Martin & Gina’s Love Gone Sour…

Real Story About Martin Lawrence & Tisha Campbell

From Smash Session To Obsession?

HSK Exclusive – Martin and Gina may have been a popular on screen television couple, but insiders say the pair who played the leading ‘Martin’ characters also lived an off screen romance as well.

Sources reveal that’s why Martin Lawrence’s deep feelings for Tisha Campbell quickly turned to jealousy after Campbell became engaged to Duane Martin. That’s exactly what insiders say led to the messy situation, involving sexual harassment allegations, between the popular pair.

We’re told after Lawrence had a crush on Tisha and when he came to terms with the fact that he and Campbell would never be, he married a woman who reminded him of his former television co-star – Patricia Southall. Don’t believe me.. Ask Carl Payne.

Here’s the drop:

“When Tisha got engaged to Duane, Martin made things difficult for her on the TV set.

Martin and Tisha had an affair, but Martin fell in love and she didn’t. Martin used to bad mouth Duane all the time. He always told Tisha ‘Your man is soft’.

Tisha’s sexual harassment charges against Martin were the only way she could get rid of him.”

Patricia Southall - Tisha Campbell Replacement

Originally Published on: Aug 28, 2012


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  4. Martin got p*ssy whipped by Tisha. He was already poking Tichina. That should have been enough ass for him. Tommy was poking Tichina too

  5. Tisha’s brother Tevin was gay.. If she can accept her brother she should accept herself..

  6. In American culture we have a tendency to elevate celebrities so high that we forget they are human !!

  7. You know you brought up some valid points. Over the years, some of these things have crossed my mind.

    • I think she would of been better off with Martin but we can’t help who we love. Did she fuck co star Damon Wayans these stars are truly human. I loved the show I knew it had something to do with her gay ass husband

  8. Please that libra hoe was also giving him mixed signals…she a thot, she thought Duane Martin's career was gonna take off with the movie above the rim…lol. .and guess what that's exactly where his movie career ended furthermore he became Will smith's bitch and that was his sponsor some Capricorn niggas do gay for pay. Dumb bitch thought he had money.. and now she still raising him…don't wanna hear about Hollywood husband either them checks ain't big. Thank you.

  9. I heard that things became rocky between Tisha and Martin but didn't know about her having an affair or romance with him. Bottom line this is why mixing business and pleasure isn't necessarily good. After she became engaged he should have been a professional and kept it strictly business.

  10. Funny you say that. There is one episode where Gina actually kissed martin and flirted with him saying he should get some from her on the casting couch. When I heard that I was like dayum in plain sight.

  11. that big head gina who the heck would like that big lips let alone love here, geesh ive seen better things at the zoo! and martin cmon man why u so insecure as a black man another sexual harrasment suit! damn will smith is a soft ass f*cking biotch he from what i hear lets jada ram a dildo up his ass! oh and lil wayne he be sucking dick with chris brown i hear! damn ! darkies nasty! why are black so f*cking noisy neighbors! shitheads!

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  14. Martin is a good actor and comedian it is sad to know how bad his behavior was I can’t help but to wonder if lust drove him crazy to do drugs or anything..maybe him realising he cant have certain woman he wanted….and tisha always seemed cool to me….however my opinion may changed if she knew martin lust her or maybe even fallen in love with her and still got married….I know it is her life and her will to do so but that is provoke…I also wonder why did martin approach gina like that when she was married….you cant do that….people hate seeing good things turning bad and martin and tisha was very very very very good

  15. I’m a definite Martin fan and please tell me where he made a pass at Pam???? I’m watching Martin now as we speak

  16. That dumb bitch did all this for her gay ass husband Martin didn’t let that bitch stop him he’s still the shit… GOD don’t like ugly that’s why her husband business all over the world and everybody knows who take cares who she’s weak for doing Martin wrong because he stated the facts about her gay guy.. I wouldn’t do shit with her unless they kill her off the show and keep it moving..

  17. Always 2 sides to every story… always… I like them both. I truly feel bad Hollywood has no privacy whatsoever. Here I am, no different. (sigh)

  18. Absolutely disgusting. But lady, why and the hell would you fuck him raw? He’ll no! I wouldnt dare jump in the bed with any celebrity. Hollywood is nothing but a giant herpes carnival. I know now that condoms are not guaranteed protection from herpes, but she still should have exercised greater caution.

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  21. Tisha Campbell and Tevin Campbell are not related. Stop spreading lies with your dumb black ass.

  22. Duane and Tiaha did a pilot where they were the stars, Duane thought it was going to be huge so he told Tisha to quit Martin. When they wouldn’t let her out of her contraxt then ahe cried sexual assult after screwing Martin.

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