Chris Brown Comments On His Probation Being Revoked


Chris Brown jumped on social media to respond to his facing of possible jail time from having his probation being revoked.

Here’s what the pretty boy gangbanger had to say on twitter:

Chris Brown is Saved


    • Chris,
      You won’t be satisfied until you loose it all! So sick of these ungrateful people. Take off 6 months and work an 8 to 5 basic job in which you have to commute outside of where you live. I bet you sit your rump down!

  1. He Needs!!! To keep his ass at home where he can some what control his environment!
    Seeking the lime light always ends in some sort of corruption some one needing more than your willing to dish out ! If I had his career I wouldn’t be out in public for long periods of time I’m on the clock get In get out ! Never giving haters a damn chance to prosper ! Stars love to show off that’s the problem Look at me look at me ……
    I’ve done security for celebs and the smart ones !!!
    Get to the club not that late and leave early with or without some eye candy too take home but they’re never in any trouble when I’m around not one time that I ran my security team did any of the clients get into trouble needing damage control ! So when I hear these story’s I think wow your team as a whole sucks !!!

    • Original Man,

      YOU MUST work for an outstanding personal security outfit or own it yourself.

      Either way…your entire comment was extremely precise. What you said is basically my exact experience when having to work with certain clients & their artists. They provide security for us at the venue & depending on who the client is…WE usually end up leaving first to avoid “seeing things that require us to adhere to the confidentiality agreements we’re required to sign as part of their contract with us.”

    • Chris is a mess. So its no surprise his team is a mess. Trouble follows him, because trouble is what he promotes.

    • Im sure youhave a great security detail but Sometime the security detail can’t be blamed. People are stupid, I have heard people firing their security details because the security personnel will not allow them to do certain things. Then you have idiots like Adam Jones who gets into a fight with his own body guard for doing his job. Some peope are poison to themselves.

      • Most don’t realize that these security people are handlers for the celebrities.They are there to make sure the celebrity does not escape and to keep them in place.It’s rare that the celebrity tells the security what to do.Things are not what they seem .

    • this young man IS the new,”trouble man” imma stay praying that he is delivered from those unseen shackles/ unseen holds on his life & that he positively breaks through all the hurt and pain we can’t see or feel he’s been through. Once you break through STAY free Chris amen.

  2. I saw the video of him on stage saying “oh they getting it in ova there!” When the shots rang out he damn near jumped out of his skin but he kept staring in the direction like dummy trying to be hard until security grabbed him and whisked him away.

    Original Man, I feel sorry for the security teams that have to protect the “dumb ones”, they have their work cut out for them. SMH

    This young man just cant seem to get it right.

  3. That comment Chris made sounds creepy and subliminal.When he says nothing can stop what God has planned and also its almost over.I don’t know why I am taking this to mean something else.What does he mean by surround yourself with elevators ? Does that mean keep ourselves around good things or people that can elevate or uplift our life ? Or does it mean elevator as in Jay Z? is Chris giving us a hint ? Or does this mean I need to stop reading too much abut these famous people ?Or should I smoke less weed and have several seats ?Lol……but seriously every time I have bad vibes about someone it comes true eventually.I had bad vibes about Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston,Todd smith mother on Atlanta wives ,yah get my point?… DMX ,Katt Williams,Shia Labouf, Lindsey Lohan and Chris Brown are constantly making me think ……….Blessings

    • No, You had it right the first time. On the same page hence my first post, tried to brush it off as nothing but it did give me pause.

    • I also feel there is a message in his words. From the way he looking at his watch, I don’t think we have long until we find out what it is. He and others are anticipating something. Stay vigilant my people my people.

      • Nah the words are not deep it’s something else we are getting from this one particular message.Many won’t get it some will.

        • I don’t believe his words are deep at all. I think he hilariously tries to word things a certain way. Y’all reading too much into a tweet written by an idiot.

    • No your right and you know he wasn’t talking about Our God because they already turned their backs when they signed their contract in blood its sad how these people have been mislead but once they give their souls away they have no control to get them back all we can do I as pray but they should’ve thought about God before sacrificing their souls out of greed and selfishness .. Now his desicion is coming back to haunt him

  4. Hes no pretty boy, just “aiight” to cute at times. And he needs to start maturing and stop the recklessness before the paper bag privileges dries out.

