Tamar Braxton Fries Up Some Chicken…In Her Bathroom!!


    tamar braxton chicken bathroom

    Toni Braxton visited one of her sister Tamar’s “many houses” and noticed Tamar was frying up some chicken in the bathroom!

    Tamar responded in the comments section:

    “But tell em how many pieces you had??? The electricity went out and u wasn’t about to mess my chicken up! Sorry🤷🏽‍♀️”

    Is Tamar foul for this or nah?


    1. Toni ate it though.

      Tamar is a good host. She leaves mints and fried chicken in the bathroom for guests.

    2. Don’t she know you DON’T EAT WHERE YOU SH*T AT? I wouldn’t have ate that SH*T. Would had FASTED instead.

      • You would have ate it. It was prollee guud. She probably made iced tea too. 🤤

        Why Tamar didn’t invite meee?

          • You would try to resist, but thoughts of a light crispy breading with that bit of Cajun seasoning and juicy meat would make you forget she cooked it 2 feet from the toilet.

            And if she made potato salad too. 😖
            Hold up, they’re from Bmore.

            If she made potato salad tewwr

    3. Tamar Braxton ….. Your Broke A…zzz Can Make All The Finger Snapping Tr@nny Jokes You Want … AT HOME !!! LOL !!!

    4. How about some fried chicken, with a side of ecoli from the bathroom door handles being touched all on and more than likely not disinfected. Everybody that done used that bathroom aint washed they nasty ass hands.

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