Bobbi Kris Begs For Whitney Role In TV Biopic

Bobbi Kris Whitney Biopic

Bobbi Kristina has revealed mixed emotions over Lifetime Network’s TV biopic chronicling the life of her late mother, Whitney Houston… who Bobbi Kris believes ONLY she should star as.

Check it:

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  1. I want to say something so bad and a lot you know what I want to say but I am Not even going to go there.

  2. I understand her point and yet…let’s keep in 100%. The only project BK is really a shoo- in for, would be a bio pic on her daddy, cuz she look like Bobby Brown in drag. As to her mother, she is not as pretty, and she can sing, butis not nearly as talented. That’s why Clive ain’t pimpin her out yet. Anyway if Bobbi Kris wanted to do her mamas memory justice she could clean up her act, get an education that includes drama and some vocal lessons and then maybe directors and producers would take her seriously. As it is, no one is checking for her just because she is Whitney’s daughter. IJ S. You have to do MORE than just get yourself born. Smdh!

    • Yeah she like Tori Spelling and Montana Fishburn are handsome women in that “you look JUST like your father” category and they should not leave home without cosmetics and hair extensions.

      It sucks when you have a baby girl in that group. Not so bad for a baby boy to be mistaken as a girl. I have a classmate whose daughter looks JUST like her husband. I snicker to myself every time people are at a loss of words when holding the sweet lil papoose. Bobbi Kris cant sing. Her youtube video covering adele was the most godawful shyt ever

    • truth right here. I would just add that before the talent lessons and coaching, a GED should be mandatory.

  3. I wonder did she inherit any of her parents talents? (Dancing from her father) &(singing from her mother…

  4. she needs to get rid of her husband/step brother. she needs time to heal she’s a pretty young women but she needs help

    • Get Ur OWN f*ckin 1 here was named “Nik” until i arrived.f*ckin idiot.

  5. This movie needs to honor Whitney and casting needs to be taken seriously, Bobbi Kris needs to be there as a consultant and give input but Monica would be my first choice to play Whit

  6. This doped up brat needs to shut the hell up and get herself together and just be grateful that people are willing to invest in her mother’s memory. Collect the check and shut up!

  7. Maybe she could play a young Bobby Brown?? Does she kno “my prerogative”#dontbecruel

  8. The only thing she could consult on is how many lines of cocaine Bobby used to lay out for Whitney at the crib. She used to walk by the residue at 5 yrs old and get a freeze.

  9. She could probably play Whitney from the eyes up, but when they need to do scenes of Bobby, she could play him from the nose down. LOL

  10. Po Po BobbyKris…she can only play Bobbieeeeee! For Whitney Paula Patton is a dead ringer….dayum I wish she could sing.

      • I agree for Whitney as a grown woman, Angela Basett. For young Whitney maybe KeKe Palmer, or an Unknown that can saaaaaang!

  11. Joey Bryant is playing Whitney! As she should they look like twins! I’m sorry but Paula Patton looks nothing like Whitney AT ALL! And neither does Angel Bassett…come on peeps

    • Ok I agree with you on that I went to go look up pictures of her and she looks a lot like her if she do get the part she will be a good fit.

  12. She should absolutely not play that role.
    One, there is no way she would show up on the set on time. She’s a train wreck piled up across a hillside.
    Two, she holds an idealized, unrealistic image of her mother. She would meddle and disagree with the script in any way if it dealt with reality.
    Three, she in no way looks like her mother.

  13. Why do a Whitney movie? We all know the story, even the ending. What more could they add? We saw Whitney from beginning to end. The story’s been told.

  14. I saw Whitney (in a Youtube video), actually make that devil horn sign with her hand while performing a song on her last 1990’s live concert for HBO (in the mid 90’s.) There were many show biz stars & industry folks included in the audience. It was shocking and very disturbing to see her make that gesture.

    Her voice was noticeably in decline even in those years.

  15. I believe Angela Bassett will do her friend justice. Does Bobbi Kris want to play a young Whitney? I hope she’s not jumping at the role for money. Clive is her godfather and promised to take care of her. Bobbi voice isnt as strong as her mother and she’s not tall.

  16. Maybe Bobbi Kristina should play herself. They should include her in the script. But here’s my take on who should play Whitney… I think Yaya Dacosta Johnson would be a good choice.. Others I would like to see Robin Givens, Holly Robinson Peete, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Hudson, or Anika Noni Rose .

  17. BLESS your heart Bobbi Chris,and us who understand know you’re in alof of pain,and missing your Mom,look over all the nasty comments,especially from that Lanette,and that Whimp hiding behind ANONYMOUS,and I think the young lady who played in Madeas Big happy fam the movie who was By”raann baby Mother..would make the Perfect Whitney for the Movie.#WhatsAngelaTryingToProve

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