    • Let me start off by saying, I love Chris Brown! He’s everybody’s little brother. His problem is his support team. The people that claim to love him are all yes folks. You can not possibly love a person and just watch them self destruct, but money is power so he has tons of friends (associates) and a fame struct Gf that will do anything ( orgies, drugs, and jump off a mountain) if he says so. Not to mention PR and Management. They’re all damn FIRED, I said so!

      • So true! Chris has too many enablers in his camp like Whitney and Michael. He haven’t even reach their stardom and is going downhill. Such a talented young brother with lots of potential but he’s wrestling with past and current demons which is destroying him quick. He needs help badly but in his mind he doesn’t think he needs it. Denial and pride. Smh

      • I was rooting for him but personal accountability lies beneath the foolery. Breezy is developing into that “there is one in every fam” baby brother we dread as no news is good news with these type and every time you see them they are troubled or in need with an idfag attitude to boot. Hes no longer young and dumb approaching 30. The beige Bobby Brown or God forbid David Ruffin(rip) 3.0 look will not be cute. Early to ripe early to rot I suppose. I hope the niggaizms don’t rub off on August Alsina who is also talented and more like-able(and cute as can be with his scrawny self).

        Aside: cant wait for Joey Bada$$’s album release 20 Jan. All the aging 30/40 something, Hip Hop is Dead backpackers should like since they think Jay Z and Rick Ross is the only music out there.




          • Rich Homie Quan resembles David Ruffin to me and apparently some others with alot free time, sick sense of humor and photo editing software per Google images.

            • You are right I did google pictures of both men and Rich Homie Quan & David Ruffin look eeerily alike. So does Wiz Kalifa and Jimmy hendricks .

            • Do you guys think those images are being manipated? Why is there a painting of a pope at the Vatican that looks exactly like Sly vester Stallone. And Jennifer Lawrence looks exactly like some italian actress and Michael Jackson post surgery looked exactly like the statue of an ancient pharoah, as does Obama. Bizarre. That whole rabbit hole is a weird one. I still dont know what to think of that.

            • Anon 14:25 Yep Wiz and Jimi(rip) favor to me, I think its the prominent nose and their eyes. They both are stoners with a laid back attitude

              Anon 7:29 Nope. Quan and Ruffin(rip) just resemble 1/5 of bony, lanky brown dudes with a slightly crooked grill from the Southern US. David Banner and that offensive lineman looking cornbread guy from the movie Life is another prototype.

      • His “problem” is EXACTLY that! That’s a supposedly grown ass man, & I use that term very loosely. Maturity doesn’t always come w/age, and sense apparently is not that common. Keep his ass in prayer. Remember babies and fools?

        • The hardest thing to do is get through to a hardheaded person. I’ve never understood how parents or husbands and wives give up on eachother when they claim to love. But sometimes it comes to a point where it’s time you completely walk away let Go and let God.

          • What I said above is Chris may be a man but he has no real support. Robert Williams also talked about being around a bunch of people yet still felt alone. It just seem nowadays people are not true to nothing. I had a incident happen where a friend was arrested years ago and being the friend I am bailed her out. Well I recently caught a flat tire and called her, and she said she wasn’t dressed and said I should call campus security for help and never called me to see if I made it home. When people show you who they are, believe them.

            • Glad you had the tire replaced and made it home safely. That is awful and empathize as I have been in similar situations. Turn the other cheek (don’t hold grudges) and drop that non-friend and any like her. It may take a while as eliminating unhealthy people is harder than ridding salt and white sugar from your diet but will be beneficial for your overall health in the long run.

  5. I read that his parole was ended because he completed his community service hours early and that basically he has stayed out of trouble. He is not responsible for everyone in the clubs behavior. Like mentioned above–he was scared too! But yes, he should do what Michael Jackson did when the justice system started to harasse him–get permission to get the hell out of the country.

