Video of Meek Mill Being Racially Profiled at Las Vegas Casino


    meek mill cosmopolitan casino las vegas

    Security at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino threatened to lock Meek Mill up for trespassing, but the rapper insists he was doing nothing wrong and was being racially profiled.

    His Instagram caption reads:

    “Cosmopolitan hotel/casino going to extreme racist levels to keep too many black entertainers and black people …. they said they gone lock me up.. I’m like for what I’ve been once to a party with jayz ….. Some of these casinos have a bunch of Tatics to keep the level of blacks down …. but love to take our money!!!! This happens to a lot of black entertainers not just me either!! I felt crazy being put out by these white men for no reason!”

    Here’s how it all went down:


    1. He needs to stop believing the media’s sh*t that he’s a victim.

      If trouble keeps finding you, maybe you’re the trouble.

    2. Didn’t he bash black women a little while ago for whitey’s entertainment? And this was after all that support for him.

      Philly, come get your mans.


    4. Our KANGS begging again to be included where they are not wanted. SOUNDS like the civil rights movement all over again AND we know how that turned out. Black communities are now shit holes.

      • Meek Mill is an industry promoted idiot….My neighborhood out earns yours my friend and looks better too and its mostly black…try coming out of your little pussy community sometime, its a whole other world out here closed minded bitch!….I want you think that so you will stay out!…check the news lately…whites around the world can’t even produce kids right now…..we will be dancing on your graves soon!

        • Arsehole I am black that us why and I know the mayhem people of his ilk cause to black communities. He has made millions boasting to the world about his criminal activities yet has the audacity to whine and scream about racism when it’s time to pay for his crimes.

        • You are black and you calling your own community a shit hole..well get your black ass out there and do something…. quit crying pussy! I don’t live in a shit hole…weak ass bitch! You’re the reason black women talk trash cause they are tired of niggas like you!

          • I am like black men. As soon as they have dollars they leave. Who wants to live in poverty? Yeah, black women stood by black men, are the first to protest and march for THEIR causes and in return black men created a billion dollar industry telling the world that black women and their own momma is a bitch and a hoe. I’ll pass.

      • Good points overall.Also good see yng ppl waking up and not believing the hype these entertainers,athletes,preacher,politicos are pushing to program/distract you.Be your own leader.Work hard,read,research,react,love self

    5. Black men the laughing stock of the world. Designers and now Casinos dont want you money. What did Malcolm say….until you respect you own women……

      • You must not travel the world, including you, wish you were black…the world loves our good and bad…our complexion, our hair, our style and a lot of women our dicks…..I’m assuming your are not black, try traveling….I get treated like gold and the world HATES white americans…FuK meek mill he’s an idiot but for the real black people we are loved…..SO get off our dicks!

        • I am black and last year black men were being sold for $400 in North Africa. These modern day slaves are still waiting for a rescue party ….. Because that is how MUCH the world loves black men….DELUSIONAL MUCH. Everybody wants to be a niggas but nobody wants to be a nigga.” Just because they love our music doesnt mean they love you. I love Chinese food, does it mean I want to be Chinese?

        • So black people are always pointing out how hard it is to navigate this world as a black person, yet you think we are loved…….. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

          • Sounds like you need to turn off the TV…cause only the TV black people..aka your appointed spoke people…aka jesse, actors, rappers….I don’t follow shit…I know my history and am my own man…so I am respected, at least in my face, its niggaz like meek and people that they can pull this crap on they don’t respect….Africans come over here and get respect because they know who they are and were they came from and don’t waste time trying to get people to like them and take full advantage of the access to education, business and money…..

            • We waste millions of dollars trying to prove we belong….Fraternitys, sororities, masons, boule, weave, crying and complaining..etc… Then look down on the other black people and love to sell out!

            • Pull your head out of afriKKKants Assholes…Shit for Brains.

              They don’t need you as their mouthpiece, Dumb Bitch.

              • What an ignorant ass, im not being a spokes person for africans, my example went over your dumb ass head….good day sir!

                • No it didn’t and that is exactly what you did, Dumb Bitch…have some pride in your Own & stop worrying about Trash.

      • Exactly ….why should anyone give a fck or respect the black men when he doesnt even repect their own women or want to be men….further more his just a faggot rapper who have no purpose in life…..

        • Sorry didnt mean to say black men but some…..I love real black men espically when they love repect their mothers and black women (not the direpectful hoodrate ghetto types that are disrecepectful) but decent black women

    6. Have you heard his raps and videos. I wouldn’t want him in my establishment. So he and other black men think having millions will make them respectable… lol.

    7. How is he crying foul when he’s in an industry disrespecting women and constantly in and out of jail.

    8. That’s good that they want y’all black asses in many establishments
      because y’all don’t know how act.. Y’all start drinking and acting like
      a fool… He has the rights to refuse entry to anyone.. You’re not
      special and the petty crimes are ignorant and stupid to act the
      way y’all Rappers do… Don’t never expect to hear most of us
      to care what they do to you.. You had the world in your corner, but
      like the average rapper, y’all brag so much, act a fatal asshole and running
      around with guns…They showed you you’re nothing to them and some time
      I don’t blame them.. I wouldn’t want y’all in nothing I owned because you
      don’t know how to act…

    9. Why would black folk even want to go to Vegas? Vegas is for fat crac**** from the Midwest. That’s their dream vacation; the middle of the desert, bad entertainment, and bad food. Vegas is a place where Britney Spears has residency. 🤣

      • negros go everywhere white people deem as honourable. Negros worship crakkas…if the crakkas say haiti is the best tourist destination these slaves will run to Haiti

    10. the negro man is always crying about being accepted by crakkas while blowing smoke off his fellow black men and women. Black men are the biggest disgrace of the world


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