Schoolboy Q Is Tired of the Nipsey Hussle Clout Chasers


    schoolboy q nipsey hussle

    Schoolboy Q spoke with Big Boy about people making Nipsey Hussle’s death all about themselves.

    Peep the video?

    Who do you think he’s talking about? Maybe The Game?

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    Our last time in the studio puttin’ finishing touches on the record we got together. My nigga threw up 60’s so much, you had to throw yo shit back up just so you wasn’t over-powered by his….. when we grew up, it wasn’t ever kool to kick it with no crips if you was bloodin’ & vice versa.. but when @SnoopDogg embraced me when I came in the game it brought a new understanding of how REAL niggas separated themselves from the confinement of what LA gang bangin was at that time which was far away from its origin of peaceful protective groups formed in the 1960’s. A few fights then turned into murder (Research Raymond Washington & Sylvester Scott on the internet for the history) & gang bangin would then take a turn down a road in which the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, Long Beach & other cities are still trying to recover from. There’s a deeper explanation, education & understanding that I can bring those who are unaware & misinformed about gang life in totality but that’s another day….. circling back around to where I started.. I was just saying how dope it was to be able to break the color lines to which we were loyal to, to show the world that a crip & blood could tour the world together, create a friendship & bond that would serve as an example for the next generation of young African American kids growing up in the same darkness. Snoop showed me & I was happy to return the love when I met nip & show him the same. I might be rambling on or not making sense to some or all this might touch somebody & make perfect sense to all…. in the end, What I’m really saying is I miss my nigga dearly !!! What a pure soul #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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    1. Nope. Nipsey is loved and always has been. He’s been King to La long before his passing. We love Nip, I know I do.. so I can imagine how hurt the people are that actually knew him.

      He was a honest person, who was legit about who he was and showed love at the same time. 💝🏁

    2. A lot of people are really hurt and confused about this. A lot of us were praying, supporting and riding with him for the win. And for him to unexpectedly take off, out of here on us like this is shocking. And I believe Game, YG and everyone else is devastated. It’s not clot. Even though he passed away, they making sure everyone understand he is still alive.

      If people reppin Nip bothers him, he’s jealous. Another Eric Holder

      🏁💝👑King Ermias

    3. If he did not have support prior to passing, how did he get nominated for a Grammy? sale a mixtape for $100? and sale sweaters for $100? How???

      Why do they keep saying nobody supported him. Nip had songs with everyone from YG, Drake, 50 cent, the Game, Tyga, Snoop, movie with Master P, to working with Diddy, Khalid and Jay Z. What am I missing? Who did not support him?

      People been walking around with all that slauson and Crenshaw, Marathon gear for the last 3 years. Wtf are they talking about? What they are saying is FALSE!

      Nip got rich with no deal, if that ain’t support, what is support.

      What you mean is no media and radios were circulating him.

      But we supported him, knock that shyt off.

        • I don’t know what you mean. The ppl of LA supported Nip, outside of that I don’t know. but I started listening to him and supporting his businesses 4 years ago simply because everyone else was. I already knew who he was, liked him and listened to his music, but I realized this man was important to all kids and ppl on his hood, so I was like bump it, I’m in too. And intentional began to support him. 💝🏁

          So when ppl say this it irritates me. He had support from LA and many industry ppl as well.

          Nip was not signed to a label because he did not want to be, he was turning down deals and recently signed last year.

        • Ive been mad at him a couple times, when he was mean to Lauren. But I ain’t posting that. Nipsey has been my favorite rapper for the last 3 years both him and YG. I know YG special but I like him. I can’t help it. Them the only two ppl I really be listening to except for some old school Snoop, Quik, Eastsidaz, Dogg Pound, Sugafree, Chris Brown and belive it or not 50.

    4. Oh and I guess everybody forgot how all his fans went in on Cardi B because he did not get that Grammy. GTFOH.. you did not support him. We did!

      Big Boi did to so I don’t know why he on here acting like he don’t know what’s up.

    5. Oh and I guess we gone act like Nip billboards ain’t been all over LA for the last year. I guess we gone act like that big azz Victory Lap billboard that’s been right smack on the front of the Crenshaw Mall ain’t been there until now? Is that what we pretending like?

      Nip billboards been up all over la prior to him passing and none of them spray painted on.

    6. This probably the first man in history in which his baby mama is proudly and publicly carrying this man last name that he ain’t even give to her for the last 7 years.

      His current girl get a large tattoo AFTER he pass, which means she don’t see herself moving forward. Cause I don’t know what type of nigga she think gone want to see that every night.

      I don’t care how much people jump on bandwagons, everybody can’t Pack out the staple center for a funeral in 30 seconds, And have people lined up across LA to see your people pass by, I don’t care how famous you are.

      It’s only a few who impacted the world like that and this man is one of them.

      This makes me mad, they trying do downgrade his crown like we just discovered this man was powerful the day after he passed. No YOU just discovered that. We been knew.

    7. @Lovelylady

      Damn, Bihhhhhhh

      You need to go on and get a big ass Nipsey Hussle tattoo on your forehead!!

      #The Marathon Continues For The Delusional Thirsty Idol Worshipers

    8. Shut up Lovely lady.

      Let you tell it you you were one of his girlfriends’ inner circle and saw him everrrrrday. 🤡

      • Where he passed is pretty much a land mark now that people are visiting all day. It’s still slow traffic because of people crowding the area. It’s murals of him on Many buildings. Even the Spanish businesses.

        I’m reporting to you the real. You can believe what they choose to circulate but they not being honest. If you go over there right now, you gone see why they got to change the name to Nipsey Hussell Square.

        People loved him, just like they loved PAC.

