XXXTentacion’s Mom Buys $3.4 Million Mansion Following His Death


    xxxtentacion mom buys mansion

    XXXTentacion’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard, just dropped $3.4 million on a Parkland, Fla. mansion.

    According to sources, the 6-bed, 9-bath 15,000 sq ft home is located in a gated community and is described as an “entertainer’s dream.”

    Before the rapper was murdered, he reportedly had viewed the property and thought it would be perfect for his mother.

    An offer was made on the house on August 13, almost two months after his death, and Cleopatra paid for the house “in full.”

    Since his death, Cleo has been the public representative for the late rapper, though some have questioned her intentions. She has also been named the head of his estate and started a non-profit foundation in his honor.


    1. There are true millionaires who don’t live like this.
      A basketball court? For who? Once those residuals stop – she’s hit with property she can’t afford and will either lose it or sell it at a loss. This is not impressive.

      • True indeed. Not a wise choice considering that it would have been gifted to her. Better if she would’ve moved out of town in a modest living space. If she’s smart she will flip and sell before the year is out, keep her current location and sublease.

        • Dude where do y’all live??? Kentucky or something, mortgage must be $400? Her property tax is not no 5 figures on no 3.4 million home. Prob like $2500 a month at the most. The average person in LA is paying about 800-2mil for they homes and they financing which = double the purchase price and that’s regularly folks without rap money. She will be alright. Stop hating!! And she own her stuff, so she def good!!!

      • That’s for her to figure out. Not you!!! Tupac mama was alright and xxx is them kids Tupac. She will be okay.

        He was no Tupac to us but def to the kids he was.

    2. Well let’s hope she doesn’t. Why curse her? What if she got 10 mil saved up? That’s enough to last her for the rest of her life.

      • Bc she abandoned her son to become the lowlife example of poorly mother ed children he became AND THEN profits from him, post humously. Had she been a better/decent /worthy mother, her son may not have found himself allegedly shot dead in a car over his foul ways. Js


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