Safaree Samuels & Erica Mena Get Engaged


    safaree samuels erica mena engaged

    Safaree Samuels proposed to Erica Mena t her house in Atlanta, and she said yes!

    The proposal included a fireworks show and a ring valued at $175,000.

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    Been planning this since your Birthday. From Center stone shopping to Ring design to Sneaking rings on your fingers in your sleep to get your ring size, ordering 10,000 rose petals 200 candles, a Fireworks show in your backyard, 112 @daronfrom112 sing Crazy over you and @exit21_music singing can you stand the rain and a bunch another stuff I won’t mention. sorry I lied about us going on a fancy date ?? It’s crazy i thought i was happy being single but it’s no better feeling than having that teammate/ best friend/ partner. There was definitely a void that you filled. Thank you jasmin ❤️ I plan on being the Best Husband ever put on this earth! Salute my brother @therealkdmcnair for always holding me down!! ????

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    The couple has reportedly been dating since August 2018, but she was arrested alongside her ex-boyfriend, Clifford Dixon, in October 2018…so who knows…



    1. This guy jumps all around like damn didn’t he just do a porn or want to or some shit? And her ass always get engaged ugh I miss the 80s and 90s when they didn’t just let any body because famous.

    2. It’s official. She’s dressed like big bird.

      I’m waiting for the baby pics with the tiny starburst color fur coat.

    3. Why do black men love community pussy. I have seen black men marry or impregnate women with over 30 body counts and busted and I am like dawg some of cats have low self esteem

      • You are just jealous they aren’t interested in your ass-hole which is the community pussy of your area…you will never be a woman, so get over it.

      • Unless you were raised with someone and around them 24/7, you will never know how many partners your significant other has had. We only know about Erica Mena because she is in the spotlight. Plenty of regular people sucking and fucking for money or whatever. Just have to go get tested together and hope for the best.

        • True but sistas out here just letting anyone with a criminal record smash. Promiscuity is all fun and games until you are diagnosis with aids. Been to DC and the stories of these sistas suffering from the disease is tragic

            • If a male does time or had an encounter with any male, it’s their responsibility to get tested…period. don’t wait until something doesn’t look right or feel the same to get an hiv and std test. Women who are out there need to ask questions and get verification before handing over the draws. While jimmy hats can’t stop everything, keeping a few on hand is better than raw dogging in a non-committed relationship.

              • There are women who are in committed relationships who are catching the shit…so the responsibility still falls on these dirty ass dudes who aren’t telling the partners the truth.

                • No alot times its usually loose women who get flipped in the bando that are spreading stds. I cant count how much times I have witnessed sistas get fuc*ked by like 5 dudes at the same time NO condom just for them to go the next hood and get flipped again. Tragic man

          • Shut Up Bitch…no one was talking to you in that last comment and Yes it is usually women in relationships who get caught out there by these Dirty Ass Dudes.

          • Sorry black women DO like dirty ass dudes…..The most aggressive men or the men with the most money get the poon…and black women pay for it later…..then wine that that there aren’t any good men out there…..NO the good men KNOW that you were COMMUNITY pussy and want no parts! LOL

    4. Congrats…….she finally got her one…..or is the second or maybe the third………Hell I lost count. Well anyway congrats.

    5. BW are not jealous of this rice and beans pass around. This engagement will be over by the end of the next season of L&HH.

    6. Wow. Blaxk men are such traitors, talking about the power of melanin yet jumping into the arms of women with the least, is an oxymoron. In this blog ALL the black men are married to foreign women. Even Jay Z since Beyonce has told you time and time again that she is a Creole. The only celebs marry blaxk are Blaxxk women. Wendy Williams married blaxk and Blaxxk men hate her. Mental illness is real.

      • True but it seems that both sistas and brothas cant stand each other. Black woman like black men by default thats why most are single, they would rather stay single then mess with a black man. If other groups were checking for sistas, black women would run to their arms but they are not.

        • You are so Fucking Stupid and have no idea what you are talking about…first you say they let dudes fuck then you are saying they can’t stand each other.

          Get your BS stories straight or better yet just STFU and worry about why you are confused about your own sexuality and why no one wants to fuck you.

          • Stand each other meaning long term relationship. Most sistas are down to fuck for the most part but committment is a no no. Me and my boys have ran trains on a lot of sistas but they never hit us up again.

            • Your boys have run trains on YOU…that is the only experience and knowledge you have on the matter.

      • Wendy Williams hates herself and Black people. STOP IT!
        Just like Screamin A Smith, Jason Whitelock and Charles Buffoonery. Among others.

    7. And to the idiot that’s blaming women for dirty ducks that too is an oxymoron. It is near impossible for a woman to pass HIV to an man. And this same idiot stating that women are allowing trains to be run on them. YET negates to mention what dirty, filthy, man will watch 10 men stick their dicks in a crevice, then stick their dick in the same HOLE, right after, without any protection. That makes one dirty woman and TEN dirty men…IDIOT. And its obvious that one dirty vagina will do less damage, than what TEN dirty dicks….. in the black community. Math 101. MEN CATCH HIV FROM OTHER MEN AND PASS IT ON TO MEN AND WOMEN…IDIOT.

      • But remember if the woman has hiv she has a greater chance of infecting the ten dudes that are running a train on her. Apparently thats how eazy e and majic johnson got hiv by these unprotected orgies. I am not blaming sistas is just that if you are going to get passed around ask the men to at least wear condoms

        • STFU You Dumb Bitch…Easy and Magic were FUCKING DUDES MORON…what part of that do you NOT Understand…

          • No they werent…majic and easy e had orgy parties where they and their homies would RAWDOG anything from strippers, hookers to local hoodrats. They were bound to catch something

            • Uh YES You Dumb Bitch they were FUCKING DUDES…You know what that is all about since you were raped by at least one.

              • All I am saying is that sistas should rap it up. Some women being ran thru is fun but at least wear a condom

                • A female Condom is BS and Men have Just as Much Say in the Matter and when they KNOW they are Fucking everything moving should wrap their own shit up on GP…

                  Also Tell Men who Pretend to be Straight to Stop Fucking Women…

    8. Broads love them sprayed on shoe polish haircut mtfs or them hair transplant goofballs this dudes a nobody but neither is she


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