Toni Braxton’s Engagement Ring Gets Stolen


    toni braxton lost engagement ring

    Toni Braxton left her train case full of jewelry on a Delta flight. The case was later recovered, but most of the items were missing, including the engagement ring Birdman gave her that is valued at $5 million

    toni braxton lost engagement ring delta

    Toni also posted this caption on her Instagram:

    Feeling back to my old self again, yay! But I’m sad today ? my engagement ring is missing ? but I’m optimistic that someone will find Bonnie and return her home!


        • She conveniently left it on the flight so that she and Birdman can get some insurance money. It probably wasn’t even in the suitcase. And she’s on social media asking people to get in contact with Delta. She must be on crack.

    1. that man of hers needs to pay some debts and so the ring might be the only asset he has.
      No ring – no marriage. Easy way for both of them to get out of the bs.

    2. Look in any neighborhood pawn shop or if you wanna get deep…………THE BLACK MARKET!!!!!!!! HONEY PLEASE……………

    3. Why wouldn’t she be wearing it?? C’mon now Toni. I love you girl but we all know how you be getting down when it comes to money. As a previous poster stated, an insurance claim is in the works.

    4. Love should have kept that ring on her finger.

      Her spending habits are making her liiiiiiiie. Ooo, they’re making her lie! Baby. Baby. Baby!

      Unbreak her baggage locks.
      Say she’ll never scam again.
      Take back the words that she said
      when she lied to the press.

      She loves her some scams. She’ll never love this way again.


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