Erica Mena’s Racist Tweet Revealed!!!

Erica Mena Racist Tweet

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena has been busted for calling Jhonni Blaze a monkey! Mena may have erased the May 14th tweet… but screenshots of the evidence remain…

Here’s what a source reveals:

“Both Twitter and Instagram have time stamped evidence, even tho she has delete most, of her calling Black Women in her field “MONKEYS” as well.”


  1. I am getting so sick of people calling black people monkeys and apes just like when the verdict came back on that gz and a pack of teenagers. Went crazy and was running. A round. In Hollywood they were saying look it looks like a pack of monkey just got out of the zoo.

    • THOT bleached out her fug face with a filter I ain’t never seen her on TV cause I don’t watch that crap but I can tell she has lightened her ugly face.

  2. this is the same reason why black people bleach their skin and fine their lips down cos some racist pieace of crap is probably jealous

    • Not it’s not. Black people that do that type of shit have a complex that started way before. These ppl have been brainwashed and practice self hate. I have plenty of gorgeous brown/dark friends and they only thing they bleach are the white clothes in the laundry.

    • @Chocolatey Brown

      Black and Brown represent the colors of the Earth. African people are colored because of the sun…Melanin! The monkey ish is petty to me. Getting sunburn and wrinkles is not a good look, i love my brown complexion. Mena has been brainwashed to hate her blackness. No sane colored woman says dumb s**t like this to another colored woman…Period!

      • Who are the African people? Its definitely not us so-called Black Americans.I’ve debunked that lie multiple times here already.When you mention Africans go and talk to Akon and Lupita.We don’t look or have anything in common with those people.

        • @Black Anastasia

          Sis…You’re African Just The Same…Stop Playing Anastasia. I respect your mental blackwoman, but, this is too much.

        • Wow your an idiot that comment is retarded in every way, actually all of humanity comes from the same.source therefore your connected to all the races wether u like it or not

  3. @ anonymous…….stop da maddness………….hoe on hoe violence…………CTHU………………:O

  4. So then it would be inappropriate to send Erica a Magilla Gorilla doll? LMAO

  5. Who told this rice and beans eating stretch mark having (The real reason why she wears leggings that covers her stomach)molly popping terror squad prostitute that she is hot?? This wack bitch really thinks that she’s J-Lo! Lmao smh

  6. From One Whore To Another…

    Hmm…That sounds like the name of a ‘Reality’ Show lol

  7. The irony of the situation is that Erica Kong not only looks like a ‘Monkey’ her damn self in the above pic, but she’s probably blacker than Garter Belt Gina anyway. Hispanics kill me fronting like they aren’t black–The f*ck they think the slaves who were brought to those islands did, disappear?

    • Yes,they’re black and Erica is from the Tribe Of Ephraim. She’s a Israelite and don’t even know it.

      • Yeah man, they’re (Including and especially Brazilians, who have over 50 names for damn near every shade of brown skin color there is) even more color-struck & f*cked-up than we are in the states. That’s why I don’t celebrate self-hate on here by bigging up mixed, white, Asian, etc. chicks over black ones on here or elsewhere.

        • EDIT: I see that’s Jhonni Blaze in the above photo. The rest of my post stands, however.

        • @Raheim

          Portugal and Spain are the genesis of our pain. We need to know our history…caribbean and latin blacks are the 95%…Afro-Americans are the 5%. They can’t talk s**t to us. Any group that comes here should show proper respect to our people…Period!

  8. I cant stand Eric Mena she’s dirty and ratchet. She has a son that she never talks about it or even takes care of. It’s time for Mona Scott to give this fake piece of trash and excuse for a mother her pink slip!

  9. Erica has no respect for men, women, and even her own son. Didnt she drop kick her son’s father a few years back? Her vocabulary is disgusting to human kind. I lived around spanish people my whole life and yes they are very racist and bias. I have no respect for trash like that.

    • Im black/white and ive been called a nigger by whites and was told i was to “white” by blacks, they are both ignorant IMO, and the Spanish kids were the only ones that accepted me, found out later they all thought i was Mexican but they didnt disown me 🙂

  10. Why is it when Erica Mena is on tv she’s disrepecting black men by talking down to them. Im disgusted by black men who put up with this nonsense. I never believed that fake relationship with her and that other whore Cyn Santana. Boycott these shows people.

  11. Spanish people have always been in denial about their history. They come in all shades and complexions. Lala Anthony, Jocelyn Hernandez, Bernice Burgos, Melissa De Sousa, Zoe Saldana, Reagan Gomez, Laz Alonso, Tatyanna Ali, Carmelo Anthony,Victor Cruz, etc.

