WTF?!: The Crips Want to Trademark Nipsey’s Slogan


    nipsey hussle trademark crips

    The Crips are making moves to make Nipsey Hussle’s famous slogan a part of their brand.

    Trademark documents filed by the gang’s holding company, Crips, LLC, contain details of the street gang looking to register “The Marathon Continues,” to be used in a mixture of services, including “arranging and conducting youth sports programs.”

    The application was filed on May 16, and among the other services listed, the Crips also want to develop “educational manuals for others in the field of community organizing, gang prevention, and gang intervention.”

    Nipsey never filed the trademark for the saying even though it was the title of one of his mixtapes.


    1. Deny it. Nip already publicly made it clear it was his brand. When you trademark something, they make sure no one else has been using it.

      So disrespectful to his family. Judge needs to hurry up on this estate ruling so Blacc can get this stuff under control.

    2. Maybe the powers that be (of the Crips) dont want gang reform? Imagine if they have some convoluted deal to send their own to jail for profit…just a conspiracy thought

    3. Crips slogan isn’t no damn The Marathon Continues……..
      man Fuck you too……
      Why the fuck would I want The Marathon Continues for a Crips slogan?-
      Man Fuck You

    4. Why the fuck would I want “The Marathon Continues” for a Crips slogan?-
      – Crips holding company?-
      -Wherever you getting your fake information from, Fuck You.
      – Crips – We Own This Color-
      Crips slogan: We Own This Color
      Crips 4 Life
      – Why the fuck would I want to trademark ‘ The Marathon Continues?
      – CRIP RECORDS founder right here, TREY
      – Nigga fuck your slogan nigga…
      – FUCK YOU..

    5. Whoever the fuck you getting your information from, Fuck You.
      – You don’t speak for Crips and you don’t make decisions for Crips either
      How the fuck you going to try to file a trademark for my motherfucking gang?
      my motherfucking company…
      Fuck You MAN, You not even a part of Crips..Fuck You

    6. the Crips also want to develop “educational manuals for others in the field of community organizing, gang prevention, and gang intervention.
      * I don’t want to do that.-
      -I don’t think it’s fair You or whoever the fuck you are, trying to speak or file papers for a company you not part of… * You not crips——See you pussy motherfuckers in court…….

    7. I want you to stop using the name of my organization (Crips) I’m going to hurt you.
      I’m going to attack you, I’m going to sue you, I’m going to FUCK You up.

    8. CLAUDE EVANS, III is the founder Of CRIP RECORDS and you don’t have the authority to file things under the name of CRIPS… or something like that…- Violation or something…
      -You trying to use CRIPS name for things, I don’t approve of, it’s not your group, gang, or company.- It’s mine.-……..

    9. *Making CRIPS into your little punk ACRONYNMS and things, COMMUNITY PROGRESS some stupid shit you made up.

    10. Crips slogan : We Own This Color
      – I don’t want a Nipsey Hussle slogan representing CRIP RECORDS or CRIPS.-
      – CRIP RECORDS is my company, Stop trying to use the name of my company to sale your little punk records…

    11. Crips : We Own This Color
      – That’s Crips Slogan
      We Own This Color
      – why the fuck would I want The Marathon Continues?-
      Fuck You and that WACK shit

    12. THE CRIPS have killed more black men, women and children than the racist cops. Cheers to these mass murders, for only the black man is allowed to abuse/kill black people…. scarcasm…SMH.

    13. If you are crips why havent you taken out people like George Zimmerman…do your job or are you only tough with your own people. If you are killers why kill omly us and please dont give me the infiltration excuse.

      • Yo DUMMY,

        Infiltration is NOT an Excuse, You Dumb POS…

        That is exactly why they Do EVERY FUCKING thing you asked about..who else, but a crew of MFs working for the gov’t know they can get away with doing whatever they want as long as it brings destruction to their OWN community, Imbecile.

    14. why arent you gang bangers intimidating the gentrification folks in our neighborhoods etc etc,you have local branches everywhere

    15. do gang bangers care about their people like the Black Panther Party,the original ones,not these wannabe’s

    16. Who provide the weapons
      Who starts and manipulates violence on a worldwide level
      Whites seems to live violence and they going he’ll whites kill.whitss too mostly no.pussy getting ass antisocial rejects who can’t take no.for an answer

      They do senseless killings just like bloods and crips it’s just blacks do mire of it

      But let’s count all the blacks and the foreigners killed on a global.level.since 9/11

      How many of Hussein’s people died over the do called war on terrir

    17. Once again it’s TREY from Township of N.J. founder of CRIP RECORDS, coming from the North West of Downtown Fort Lauderdale still hitting, still dipping in Florida, It’s that TREY representing Crips
      the one and only, the least of the war, the frisk have know free, live do more, down some type of way. the lies of the lift is the shame yours, shoot your type and last some type of way, what you did , lent time, no lent, yo your time mine, down some way and hang for some name more
      that a collar your cape free and down you some way, like shit, don’t you need me?
      shame less days and leave you some shit like LYFT, dog?- what is LYFT? see he, he don’t need me….Damn Whole LANE ashamed………Man, get out the way man…….

    18. Copycat’s Scar
      Copycat’s Salary
      see Copycat
      your last is piss of tall
      and your shit leak
      like last to get a war
      from nowhere
      Square is hip today
      Squarest Shit Today…
      Nigga square there
      always was a square
      square ass nigga
      you ain’t cool
      ugly nigga
      shit ain’t work for you..
      now scream for help
      sit down
      from three
      some name of he
      Crips ain’t work for he
      Crips will work for me
      Shit Steal Him a name
      Like Shit on He
      -Life on Loan
      Rent a name ass MC
      go rent you a name
      Rent a Name ass MC
      like Yo
      Let me hold your name
      I’m gone take your name
      What you want to hold?
      My Life?
      Shit, you get a hit on your front door
      talking some shit like
      Yo! Steve , Can you loan me your name?
      shit you not
      Mc’s on some Late Shit
      You got the ones that think they 50 Cent and the ones that think they Rayful Edmond
      mixtape sitting online
      His rap name is Rayful Edmond
      Shit you not
      Rappers is piece of shit…
      ha ha..
      He gone take him a name
      say his rap name Alpo
      certain names is just No know
      he say his name is Luciano and he damn sure not Italian
      ..Rap niggas WEIRD..

    19. Try that again
      Copycat’s Scar
      Copycat’s Salary
      Copycat’s Style
      You copycat ass MC
      with your Copycat’s style
      …They Copycats man…


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