The Game Has a Question for The Ladies


    the game men cheating

    I need all the women to drop a comment down below. Is it your fault if you don’t give it up and your man cheats? Or is Game out of line (as usual!).


    1. Nah. I don’t think he’s out of line. Especially if the person that you are with is upfront about their needs. It’s fucked up when a person Changes up when they get into a serious relationship. If you was throwing the pussy at him on a regular to lock him down and then you stop when you get serious, that’s no good!

    2. Fuck him it’s his fault! I respect a man that says looks it’s not working out than one that goes behind my back and cheats.

    3. Sistas what you refuse to do, the next woman will; especially if you are dating or married to a successful brother. Just saying.

      • And what men fell to understand is the woman that you dream of, don’t give af… so if you mess up, she will be on to the next… Karruche🏁💝

        Mine told me the same thing 3 years ago and I told him whatever woman willing to do for you what I aint, want you more than I do. So ✌️✌️✌️

        Now we have a clear understanding.

    4. Off topic: Quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins, “There is no bigger threat to the black man than the white woman.”

      • I jus met a white girl…shes fucking disgusting😍. This might be valid….Keisha and letting me do all this freaky shit

    5. How about let’s just break up and you can go sleep with whoever you please that a question I would like to ask him.

    6. Women talk real tuff after being in a relationship from awhile then when he rolls the F… out yall crying and destroying shit……..If you woulda just F ed your man yall would still be together….amongst other things that women let slide….its seems like a real mental problem….

      • I feel ya my ex still mad at me and she’s married…if that was the once in a lifetime love why are you still mad at me? Proves women get married for the wrong things!

    7. Love my hubby, but if he’s not happy for ANY or WHATEVER reason then he should move on. I would encourage it. Yes, I would be hurt especially since we just found out I’m 5 weeks prego with our first child, but I would expect us to co-parent like grown folks and for him to contribute financially to her/his upbringing. Other then that, I have no problem with working and taking care of my responsibilities.

    8. That’s why Game takes real good care of his hubby 50. 🤣

      I have a better question. Why did Game have a tongue ring?

    9. I’ll say this about The Game, his song “Wouldn’t get far” was funny as fuck. After the car accident, I bet you Melyssa Ford wished she drove a Honda Accord.

      • His ‘one’ hit…thank goodness for royalties, huh? Most males who strip are narcissists and for damned sure aren’t str8…be serious.
        If you cheat, its that person’s loss…not the mate, sidepiece, etc.
        Possession is nine-tenths of the law, right?
        THUGLIFE The Hate U Give Lil Infants Fuks Everybody.

      • And how are you gonna clown this woman after what she’s been through?

        I’ve never heard about drama from her. But regardless, are you serious?

        • Melyssa Ford was one of the most stuck up video hoes back in the day. She insulted several rappers including Jay-Z. DMX, The Game and Busta Rhymes. She acted like she was the fucking queen of hip hop. She fucked up when she spoke about the devilish side of hollywood. Years later she got into the car accident in the city of Glendale. She was driving an Jeep with no roof. If she were driving a Honda Accord maybe her injuries would not have been so serious.

          • On a side note, how can Melyssa Ford, or any chick who appears in rap videos insult any man who has millions of dollars.

            • Because they did the same thing she did to get those “millions”…sucking & fucking dudes just like the Cheap Ratchet HoAss Nigs they All are.

    10. Back in the day when “Let Me See Ya Tongue Ring” came on in the club, Game was like, “Guuurl, thass my sawng,” and ran to the dancefloor to twerk.

    11. He “men” in general make excuses and an easy way out for themselves. I say the next woman could have him. I’m not afraid to be alone. These days men make you go celibate. other men are always checking you out. I’m not working that hard. So he can tell me it’s not enough. Grow up men! I’m not yo moma!

      • Why are you even having a serious discussion started by a dude that used to dance for dollars in a neon thong?

        Wait, would you forgive your dude for cheating if he busted out the thong thuh thong thong thong?

    12. If it were the other way round she’d be all kind of hoes, thot, jezebel ( for all those who believe in the imaginary sky daddy), bitch…etc.

      • You non-believers are some miserable Fucks…

        Science even says there is a Creator, but I guess you Tools really think you are the only all knowing beings…LOL!


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