Tia Rowe Used Son Andrew As Pawn To Land Disney Dollars!!!


Andrew Knight Payan Molestation Payoff

Mom-Made Molestation Money?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve identified the victim at the center of a 2006 child molestation case that rocked Disneyland – and that could mean known Hollywood swindler Tia Rowe used her own son to falsely claim to authorities that a Disney executive was a child sex predator (often times an allegation that’s not a stretch of the truth).

That’s because we’re told Ludovic Cremers – who once led Walt Disney Company’s Go Network of Internet sites – was charged with molesting a then 13-year-old Andrew Payan, aka Drew Down, and was ultimately sued by Rowe for big bucks in a civil lawsuit. Andrew is known in most D-list hollywood circles as Andrew Knight, the son of former hiphop mogul, Suge Knight As we’ve previously reported, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Disney Executive Ludovic Cremers Civil Lawsuits

That’s after all charges against Cremers were thrown out of court. The court found NO probable cause following Andrew Payan’s testimony during the preliminary hearing.. In the end, Rowe forced Ludovic Cremers; Walt Disney; and Palazzo Apartments – the site of the alleged crime – to pay up. In 2008, insiders say Rowe ultimately collected that six-digit figure civil settlement money.

You may remember back in September 2006 – LAPD officers arrested a then 43-year-old Ludovic Cremers, charging the Disney exec with child molestation.

Now, a source within the Rowe/Payan family exclusively tells HSK not only was Andrew Payan the victim at the center of that case, but the entire incident was setup for the purpose of profit. Reportedly, prior to any police report or witness claims of any inappropriate behavior; Tia Rowe confronted Cremers with a threat that she would file a molestation report against him with LAPD unless she received money. When Cremers refused, Tia stayed true to her threat; she and her first born son, Donovan Gold, aka Buckhead Don, then filed a police report claiming they witnessed Cremers acting in a sexually inappropriate way with Andrew.

Once there was an official allegation and arrest, Tia filed a lawsuit, seeking the extortion money earlier refused. Following the exoneration of Cremers, Tia fought nearly two-years for the $100K in settlement money she accepted – with the other $100K of the $200K agreed settlement reported to have been paid to the attorneys who finalized the deal.

Here’s the drop:

“Jacky, Tia sold her son Andrew for $100K. That’s all the money Andrew made after they set up Ludovic.

Tia knew Ludovic was gay, they were all neighbors at the Pallazzo. Tia zeroed in and used one son as a pawn and the other a supposed witness. They knew he worked at Disney which made him vulnerable to any allegations of the sort, true or not. Tia figured the threat alone would get her a quick check, but dude didn’t bite (no pun).

The whole event NEVER happened. Tia was expecting millions, telling friends she had ‘Mickey Mouse by the balls’ and that they would pay just to make it go away. Eventually everyone was suing everyone, it was a mess.

They ruined that guys life just for a come-up.”

Andrew Knight Payan - Tia Rowe

LAPD Andrew Payan Molestation Investigation

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