K. Michelle on the Block: Industry Pressures, Beef, and Dropping Tidbits

Alright, alright, hold up! It’s Hollywood Street King, and y’all know we’re about to spill the tea! 🍵 First, shoutout to our fam over at @theshaderoom for the exclusive sit-down with K. Michelle. Now, let’s get into it!

K. Michelle stopped by the Shade Room, diving deep with host Thembi. The lady talked about her upcoming “I Am The Problem” album, the men in her life, and most notably, her struggles with body image and how the industry played its hand. But don’t be quick to paint her as a victim; she’s got a story to tell.

Our girl from Memphis expressed her discontent with being pigeonholed into R&B due to the industry’s perception of her, and she’s taking a leap back into her country roots, collaborating with big guns like Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.

She said, “They keep telling you, ‘You can’t sing that because you Black.’ And now, seeing [it come] full circle, that’s wild.”

Talking about standards and beauty? K. Michelle doesn’t hold back. She claims the industry made her think she needed to tweak her appearance, leading her to a whopping thirteen surgeries in a single year! For a booty, y’all. The lady almost lost her life over an a*s, and she’s making sure people know what’s up with the pressures of looking “perfect.”

The tea doesn’t stop there. K. Michelle came locked and loaded, taking shots at Angela Yee and making it clear she ain’t about that Breakfast Club life.

She snapped, “I don’t give a fk about no Angela Yee. Who the fk are you?” She even dropped that she’s “banned from The Breakfast Club and the Sony building.” Ouch!

But the R&B diva wasn’t all shade. She had some love for Summer Walker, commending her for keeping it real and handling her relationship drama “in front of everybody.” K. Michelle also had some real talk for Chrisean Rock, urging her to stay focused.

Now, when asked about Carlee Russell, she said with a chuckle, “I would like to run off in the woods, too. She wrong for that, but I know b***hes just like that.”

Whew! That’s a wrap on this sizzling segment. Keep it locked with Hollywood Street King for more of what’s poppin’ in the celeb world! 🎤🔥