    • Yall need to stop talking bout hispanics like they all the same cus we not, i know we have black in us too and im proud of it.yall dont like it when white people say all black people are so and so right? So what makes you any better than them when you talk like that? Cus yall sounding kinda racist right now. Ijs

      • Duh, no one ever said ALL Hispanics were the same–If you actually read the posts, you would’ve seen we were referring to those Hispanics who are self-hating. Apparently you aren’t, so good for you, but don’t front like this self-hating ‘I wish I was white’ denial bullshit isn’t RAMPANT among Puerto-Ricans, Cubans, and especially Dominicans post-Trujillo (You know, the infamous dictator who is widely known as ‘The Dominican Hitler?’).

    • Go to SPAIN – in Europe and refer to Hispanics as Spanish and see how they will laugh at you. HISPANICS ARE NOT SPANISH. The Spanish are those people’s colonial masters. Hispanics are mixed breed They only speak Spanish because they were ruled by the Spanish.

  12. A Houston man whipped his daughter with a belt for choosing a black dance partner for her quinceanera. He called the black teenager racial slurs and pushed him. The boy did not fight back. The racist father then threw his daughter on a coffee table and continued to dragg her. His daughter was left with blue and purple bruising. The racist excuse for a father name is Aaron Aranza.

    • Not surprised. I’ve heard & read numerous accounts of how pathetic and racist many Mexicans in Texas are. The funny thing about it is they think that denigrating us is going to curry them favor with whites, when whites are the ones denigrating THEM on T.V., in movies, stand-up comedy, etc.

      In short, f*ck their bitch-made racist asses, too. They and all other non-white immigrants to this country should be licking blacks’ boots because if it wasn’t for the Civil Rights Movement, their undocumented asses wouldn’t be able to set foot or sombrero in this country, period. The only thing worse than a dickrider is a dickrider in the midst of an identity crisis.

      • Salute!!

        “A dickrider in an identity crisis”


        I spit out my soda on that one.

  13. As black people we must not allow other people to define us or say what is beautiful and what’s not. Dark skin, brown skin, light skin is all beautiful. God made a different for a reason and thats what makes us unique. Jhonni Blaze your a beautiful black sista dont listen to ignorance these chicks wish they could be you.

  14. Ive always felt that dark skin women were beautiful from Taral Hicks(Bronxtale), Maia Campbell(South Central), Kenya Moore( former Miss USA), Tika Sumpter(Have and Have Nots), Kelly Rowland(Destiny’s Child), Naturi Naughton(3LW), Keisha Knight Pulliam(The Cosby Show),Jessica White(model), Nia Long(Friday) just to name a few of the beautiful black women.

    • I agree. While I’m not familiar with Tika Sumpter (As I actively avoid the Coonfests that are Tyler Perry ‘productions’), the rest of your list consists of beautiful women. Hell, Maia Campbell, for example, had several ‘crazy’ episodes, was institutionalized, and recently gained some weight, and she STILL puts many chicks to shame.

  15. Didn’t the stripper chick call Erica Mena a dirty Mexican and asked if she had a green card? Thats racist too right? Why wasn’t that mentioned in this article?

    Didn’t the stripper chick also threaten to kill Erica’s son and put him in a body bag?

    So yeah, yall keep defending that monkey type of behavior.

  16. Mena was wong for her comment but yes, I agree Jhonni Blaze is ugly as f*ck and if she was not a thot like Mena, she would be nothing. But hell yea she is facially challenged.

  17. Lot of PR’s and Dominicans act like they didn’t get put off the ship early, thrown to the slave breakers.

  18. In all fairness by comparison of classy mugshot photos, Johnni resembles an orangutan and mena a chimpanzee. Monkeys are adorable like some babies and shouldnt be insulted by being compared to the likes of escorts and strippers. The latinos Ive met in the States and abroad showed me nothing but love and admiration, especially if you speak(try) the language and make small talk about sazon rice, Fifa, catholicism, geography or something. Its nigurhz that most hate as most decent black people hate them too. Sorry but Johnni looks like Roger from American dad in one of his disguises. Like most females she must spackle on nars/mac cosmetics, sport hair past chin length to distract from face and show T and A. Inwardly and outwardly both women are lacking.

  19. Erica is a very insecure chic with fake boobs and ostrich legs. Being negative is the only way she can get attention. I suggest she straighten her life and take care of her son and stop leaving him with strangers.

  20. Ive gotten mad at people of different ethnic backgrounds but you wont hear me calling them spics or wetbacks. Usually people who are educated and have a good vocabulary can avoid using words like that.

  21. The Ugly Truth…Erica Mena is a latin blackwoman or mulatta. As we know, our latin sistas and brothas have identity issues, much worse than us…X10 Her comments don’t shock me, but, they are hypocritical. Mena is relevant because black-american women made her so, not the latinos and latinas she’s so crazy about. She stepped in it big time, Is she not a woman of african descent?

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