Maia Campbell Busted For Disorderly Conduct

Maia Campbell 2015 Arrest

Maia Campbell landed behind bars, after making a drunken scene at a Waffle House restaurant in Georgia.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Cops in Riverdale, GA tell us they got called to the restaurant when the former “In the House” star was wasted and causing a scene. Officers gave her a chance to leave on her own, but she refused — and then left in handcuffs … and was booked for disorderly conduct.”




    Will someone help this girl, please!

    • What is it with these bipolar women and their makeup. Lark Voorhies did the same thing to her face.

    • For those who know the Waffle House, it takes a special kind of ratchet to stand out there.

      • I could eat at a Michelin 3 star restaurant every night of the week if I chose to, but I LOVE the Waffle house more!!

  2. She ahs really been battling her demons. I pray that she gets it together and her family reaches out to help her. We don’t need her to end up like Bobbi.

  3. I love Maia Campbell I hope she gets the mental illness under raps and drug use.She has a daughter to raise. Keep your head up. Now this mugshot is

  4. Now look at this ladies this is how Hollywood does, the eat you up and spit you out, this young lady and the young lady from saved by the bell lark voushie I believe they are perfect examples of how they are used and abused and thrown out like trash, they were beautiful woman but now omg! I don’t know exactly what they got into but they should’ve stayed out of it, this is sad really there’s deep issues here, lost and turned out, I’m putting 3 beautiful Ladies in my prayers this lost women, lark, and Bobbi Kristina lord help us

  5. I was trying to say this mugshot is better than the last one. She could give Porsha Williams a run for her money with that fly weave.

    • Right? Like , who looks pretty in their mug shots, except these banging black girls. Everyone else looks dragged 6x to hell and back. Anyway, sometimes when streetwalkers are busted by cops they know, they give them disorderly conducts cuz its lesser penalty than prostitution. I k ow Maia used to be out here trickin. Damn shame if its cause she’s back on that stuff. She used to be so pretty and talented. What a waste.

      • lol@Anonymous 9:48! That’s the same thing I said–How the hell she looking good in her mugshot despite being arrested for some Ratchet shit? Furthermore, will there ever be a silver lining in this girl’s life? ‘Damn, Gina!'[/Martin Lawrence voice]

  6. What is it with these bipolar women and their makeup. Lark Voorhies did the same thing to her face.

    • Google HD makeup for papparazzi photos. It doesn’t show up like that in person.

  7. I hope that first picture is just HD makeup that shows up with flash. I really hope she didn’t go out looking like that on purpose. Poor thing!

  8. black people and Hollywood don’t mix point blank period, ll cool j and other cast members should of helped her out a long time ago
    but they didn’t because of selfish reason.

  9. I love the Waffle House. No matter which one you go to all over this nation, when you walk in the door, everybody in the Waffle House look like they just got out of jail!
    You know it is the truth!
    When I am working on the house and get hungry, I just go to “The House”, I know no one will notice, because they all looking tired and wore out too.

    • When I got out of rehab, that was the first place I wanted to go. I’d probably feel the same if I was just released from jail.

    • Indeed. The only establishment where I witnessed a cook, fresh out of county lockup, attempt to fight a waitress before announcing to everyone that he was not afraid to go back to jail. Though a smaller in height and stature, the waitress made no bones about the ass whooping that was about to ensue. The poor busboy said all the excitement was “fkkng with his nerves” and he needed to hit the stem, presumably rock cocaine. Meanwhile, my hashbrowns still weren’t peppered as requested. The patrons are generally strippers straight from their shifts, men from the club with too much testosterone, or drunken undergrads. Each visit etched memories of why I only dine at Cracker Barrell if I am reduced to fast food near truck stops in the South or Eastern seaboard or why dont eat after sundown. Waffle House and Flying Js have scarred me. In Maia’s defense and mental illness aside, everyone who has been to waffle house has to come outside of their Self to adjust to that wretched environment. I must say Amphoras Diner in Northern Va offers late night dining without the ratchetness and better sanitation.

      • OH MY GOOOOODNESS! I have ben in the Waffle House when the cook and waitress got in a fight too! She grabbed him by his belt and his baggy ol’ pants came DOWN! Laughed until I cried!!!!

  10. She off them meds again she need to go back on the fix my life show on o.w.n. again

  11. This girl has lived a hard life. I hope she can get it together. Message to all young black girls, leave hollywood alone and stay in school!

  12. Maia’s story is a sad one. She seemed like she was doing better when she appeared on Iyanla, but I guess mental illness is a life long struggle. It doesn’t help that someone schizo ..and bipolar is also using drugs to self medicate. I pray that she is able to manage her mental illness and get better seriously.I don’t want to read about this woman passing tragically.

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