    • Exactly he’s an entertainer if he doesn’t perform or do the shows especially in the inner city where his supporters are, how will he continue to thrive as an artist? Those “undesirables” are his fan base.

  6. his crackhead ass need to cut it out with all of the subtweeting cause those gangs and drug dealers will show and prove that he is not “gangsta” lol

    • Depends on what”GOD” he serves .In the industry they worship satan as their God.Their God is deceptive and of course he failed him it’s the plan to suck these people dry money and soul.

        • Hi B.E.! I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I just baked a hummingbird cake for dessert tomorrow and I thought of you. 🙂

          • Hey Anon, that sounds soooo good, um um um. I know you are going to have a nice weekend, most folks don’t know nothing about that, lol!

  7. did you there is a process to sell your soul in the industry. you have to go through an apprenticeship through spring and fall they mold you for satan. meaning it’s a year process when you go through all of that you sit down and they ask you do you reject the most high for the devil? you say yes sign your name in blood.

    when first get in the industry you take the oath meaning keeping secrects about things you see all the private parties etc. taking the oath doesn’t mean you sold out. but, you want to go higher sign your name in blood. when you go against the oath they take your wealth and leave you broke if open your mouth too much the elite will come after you

  8. Chris Brown is lost and turned out! Base head reloaded. With his always dirty fingernails. Yuck

  9. “With his always dirty fingernails. Yuck”

    Oh my goodness, I cant stand that, eww eww eww! That’s a deal breaker for me. Wash yo damn hands!

  10. It’s typical how you never hear these devils calling on the name of God until their dirty deeds catch up with them. Chris Brown is one of the biggest fools, I’ve ever even heard of. His talent is marginal, at best, however, he’s got more money and opportunity than most people will ever have and he’s pretty much thrown the whole thing away. If he’s not careful one of these days he’s going to end up dead from some of these foolish antics.

    • All this truth. Very overrated talent. The people that praise Chris as a great talent, are as delusional as Chris

  11. I hope people can clearly understand that being rich and famous is nothing to be jealous or envious of.It’s a mental trap and they love glorifying being about “that life”.It can be very dangerous and hard to get out that lifestyle and once you degrade yourself and put all your good morals aside then you are definitely in too deep.No amount of words can describe what these people have to do to be part of this circle.It literally makes you NEED drugs to block out or dissociate from reality.Some of them start off with a clean heart and end up spiritually lost.Many may not understand but if only people can see the depths of hellish rituals and perversion that goes on it would make us appreciate our every day normal life knowing our souls are dependent on the most high to take care of us with no fear …..God did not give us the spirit of fear although it’s in our face daily.

    • I read up on some of these rituals to a certain extent, and let me tell you….they’re HORRIBLEEEEEEE! I was terrified just reading them!!! Horrible, just horrible! I’m so happy I live a normal life!

  12. U are so right anonymous thats the thing noone wants that nasty ass lifestyle they have eating feces,sacrificing babies an those weird nasty azz exec loves when they poop on them women gave it the worst. Have to f*ck wheneva they want u too. Nasty azz industry to be in they literally drain your life force out of you an throw u in the garbage like trash. But errbody want to be famous so bad they will off there own mother for it kanye west, jennifer hudson. Sad I like chris but hes in too deep that in a minute ull be hearing about him dead. But thats what they want to be seen in the flashing light all the time kim k. Thats the price they pay what shall a man profit to gain the world an lose his soul. That shit aint worth it I love my normal peaceful life.

    • Indeed……but many can not believe it because it’s waaaaaaay out there can’t comprehend that level of evilness exist but it truly does.


    • I don’t mean to burst your bubble 15:53, but you’ve been watching too many You Tube videos. I have been very close for an extended period of time to two different men in show business, and I can tell you that you are way over exaggerating. There is lots of easy sex, and drugs flow, but feces eating and baby killing??? That’s bullshit conspiracy theory stuff designed to hook YouTube viewers and to make regular folk fell better about themselves. Most of the gys were gay before they were “discovered” so all the talk about ritual bending over for contracts etc is bogus. Those who bend over would have bent over if they were working the second shift a Burger King in College
      But if you enjoy believing that the life of a celebrity is fraught with twisted sick excesses, then have at it.

