Shaq Joins Papa John’s Pizza After Racist Scandal


    shaq papa johns

    It was announced today that Shaquille O’Neal is Papa John’s newest board member. The retired basketball player is also an investor of nine Papa John’s eateries in Atlanta and an ambassador for the pizza brand.

    The news comes after the company saw its sales tank in North America after the scandals involving its founder John Schnatter when he used the n-word during a conference call. His image has since been removed from all marketing materials and pizza boxes.

    The pizza company is trying to stage a comeback, and Shaq was the perfect person to help them since he has been investing in restaurants since he was in the NBA. According to CNBC, he also owns a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Atlanta, a Las Vegas fried chicken restaurant called Big Chicken, and a Los Angeles fine dining restaurant called Shaquille’s. He previously owned 27 Five Guys franchises.


      • Abso-Fucking-lutely!!!

        You can literally see that Fool in a Trance just look up ‘celebrity glitches shaq’ on ytube.

        He is another mkultra Puppet…Bought and Paid For.

        • Digiorno pizza wayy better then bs PJ and i agree,boycott officer shaq and all the rest of those ent&athletes. I was jst watching old 60’s 70’s muhammad ali interviews and the entertainers & jocks of that era wtf happen? be your own leader and work harder fam

    1. Shaquille O’Neal is a slave, a 40 million dollar slave. I recommend all black athletes read the book “40 Million Dollar Slave” by William C Rhoden.

    2. Its a shame these non-melinated people think they can say anything they like to BLACK PEOPLE ,wave money in our faces to make it all go away. 9 times out 10 they’re right!!!!!!!!! I’ll never buy a papa john pizza ever again not even in my next life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. They probably told him to do it or they will take his money or threatened him. It’s a reason why they do this dumb shit. Im sure shaq knows the creator is a racist asshole

    4. Fuck Papa Johns! Tonight I’m going to recycle black dollars. I’m going to black owned Woodys Barbecue in Los Angeles to buy some beef ribs, corn bread and collard greens.

    5. !. Papa Johns ain’t good pizza….see chicago or NY, 2. He’s a Que/Mason and prob on the way to boule so I expect a move like this……WT folks always call on THEIR people when they step in it!…..

    6. Any black celebrity who brags about giving their money to the white devils should be rejected and kicked out of our community. This goes for Floyd Mayweather and Shaq! #BuyBlack

    7. Making your own pizza at home is easier and healthier than most of these chains. Add all the fresh cheese, veggies, or whatever low salt meat is in the fridge and no worrying about whether someone spit in the food or started doing hair or whatever bs is getting filmed these days. Disappointed in Shaq because it’s not like he needs the money.

    8. Where’s the love? If you can do better why not. That’s what wrong with black peoples when one is successful, he’s own peoples try to pull them down like crabs in a basket especially the ones who don’t have shit .

    9. Seems like all the black people writing in are real racists here…..recycle the black dollars (wtf)…. also seems like most people here need a lesson on proper English….the whole point of this blog is about racism and most of you seem to be promoting it yourselves

    10. I never will buy or eat a Papa John’s Pizza if Shaquille want to promote or buy a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant that’s his right.

    11. calling your own out for promoting a racist is not the same as pulling your own down the barrel of crabs. True, he can do whatever he wants with his damn money but forgetting that his crusty ass is the same as those suffering from racism is just plain dumb, kind of like your brainless comments.

    12. Who’s the real racist, COON CALLER you are know better than who are judging. Who died and left charge COON CALLER.


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