Tyga Gets Sued for Failure to Pay for Luxury Cars


    tyga sued luxury cars

    The hits keep on coming for Tyga. Just days after he was publicly embarrassed after being dragged out of Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party, sources say the rapper is being sued for failure to pay for his luxury whips.

    Midway Rent-A-Car says in court docs that the rapper leased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost back in 2016. Tyga stopped making payments before the lease ended.

    The rental company says both cars got repo’d, but Tyga still owes almost $44k on the Ferrari and more than 84k on the Rolls, for a grand total of $127,789.73.

    He’s being sued for the full amount.


    1. Whoever shot that picture should get an award!!!!!!!! The funniest picture I’ve seen this year!!!!!!!!!!

    2. That fat Samoan looks like he’s about to chew Tyga up. Looks like he ate a few Tygas this morning.


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