      • whenever I hear a comment such as yours Im skeptIcal because I honestly dont see how someone could be on the Industry and not know what really goes on. Ijs. Its not possIble.

      • You’re naive to the entertainment industry, obviously. I don’t believe you dated anybody famous.

        • Hon, you are the naive one. People on the outside want desperately to believe that life at the top
          is a hell which they were fortunate to have avoided. It’s not.
          Small minds cannot conceive the truth, so they are fed these absurd stories which are intended to reduce the envy felt towards those who live like kings and queens. It’s sort of like a modern day Marie “Let them eat cake” Antoinette situation.
          The life I live is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I never said that I dated anyone, I said I was very close to insiders. Well, the fact is that I was married to someone who is a white household name. I no longer live in LA, but my life is one of glamor and wretched excess all the same. (thanks baby)
          Keep your provincial ideas about satanism, baby killings and feces eating. It just further confirms that you know nothing about the real celebrity life. I’m sure all of the YouTube gurus you people watch were on the inside at one time too. lol

          • Dummy, I personally know a few celebreties and I have witnessed their transformation from good to evil and light to darkness
            I also know of someone personally who was suppose to be a blood sacrifice but by the prayers and Power Of God, they were delivered from it
            So my friend u are the fool and naive 1 to even fix your mouth to say something silly as u did
            And u are foolish not to know that a lot of people who run countries or who are in powerful positions are very heavy into the occult
            So u see, life began for me before the internet

          • As for your Marie Antoinette theory, remember she both literally and figuratively lost her head. Very poor analogy to prove your point. Maybe its not enough to be close. Maybe you actually have to be in. I dont have to hear it from my neighbors friends nieces co worker who was once friends with a nanny that lived next door too….I have first hand experience. Entertainment industry is absolutely filthy . And absolutely demonic. Those stories of sex rituals and ingesting filth arent manufactured to increase envy . They are damage control meant to confuse the masses from getting close to the truth. Assuming your story is true and you experienced matrimony with a white household name you are simply another cuckolded discarded spouse. The streets of hollywood are as paved with your carcasses as it is the dreams of the pretty and young. Again, one cannot actually be in entertainment and not know. There are levels to the knowing but no knowledge at all??? I dont buy it.

            • @23:19 I will say this to you I am positive in my heart that you know we speak the truth about the wickedness in the industry.As one commenter sad this has been going on for years before you tube. I won’t debate with you because Thank God many many people are waking up and many people such as yourself will remain in the dark .If living life as a Queen and King requires all that darkness and spiritual evil to be rich then they can keep it no thanks.It’s ok that you do not agree but what really matters is that those of us who believe will continue to receive spiritual discernment .

          • Don’t believe the hype she is talking and all that glitters aint gold. Notice she said she knows insiders not that she has wealth of her own creation, she is just riding on someone else’s. She know’s the lick and that she better not speak upon it. She has to lie if she wants to keep living her “ridiculous” lifestyle.

            That life style is the snare that they have been using to keep the ugly machine running off fresh souls for eons.

            Don’t get it twisted, they all promote a system and the industry is a large part of it. Once they are in it they learn the truth but it’s too late. Don’t believe me? Read what Wilson said, he was used to help set up the system and regretted it after he found out it’s true purpose.

            “The Federal Reserve private banking syndicate was set up under Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. The following quotes show his suspicions and regrets regarding this secret society of banking elites: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” -Woodrow Wilson, 1913″

            • This is not directed to Black Enga or anyone of of you who responded to me in particular–it’s just a general comment to all.

