Video of Cuban Doll Passed Out Drunk!


    cuban doll birthday drunk

    Offset’s alleged former side chick, Cuban Doll, celebrated her 21st birthday by getting drunk AF. Here’s a video of her passed out after too much liquor:


    1. This should be a wake up call that she’ll always remember. My ex was a drinker and after a while, someone decided to film him doing everything from acting crazy to seeing on the carpet before passing out on the lawn. Surprisingly, it didn’t stop him completely but he did slow down… a little.

    2. Cuban Doll: Not everybody is your friend! This video was made with the intent to ridicule and embarrass you. Make no mistake. If this was a video to give you a wake up call, they would of came to you with this privately. Friends don’t post this stuff on social media if they really care about you. Live and learn!

    3. Is the hoe even Cuban? Tired of these dumb ass girls with these stupid names. Chinese doll but ain’t even Chinese, Tokyo doll give me a fucking break

    4. This the girl tekashi 69 used to fight over and got clowned by tadow

      Stupid ass mfs arguing over a girl who raps about selling pussy lol

    5. Cuban doll just another female rapper talking bout selling pussy and dating rich men
      Wonder is Kim and foxy proud


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