Young Buck Denies Hooking Up With Transgender Woman


    young buck transgender tranny

    After video of a man who looks A LOT like Young Buck getting sucked off by a transgender woman leaked, the G Unit artist denied the allegations in an Instagram video.

    Click the arrows to see all the incriminating evidence and Buck’s response.

    BTW, this isn’t the first time he’s allegedly been caught creepin’ on the DL.


    1. Are we really shocked here? Mostly every celebrity in Hollywood is gay and I do believe they had to do some disgusting shit to get to where they are. I heard that lots of men in Hollywood hook up with trannies and gays because they are bored with real women since they can get with many so easily. Him going to prison and just being around 50 is suspect enough.

      • This is true. Magic Johnson talked about it in his book. He said that going to bed with one woman wasn’t enough so he needed two in bed with him. Then he needed three and then four. He wasn’t satisfied. We know how that ended. I’d tell you to ask Jermaine Stewart but that AIDS took him out.

    2. Want to be a famous rapper? You have to do some gay shit. The transgendered name Toni Newman admitted he/she fucked LL Cool J. Jacky did the story years go. Look up the archives.

    3. How much did he pay to get s/he to say s/he was hacked.
      I just read somewhere that many men in the industry brag about doing homosexual isht to get in the industry. Allegedly, the more they do and brag about it – the higher they rise. I never thought it would be bragging involved. Maybe that’s why Poofy’s yacht parties are so filled up. A ship full of bragging men?!

    4. Breaking news, LA County district attorney will not file charges against Kevin Spacey for allegedly having sex with a underage boy. This country convicted boule Bill but they won’t go after Kevin Spacey who is accused of being a pedophile.

    5. Blah, Blah, Blah all that threatening folks don’t mean shit. You were getting sucked and you probably focked a SHIM.

    6. Young Buck was the best thing to come out of G Unit. If he got turned out, 50 did it. It’s shameful what is happening to black men. They engage in the behavior but won’t admit to it. They say there is nothing wrong with being gay but are too ashamed to admit that they engage in that lifestyle. Either stop being cowards or stop laying down with other men.

    7. Exactly Anon 18:08…. 50 is queen of the queers. He definitely turnt the entire G-unit out. You gotta play for pay


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