you really even have one of your own to take care of.worry about that!Im not taking shit personal apparently you are cus you on here sounding really but hurt and disgruntel right now.and you aint the only married one so you aint special bitch.dont put words in my mouth cus i dont care what color you or anybody else is, you are! get that shit straight.Just stop worrying about whos what color.who cares! And you dont speak for most of the women on here
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    Bitch need to reply . I got dinner to cook for my husband,i suggest you do the same before he leave yo ass for a light skinned,pink, high yeller bitch.

    • I’ll cut right to the chase: f*ck you. You don’t get to hang on every word and then climb on some imaginary soap box. If having a life is so all that, I suggest you take your own advice and find one yourself. person gets to dictate what gets said in here, and you ain’t he, thot. As for your race comments , bitch plz. You better start slammin pots around before your no job having lazy ass man leaves your sorry misshapen ass for a brown skinned beauty that looks like me, bwahhahhhaaaa. Trick plz. Ain’t too many chicks born w my combination of skin tone, body ,and hair so try it on an insecure chick. That, or mind your own gotdamn biz because wasn’t nobody talking to u anyway, bitch

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            • Awwww you want acknowledgement for your anti hooker comments ok I acknowledge you my dear.

            • Don’t waste your therapist time on imaginary bullshit. Ask him het or it to help you with your racism and paranoid delusions. And dont forget your tendency to make shit all about you. Btw, take time out to enjoy the sensation of YOU paying him to lay on his couch. That has to be a novelty, lol.

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            • @9:17 So sad that you can’t recognize decent conversation from an insult ….Trying practicing it in front of the mirror I promise it will make you feel better about yourself no insults here no need for it .

          • @17:59 So you’re angry because I did not give you CREDIT for acting a fool? ok well I give you credit now go sit in a corner with Queen Moe you have been acknowledged now lol.

            • You are a hater lol! An shout out to those who look past the cursing i do an see my view point! I can very well articulate myself without street talk But! Most of ya’ ll with the exception of a few…Are straight idiots an i honestly do not respect what u offer so i tell you to eat a dick! Lol! You grow up because u responding in ‘Rage’ to my shit so who is the ‘Fool’? Im laughin at ya’ll while eating my lunch @work! Fuckin idiots! I aint gettin paid to showcase my views 1st… An frankly, The shit is funny. All of y’all an u know who u are… Can kiss my ass. That doesnt apply to ‘DaHomiez’ on here i show love too.Have a fabulous day twirling on yo goofy ass on lol!

            • You never fail to disappoint lol…you are very consistent with your rants .Thanks for proving my point dear.

  7. What is this? Do they give you a handbook right after you sign a multi million dollar contract 1a. Get tha first stank you see pregnant.
    2. Buy ya momma a house.
    Dont get benched tho

    • But she doesn’t look stank at all. She’s very pretty and she’s not dresses like a thot. ijs

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  8. Lol@ don’t get benched. Too funny! Because you see how much love it is when the house gets foreclosed and the child support gets reduced.

  9. Blackmen will never have real wealth and power because we don’t keep it internal. This issue is not about sexing white females for brownie points, it’s deeper than that. Again, we have no long-term strategy as a race of men. Negros still assume that sleeping with whitewomen is a status marker…It’s Not! Okay, they like rich, tall, black athletes…Big Deal! Who is impressed by that? Black is Good 24/7/365. Brothas, Who Made You? Any negro that hates on his black sisters is bogus to me…Period!!!

    • ,,,Whatever happened to f*****g someone with classs and NOT getting them pregnant ?

      • lmao. men with integrity left with betamaxs along with people from two parent homes

      • @Anonymous 17:15–Well yeah, that’s a given, but we’re talking about someone who’s already been down the rabbit hole, or in this case, stripper pole. Professional athletes, especially young ones who more often or not come from nothing, are almost expected to be morally bereft. I for one wouldn’t risk my wallet and dick/overall health by f*cking a stripper, but to each their own…clinic visit, that is.

    • Correct. Make throat babies only. And slap her on the back of the neck when thru. Spit that out in front of you.

  10. @Raheim

    Strippers have a revenue stream unto themselves…Black Male Athletes! These brothas assume their runnin’ the show…Think Again! A woman’s pie is soaked in dollar signs, if she chooses to exploit her temple.

    • Absolutely! And to think black men in professional sports are told not to date black women who have natural hair, twisties/braids, etc., yet it’s perfectly okay to f*ck (And even wife, if one is so stupid and desperate) a white, light-skinned, or mixed strip whore. Funny how none of these paycheck-to-paycheck ‘millionaires’ never protest this. White Supremacy is a mutha…

      • @Raheim

        Blackmen in Sports are sheep, they’re controlled by white folks by and large. It starts at a young age, they’re treated differently than everybody else…Halo Complex! Sistas need to realize this basic fact, the handlers of these brothas pressure them to not date or marry blackwomen. Remember, the agents, coaches, and owners are white billionaires. Do we really think they want pro-black brothas on their payroll? This is why 95% of cheerleaders are white and female. It’s not a mystery, it’s called shaping and molding the thinking of others. Whitemen are not stupid, these black athletes are putty in their hands…Too Easy! Blackmen make others wealthy, and keep blacks poor…Shameful Legacy!

