Rob Kardashian Too Broke to Pay Child Support!


    rob kardashian child support

    Rob Kardashian has filed a new claim to get his $20,000 per month in child support reduced. Rob says he “can no longer afford these orders,” and is asking for a modification.

    He blames Chyna for the hit he has taken to his income, claiming their public battles, including the restraining order she filed against him last year, caused him significant damage.

    He no longer appears on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which means he no longer receives his $1 million annual salary.

    “It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally and I have no desire to continue participating in the reality show. I would like to maintain my privacy, try to recover from the emotional damage of the past several months, and explore other business ventures.”

    While Chyna allegedly makes $60,000 per month, Rob says his income went from $100,000 per month to less than $10,000. Based on that estimate, his lawyer thinks Chyna should pay HIM $2,864 for his 50/50 custody of their daughter, Dream.

    They are scheduled to meet with a judge in December for a decision.


    1. You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

      That’s the price you pay. Did he learn nothing from his mother and sisters?

    2. He is part of a family dynasty and best believe he has money but it’s being hidden so no more of it will go to BC! The whole gd family is more than likely racist. They seek out blacks who hate themselves. They think their children will be immune from racism too! Those children are all black and will be treated accordingly when they escape from Calabasas. SD is probably trying to inherit LR’s millions one day. SD and KK are probably in on it together!

      • kim, khloe, rob, and kylie has biracial kids

        only one left is kendell

        yeah guess they getting ready to groom those kids to be brats

        please don’t have kanyes son have his ego

      • ^^^^
        What someone recently posted on the Daily Mail website.

        Her Husband Is The Bad Guy – March 19, 2014 (Blind Gossip): ‘This celebrity just loves to play the victim in her relationship. She has always been wonderful, faithful wife who just wanted to start a family and was shocked – shocked! – to discover that her athlete husband was a serious drúg user and a cheater. Poor thing. Or… is she? Actually, she’s not such a victim here. She wasn’t shocked at all. She knew all about his drug use and his cheating before they married! She knew what he used, and how much he used, and how often he used it, and that he was cheating… and got married anyhow! Why? Because her mother told her that it would be fine. She told her daughter that a rich, dumb, black man makes the perfect match and that the drugs and infidelity would just make it that much easier to get out of the marriage later on. Get in, get the money, get out a few million richer . . . and let him look like the bad guy!’

    3. Imagine paying for child support for the mother of your child that is getting fu*cked by a teenager

    4. Oh he wants privacy alright!!!!! Privacy to the money he has and don’t want to give to his baby because of the mother!!!!!! JUST SAD……….

    5. Sidebar
      Why does Chyna make the cutest babies? I wanna knock her up.

      But I don’t wanna pay child support. ?

    6. I ain’t trying to be mean but, I hope he win, she dogged him out. I can’t stabd them, but She should’ve known them Kardashian’s was not gone let her walk all over them, the way she thought


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