              I misjudged. I actually thought there might be an interest in the reality of “life inside the bubble” from some of the readers of this blog of whom I’ve become quite fond in the 2 weeks since I discovered it.
              I can see now that you are far more invested in preconceived notions of what it’s like to be in the 1% of American celebrity-dom. You seem very caught up in this world of satanists and baby killers.
              Truly these subjects are not discussed in my world. Sorry to disappoint, but they aren’t. The only baby killing I am familiar with is that which occurs before the child is born.
              Please forgive me for the intrusion. I really have no place here. I had fun though! I truly adore reading your comments.
              You may be a bit backwards as to your perception of celebrity mores, but no one on any mainstream celebrity blogs can even come close to the humor I have seen displayed here.
              Is it possible that the rituals, devil worship and baby killing are only a part of African American Hollywood? That would be the only rational explanation in which both I and you could both be accurate. I suppose it is possible, but all of the A-A actors and actresses within our general orb seem like very grounded, centered people. Perhaps this is an example of how looks can be deceiving. Idris Elba and Steve McQueen seem so couth and cultured upon sight, but behind closed doors they are killing babies, drinking blood and eating feces?
              That is too delish!

            • Open your eyes Baby Girl, be glad that what ever your position is inside “the bubble” that you DON’T know the ugly side but it exists whether you believe it or not.

              Be glad that you have been protected from it.

            • We all have been conditioned to want that dream. We have been made to believe that our ordinary lives are not good enough. That we should excel to achieve a certain status before we can truly be deemed successful. That is the lie that creates sexism, classicism and racism. It is the lie that keeps them in power.

              My thoughts on the subject did not start on conspiracy theories, just classic economics 101. That was my awakening moment.

            • 15:26, first I was confused. Now , I just think you are not being truthful. The celebs you know are well grounded??? Come on now. Beautiful…most likely. Rich…definately. Some might even be nice…but well grounded….nope. And also I caught your shade….the fake apology, how you are pretending to be some sort of 1% cultural ambassador, feigning an interest in sharing the truth about your supposed lifestyle, but then backing off fast when you are questioned more closely…. and then theres the insistance that you have no place here , it all reeks of a very disingenuous personality. Maybe you work for an agent or something. Dont know but I can tell you are not what you claim to be. I do agree however that you probably have no place here and are better off in your bubble.

          • Nobody’s trying to reduce the “envy” non-famous people feel for the rich and famous, quite the opposite my dear. We’re force fed this celebrity dream BS to get us to buy into this narcissistic, materialistic world in an attempt to keep us mentally and financially enslaved. Sadly for you, none if the posters here are drinking your Kool-Aid so we feel no “envy” for these famous folks, only pity and sadness for their corruption. Now either stop with your deception or wise up.

  14. did you know that celebs actually watch those videos about blood sacrifices and freemasonary notice how they do the baphoment hand sign used to be 2 finger up 2 down now it’s 3 up 2 down. the boule and skull and bones told the celebs to change it. celebs know we pay attention there are no more secrects. hell, i know dame dash saw the blood sacrifice flim about aaliyah. he knows it true. alot of celebrites comment on those videos under a alias name don’t be fooled there are agents on this site as well.

    • You aint never lied, I also noticed the one peace sign up and one down.

      People keep saying, oh, they’re just doing it for shock value or attention. My question is why? Why play with the devil?

      • thank you notice presidents, celebrites, and preachers throwing up the bapohment because they worship satan. these people are not hiding what they do they are telling you up front. people want to act like celebrites don’t watch you tube they do watch!

        • I just saw a pic of the current Pope doing it, throwing up that devil sign.. It made me feel really nauseated. Those people are all so damn sick.

  15. He cries wolf when he mess up. Then he wants fans to except him over and over. I wonder if he would do the same for a fan?

  16. His downfall is plural in nature. Any so-called fan of Chris Brown aka Breezy should slap themselves just as hard. They assisted in this suicide. Instead of shunning him after the Rhianna debacle, the shrimps gave him a big hug…We Got You Dawg! Soon after, he gets inked up…666 Time! The most gifted of his generation, but the music is secondary right now. A damn shame is all I can say about it.

    • 666 doesn’t that equal 6 protons + 6 electrons + 6 neutrons = melanin. Someone correct me if that is incorrect. I’m not with the perversion of what is real.

  17. Like any and everyone else Chris Brown has trials, tribulations and persecution in his lifetime, however these things do NOT negate the truth of what he is stating. ” It’s about to go down.” In 5,4,3,2,1, Peace.

  18. ashera its the devils number satan loves that number! Rebuke it in the name of Jesus!

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