          • Ha ha. Exactly. He was a man of the ppl but name one Nip song off the top of your head……..go.

            And i really fuck with nip but he was local. Shouldn’t been though.

          • No it is not. Pac is proud of Nip and whoever has control over Pacs estate made that clear.

            Everyone that knew Pac knew Nip and they loved them both. I was a fan of both. They are on the same team to me, just different functions. I love them both.

            I just don’t belive Pac is dead though. I’m sorry

          • I also have lived in 3 other states while Nip was out and I have heard his music in all 3. He is on a bunch of YG songs, like a lot of them. So if you telling me YG ain’t nationwide? But we all know your claim is bogus because the Grammys don’t nominate local Niggaz and Jay Z and Puffy don’t work with kids niggaz. Soooo✌️🏁💝👑🇪🇷

    9. I see YTs are mad at this black man and his community work getting so much attention.

      And he’s half habesha. That must make them extra mad. That cradle of civilization, holy land, dominant empire blood.

      • They are really trying to act like ppl just hoped on his team after he died. When they can look at all his accomplishments and see that ain’t true. $100 mix tapes, $100 Sweaters, songs with every big name artist, whole city been Loved him, Grammy nominated, packed out funeral at the staple center, street named after him, murals all over the place before and after he passed. Nobody in LA or the industry slept on Nipsey. Everybody knows he been special from the day he stepped on the scene. They just don’t want his loving, honest and kind spirit to rub off on nobody. So they trying to demolish the truth. 😳

        Artist like this up top is simply just jealous because they can’t circulate they music cause everything is about him right now.

        👑💝🏁🇪🇷. King Ermias… God sent and Jesus trained. Not replaceable.

        • Stop trying to make friends, Bitch.

          You saying the same Shit 50 different times and ways, just makes you look like the Psychotic Stalker Bitch You are.

          • FOH…You Know That is NOT a Serious Question…

            Even her Dumbass wouldn’t say he should be worshiped…

            Remembering his work and making a difference where you are… is ENOUGH.

          • I believe everyone’s spirit will live forever whether in Heaven or Hell and I do believe Ermias aka Nipsey was sent down here by God and Jesus to complete a project and he completed it and went back to his home to finish why he has to do up there.

            Now, do I think Nipsey knew what he was doing while here, somewhat but I don’t think he realized the extent of how he was going to be used and neither did Jesus when he had to be separated from God temporarily, that’s why Jesus asked God “why did you forsake me” right before he gave up his spirit.

            Nip stopped gang banging, literally. On some of his last interviews he said he was no longer apart of it which, is why he stop wearing so much blue and start wearing more red and it’s rumors that the OG’s of his hood was not happy about that. He also stop smoking weed.

            He knew his time was short, he made that clear in plenty of his songs.

            On the last time I checked video a lot of Crips were mad Nip did not have his flag and YG did. They felt like he was switching up. That was an issue before he passed. Nipsey was rebellious as far as the OG’s from his hood was concerned but then pretended to love and support him.

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          Go cry about your small genitals and hard looking face, and pray for mercy, you filthy bastard drug addict.

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            • I can smell the white devil cracker all over you, Satan. I know you people are idiots, but don’t be stupid enough to think your moron asses can fool anyone. Now go eat your beef stroganoff or tacos with your inbred family and beg the creator not to send you to hell, white devil.

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    10. @lovelylady

      Oh i get your point…..

      I just don’t wanna hear it from you you prissy pampered chick.

      You’ve been gone for a while so why not stay there?

      • Dang why I gotta be all that?

        Because I’m noticing the radios are going hard trying to pump out another Nipsey right now. All of a sudden since he passed they trying they best to force Joe Moses and this dude up top on us, two other LA niggaz. But Nipsey cant be replaced. They just trying silence Nips accomplishments because ain’t nobody but his ppl getting paid off his Stuff and they don’t like that…

        If Nip would’ve signed a real full record deal so these ppl can get paid, they would’ve took every opportunity of this situation to try and make the most money out of it.

        The love ppl are showing for him is genuine. The Game , YG and Snoop showed Nip love before and after he passed. And I don’t even like the Game. But we all on the same team if it’s about Nipsey.. TMC🏁💝🇪🇷

    11. YTs are mad at all the love this habesha king is getting.

      That holy land, original empire blood has them all in their YT feelings.

      Raise a glass to Nipsey.

    12. He’s just mad that he will NOT receive the same love nipsey hussle did. Sitting there looking like a bich with puff balls on his hat. When he die, nobody will give a fuck about this gay schoolf*ckboy bitch.

    13. Nip not wearing his blue flag in the last time I checked video was important to a lot of ppl from his hood. I only know cause I was seeing the comments under the video before he was shot. I know that sound super dumb, cause it sound dumb to me. but it is gang politics and Nip was kinda breaking some of the rules. Not to mention he made it clear he was no longer apart of it In a few interviews, including this one below. And he was wearing a lot of red on purpose. So, somewhere I’m sure he offended somebody, if they was that mad about a blue flag.

      Nip wanted out of that whole lifestyle, he grew up into a man. So I’m not exactly sure what to think happen to him, he was doing so much at the time that every conspiracy can be the case.

    14. btw
      Habeshas don’t have any dirty Arab blood in them. That’s why they’re talented and attractive. They don’t have big long bell pepper beak noses like Arabs. And they don’t obsess about abusing women. Don’t compare holy people to filthy lowlife degenerates.

        • You mad? Some pretty habesha ninja with flowing hair knocked up your girl? Does the baby speak some habesha language and slap you when you try to pick them up?

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    15. Naww, GAME was one of the first “big-time” rap artists to support Nip in his early days. It’s a lot of mainstream folks that that are clout chasing.


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