Wendy Williams Is Standing By Her Man!


    wendy williams kevin hunter divorce

    Wendy Williams returned to her talk show on Monday. And despite the rumors that she had dropped her husband’s last name and was contemplating divorce after he allegedly impregnated his mistress, it looks like she and Kevin Hunter are still going strong.

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    1. It must be Hella hard to have to live in a complete lie just for show. She have to be exhausted going to her separate quarters of the house at night after a long day of pretending. So sad!

      • I don’t feel one bit of Sad for wendell…

        You let this monster beat your ass, fracture your shoulder, continuously get another Bitch pregnant while you are paying for said Bitch from her draws to her home as well as the animal you lay with and defend to death literally, yet want to talk Shit about everyone else and hide ALL your shit in the corner knowing it Stinks as bad if Not worse than the people you have nerve to talk about ???… Bitch Please…🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Wendell deserves everything it gets & then some…

    2. As much drama and plastic surgery as this old bitch has had, she has the nerve to talk shit about other women? Fuck this bitch! Wendy Williams is just as ugly as Lil Kim!

      • Ok now…….. I know you’re upset but you may need to pump them brakes!!!!!!!! Lil Kim still has some appeal to her where as wendell……NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. First pic, he looks like a fat version of ‘LL Cool J . 2nd pic, where to start….that wig, those oversized sunglasses, her crooked nostrils. Wendy..Wendy…Wendy.

      The husband probably has some serious dirt on her. Or all along this has been their marriage arrangement. He does his stuff, she does hers.

    4. She should have left him a long time ago. Why raise a son in that environment? How is her son going to treat women?

    5. She better stand by her man…. nobody else wants her and i hear depression is a bitch this time of year


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