  11. Another little country kneegrow thinkin’ he got a come up cuz she white.

    By her last name, she is either Serbian or Albanian. Those folks are barely civilized and if he get on some baby daddy BS, they will chop his azz up and bury him somewhere.

    Kneegrows always want something exotic, and they
    have no idea what is really on the menu.

    I would tell you to ask Steve McNair, but…

    • Thanks and the same applies to Croatians. He betta watch his azz.

      But he is so dumb, he won’ be missed, even at his height.

  12. Yea , you are weak. Glad you admit it. Racist too. Because a few weeks ago when Master Ps ex was filing papers to get hrshare of what shes entitled to for her years as an actual (BLACK)WIFE, you called her all kinds of whores. Now here is an actual hoe, and you might pay her off. Double standard much? Should be hashtag whitegirlscangetit, lol.Loser.

          • And you are a racist f*cker,Droppin Kashonhoes, quick to call a black woman a whore but give yt a pass, u fukkin coon. Or cacazoid. Either way, I called it from way back. You are a fake.

          • So I am all of those names be us I don’t find ps wife attractive? Wow u remind me of the homeless who cusses u out if u dont give him money. Grow up and seek help for ur esteem issues.

          • No, DK, you do have a tendency to get easily confused. You are all those things, not because u don’t find master ps wife attractive. You are a racist asshole for calling her a whore, and unentitled to a fortune she helped build. White hoe girl deserves the money. Black ex wife is a whore. Btw, U r the one with the self esteem issues. I hope one cave dwellin Thor finally does break u off a piece. U always seem pretty uptight but now I know you are sexually frustrated.

    • And you are on here too so that makes you what…? Pot or kettle? Definitely a hypocrite. It’s not black women that hate themselves. It’s you that hates black women. You showed your true colors. And I really, really hope you get to raw dog a Eurasian cum bucket sometime soon. Let your pee pee turn black (just so u can see what that’s like) and fall off, lol

  13. These atheletes kill me. Who runs up in a stripper raw, com’on son we all know they phuck in the back for an extra buck or two. I’ll say it again, these white women are the black man’s kryptonite and they killing these fools off daily.

    My daddy always said “A fool and his money will soon part”

  14. You are also an Idiot! Stfu u dumb ass nigga! NEXT! Where the real bruthas on this site???? Way too many coons! Word up! Niggas go out there way to try to DOWN blackwomen on here an everywhere! Fuck dat! We as sistas need to stop holding these bums up an treat they uncle tom asses as such! Fuckin crab ass niggas an self hating bitches on this site! Some of ya’ ll need to be burned for the new batch to come! Peace!

    • Mo u are the epitome of down. You are the downfall of our race. No one wants a child with you except those young jail bound gangbangers in ur raggedy ass hood. Why r u even here?

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    • Queen moe feeds off hate and must fill her quota for the day lol……We need you here Queen to show us what kind of person NOT to be.I can only have mercy and love for you .

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        • Queen YAAAAAY you WON !!!! feel better? lol That says that you have no life or friends if you are excited about winning on this website thats very pathetic and sad .Go out and mingle and meet some friends then come back and tell us about it lol

      • Ding Moe slow is mentally ill….Her brain is made of complete mush, lol! Why can’t you guys see that?

        • Yes we can see that but Queen moe he/she is too easy lol which explains the MUSH lol

    • Right. Someone has to get Rae treatment because your early humanoid ass can’t spring for a layer of latex . Broke ass

        • Then afford a box of condoms and stay off death row. Another black man behind bars does no one any good. Punanny just ain’t that serious , even if it has long hair and an eastern european accent.

  15. Men are not bright creatures especially athletes and entertainers and will bone a squirrel raw if they could climb trees fast enough. Boris Becker(german) has a beautiful black wife and impregnated a prostitute. Athletes like Michael Vick and Malcolm Jenkins have black wives and children. The scores of dark skinned children you see on any inner city street, Southern USA or nonWestern country is proof that someone is aroused and impregnating black women. Poor planned parenthood aside, maybe these prideful women would rather take care of their children without trapping men into responsibility. Im only guessing since I grew up with my father as did most of my peers, many identify as AA or afro latino however I know of single moms who are careerists, students and volunteers who have functional support systems. They dont rely on court ordered child support or state subsidy.

    Men who bone strippers or known hoes are unattractive and insecure mates but men will bone anything and seek jesus allah and Ra only when life catches up or after prostate cancer diagnosis, even then requesting viagra. One thing I have noticed about black american men – they are not programmed to build and support families at early ages and seem to mature later like 30s and 40s and fall into fatherhood which is why many couples marry after 10 years of “shacking” and children. Would the world be a better or brighter place if he had procreated with Fantasia with Johnni blaze? Just because he has money does he add value as a family man and what ever happened to integrity?

  16. Plies’ baby mother is black and he gave the most awesome tweet ever: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY….. U Deserve 2 Have Dat Pwussy Ate Today. Made me whip out my definition of real from undergrad back on my playlist :). The baby mom is cute ahh friggin autorefresh!

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