Wendy Williams’ Husband’s Alleged Mistress Gives Birth


    kevin hunter mistress gives birth

    Wendy Williams’ husband’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, reportedly gave birth last week, according to blogger Tasha K. Tasha called up to the hospital, asked for Sharina’s room in the maternity ward and confirmed the woman was there giving birth.


    Tasha K is currently being sued by Cardi B for claiming the rapper had an STD and baby Kulture was going to be born with health issues. Cardi asked Tasha to take the video down, she didn’t comply, and now Cardi is ready to snatch her coins!

    Will Wendy and Kev do the same?


    1. Wendy best have 2 sober coaches with her while this news spread while the blogs and comments eviscerate this.

    2. Tasha K needs to be worried about her own DAMN baby who will probably have birth defects like fetal alcohol syndrome. Not a Wendy fan AT ALL, but why go this far for some damn ‘tea” that really doesn’t concern you? Wendy is getting her karma, but you will too Tasha K with your ugly inside & out ass.

      • Tasha has not been drinking since she’s been pregnant, she’s been drinking water on her show. And how is she ugly? Because she’s dark skin? She is reporting the gossip just like Wendy did for all those years. How do you think TMZ, radar online, etc gets their stories confirmed? They send people out to investigate is how. And it’s hilarious to me that’s you are on a gossip site complaining about another gossip personality. You people are so ridiculous in your logic.

        • Anon @ 10:43, spare me w/the self righteousness. Tasha appears to have been a drunk for years, & you think just because she’s pregnant, that’s going to change anything? Doubt it. I bet she still drinks & of course she’s not going to drink on camera now that’s she’s “pregnant” & even that’s been called into question. There’s already been talk of her having/faking a miscarriage. If she does have a baby, the baby will have some sort of birth defect. Bet that heiffer wasn’t even dry 3-6 months before conceiving. Tasha IS ugly & not because of her skin tone. She can’t be called dark & lovely, so she’s dark & ugly! Check out her mugshot on yt, ain’t nothing attractive about that. You say she’s just gossiping like Wendy have always done-why would anyone want to follow Wendy’s footsteps? Look at her now, look at where that has gotten her. Don’t mix apples on oranges when it comes to types of gossip-there’s light-hearted gossip & there’s mean spirited ones. Her calling the hospital about another woman’s baby w/whom she has no ties to is too far. Again she needs to be worried about her own down syndrome looking baby when it’s born. 😛

          • AND, since Tasha K did this, I hope the mistress, actually KEVIN do her ass the same when her fetal alcohol syndrome deformed baby is born! 😀 GET ‘EM KEVIN!!!! 😛

          • So you’re assuming she drinks while pregnant with no proof, and you’re wishing Down syndrome on her child. What a class act you are. Are you one of the you tubers that she put on blast? Because the envy is burning through your computer screen. Is it because she is making close to seven figures because of her you tube views and she always tells her followers NOT to send money during her live shows but they insist and send close to $1,000 each show. I mean is that why you’re mad. We all tell her all the time, as long as they are viewing your shit, that’s more money in your bank account🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. I concur with dark&ugly. Tasha K will get hers. Looks like a dyke hate her hair and she drinks like a fish. Not to mention pressed for going out her way to call hospital.

    4. Wendy Williams, Lil Kim and Latoya Jackson should sue the plastic surgeons who fucked up their faces!

    5. Cardi put out that she was a ho who robbed her tricks and a stripper she can dish it but cant take it

      Same with wendy

    6. So while Wendy was at the sober house, her husband was at the delivery house?…… That negro slicker than a can of oil……….

    7. The damage is done and she should have left him before her son could be affected, but he’s grown now. Let’s hope he’s a better husband and father than him. That’s the real issue. Don’t be like your daddy, young man. Hopefully, him seeing how this man hurt his mother will make him a better man.

    8. Wendy used to love to talk about complexion. I have to wonder if he didn’t deliberately get someone darker and knock her up intentionally.

    9. U see what we saying? Black ppl are own worse enemy! How can u fools wish heallth issues for her babby, when tasha is having her baby WITHIN HER MARRIAGE!! I wouldve thought yall wouldve been going in on big head kelvin and juicy mouth gold digging ass Sherina. Wendy has done the same things for DECADES! and lets be real thats probably how wendy found out. CARDI B IS A BIRD ASS BITCH. PERIOD


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