The Game Relives Graphic Sex With Kim K On New Track


    the game kim k sex

    The Game was in the studio previewing his new track, and a portion of the lyrics are all about the time he smashed Kim Kardashian.

    “I grabbed Kim Kardashian by her throat n***g
    I made her swallow my kids until she choked n***a
    I should apologize cause Ye my folks n***a…”

    Game has previously bragged about banging three Kardashians — which turned out to be Khloe, Kim, and Blac Chyna. He considered Chyna a Kardashian at the time he spilled the tea because she was engaged to Rob.

    What do you think about Game’s new track. Did he go too far?


    1. Why is he bragging about having sex w/Kim? We saw her sex tape & it was boring. Btw, didn’t he used to be a stripper? Why don’t he rap about that, how he shook his ass for dollars. It would be more interesting. I wonder how many kids has HE swallowed?

      • Why didn’t The Game talk about Kim K on his song “Wouldn’t Get Far?” He had no problem taking shit about Melyssa Ford.

        • and Melissa answered and showed her car was not a honda accord….the Game Lame as hell…….game name dropping and lying for fake fame…….and without 50 his album and bars sucked!

    2. Fucking Kim K is like fucking Lacey Duvalle. Damn near every rapper and baller has nutted on her and in her. Nobody gives a fuck!

      • TG is prob low on dough and ideas.Those hi interest loans he got back in the day are prob creepin up on his azz. Why talk about who you had sex with anyway…classless hack

      • Don’t talk shit about Kim K. Pimp Mama Kris don’t play. That old ugly white bitch will have a black man arrested just for being black. Anybody who disagrees with me, ask Daz Dillinger.

      • He doesn’t have to be exposed on Sexual Assault of women….

        We already know he is a Pedo who DMs little girls …he’s even got at least one of them pregnant.

    3. Let’s talk about a tale of two hoes. Kim K does a porn tape, becomes a celebrity millionaire. A old news reporter hoe name Lauren Sanchez hustled her snatch and married a very powerful hollywood agent name Patrick Whitesell. While she was married, she hustled her latina box even better and became the side bitch to one of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bozo, I mean Bezos. If you’re going to be a hoe, be a smart hoe. Lauren Sanchez has snatched (pun Intended) Kim K’s title of smartest hoe. She must have given Jeff Bezos super duper head!

    4. This nigga had a butterfly tattoo on his face, was a stripper, and messed around with young girls and I’m sure boys. This bastard should never say shit about anyone.

    5. When did it become ok for dudes to turn into Gossip Queens?

      All these Bitch Ass Nigs.. Running off @ the mouth about their body counts like bagging a Busted Crotch Rotted Out sand ngga famous for making Amateur Porn is some feat…

      All y’all are as much of a joke if not more than kan-gaye is for wifin that thing… the only reason he is a bit smarter is because if he can miraculously out live her or finally decided to leave her he will get all or half that $$$ she’s made from being an Industry Hand Me Down Cum Rag…Ugggghh.

    6. What are the odds that all these janky ass people have DRD. In Cali its not a felony to give another person the booty flu….smh Yuck

      • He hasn’t pissed off the right people yet… Maybe this will do it… He needs to be Fully Exposed.

        All these dudes living triple lives need to be.

    7. Game is a gay ass Mexican. ??? Everyone in 50s crew is suspect. Gay Unit. Buck gay. Lloyd hate women, so he must be gay. 50 definitely gay.

    8. a trannylover

      Every gay rapper or singer has an affiliation with dre or birdman. Or puffy

      Or jay. Kanye.jermaine dupri. Chris stokes and others who alwsys hang around the same usual suspects

    9. He gay too…Watching G-Unit give each other “brain” & shit??‼️‼️ That’s why he has the eggplant photos on Instagram, for male pleasure and enticement???‼️‼️

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