Rihanna Declines Super Bowl Halftime Show in Support of Kaepernick


    rihanna superbowl kaepernick

    Rihanna was reportedly asked to perform at Super Bowl LIII’s Halftime Show in Atlanta, but the singer declined the offer because she “supports Colin Kaepernick,” a source said.

    Here’s what an insider had to say:

    “They offered it to her, but she said no because of the kneeling controversy. She doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance.”

    Maroon 5 will perform instead.

    Did Rihanna make the right decision?


    1. Now if ALL BLACK PEOPLE followed her lead…….just imagine what could be accomplished!!!!!! You go girl………

      • Why the hell would black people need to boycott pro sports? ?? Yall ignorant af. Rihanna too fat to perform & Colin was protesting police brutality /American injustice. Rihanna is a part of the American injustices being ignored. Support black men with jobs!! I.e. pro athletes

        • You are the one who is Ignorant AF…

          Standing for something and not wasting $$$ supporting a system who wants you to remain a slave or dead if you buck it, is what creates change Asshole.

          • Shhhhh… u people sound foolish. If you don’t like being a professional athlete, quit. Just like the postman, cashier, waitresses etc.
            Buck what system? ?? Colin protested police brutality. GO BUCK THAT & LEAVE THE NFL OUT OF IT. YALL are examples of WHY Colin protesting at work resulted in him being terminated from his job.

            • This is why you are an IDIOT…First he wasn’t terminated Asswipe..he opted out of his contract to be a free agent.

              You know what you can’t fix Stupid so saying anything else to a Pea Brain like you is a waste of time.

              Keep being a Slave that is all someone like you is good for anyway.

    2. This is all BS, Colin doesn’t give a damn about the average Joe Blow..
      Those players need to remember they have families and BILLS..
      If you won’t say a word, no big deal, but all this kneeling is accomplishing what?
      Please tell me I don’t watch sports on TV at all.
      What are they trying to accomplish?

      • WTF are you talking about?

        He is kneeling for exactly what you just said Dumbass the everyday man…

        Just STFU if you don’t know anything about the topic.

      • Nothing! Because when Trump asked for names of incarcerated people he could pardon, did the kneeling players stand &take that opportunity to try to right at least that one injustice stemming from police abuses?

        • They know better than to meet or deal with a Dumb Ass looking for more coverage…he would have never done anything they wanted or asked for.

          The only reason he let that one woman out is because his daughter whom he wants to Fuck asked him to.

          • Shhh. They are making football political when Colin kneeled it was his statement but the players are not politically capable so the new rules work great. U don’t want to stand, u don’t have to. Just wait it out in private. (I dnt stand &, been that way since a kid and nvr messed up the game & cheering excitement to do it!) They have the right to sit/kneel but let the fans hv one f****** moment in our regular shmegular paycheck lives to enjoy something. Watching ppl who make 5 grand a week mess up our Lil friday/Sunday fun-days off from our regular shmegular paycheck jobs is a bore. If they make a difference aside from inciting riots in regular shmegular day to day situations then they still have my support. But I’ll still be sitting the pledge of allegiance /whatever out RESPECTFULLY, not disrupting the game

            • EVERYthing is political…if you don’t like it you can jump off a steep cliff, then you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

    3. There are no black owners in the NFL. It doesn’t make sense for black men to play a sport that we don’t own.

    4. She aint worried about losing fans/likes/endorsements/money, etc.

      The Nike swoosh has become some sort of emblem like a swastika to some.
      Wearing the brand is now sposed to make a political statement just like setting it on fire makes a statement. How have black lives improved because of Nike, besides the feel-good ego thing?

      • Black people are the descendants of slaves. Nike’s shoes and clothes are made by slaves in a sweatshop. For over thirty years most black people have spent thousands of dollars buying Nikes. Nike has done nothing for the black community. There is something wrong with us. #Depression #Ignorance.

        • No Dumb Ass We are the True Hebrews/ Isrealites the Most High’s Chosen People.

          The only people on this planet who have had their identity stolen away, our families torn apart permanently and any trace of who we are scrubbed from the history books.

          There is something WRONG with YOU, but don’t put your Ignorance/ lack of knowledge of self, on ALL of US.

    5. This is all BS.

      If anyone really believes that Kaepernick is really “protesting”, you’re crazy. If he hadn’t lost his job to a no talent white boy, he wouldn’t be doing anything but still playing. That’s what it’s really all about.

      And I doubt that as business savvy as Rihanna is, that she would turn down that type of exposure for her makeup and lingerie lines.

      Wake up people.

      • None of what you said is true.

        He opted out of his contract and if it wasn’t a protest these idiots including your prez wouldn’t be so up in arms about it and trying to force the nfl to create a new policy to stop it.

        You don’t know what rhi-rhi is thinking so making Assumptions just makes you look like the ASS you seem to be.

      • Thank you. Nobody believes this. He was willing to put career on the line because he did not have a career left. If he turkey care He would’ve did all this when he was A1, but he waited until he was about to get cut.

        Curry took a stance at the height of his career. Willing to loose everything. That’s a whole lot different then this fake dude.

        • They don’t believe it because he is STILL a great quarterback…You Dumb Bitch.

          His stats are better than many playing right now and he should still have a career…the only reason he doesn’t is because of what he did…he chose to make a stand knowing he would be a free agent and he may not be picked up and that is more courageous than anything that Bitch curry has done.

    6. She could have picked someone better to follow instead of a MTF who decides he wants to be black for attention, let’s not forget this dude while in HS, or college looked like a preppy ass goofball wearing Penny loafers and cardigan sweaters, he reinvented himself because the other bullshit wasn’t cutting it, now he decides he wants to grow a fro and wear braids, this kind of MTF is the reason why blacks are looked down upon, he wasn’t speaking up on black issues at the university of Nevada Reno was he FUCK NO!!! I’d love to see him go to L. A with this bullshit there’s millions of mtfs there who’d pull this dudes card, he hated he was part black when he was younger, now the social media era has mtfs like this all of a sudden liking who they are for likes, this dude is as lame as they come, u wanna see a real mtf sporting a fro holding up the fist go check my photo albums since my birth there’s thousands of them , as for Rhianna she’s liked by the younger generation of uneducated retards only

    7. my white friend said blacks should not support the nfl so the nfl can only have white players just like nhl

    8. All of you MFs talking shit are Exactly what is Wrong with the Community…can never just be supportive of anything positive.

      All You Haters are is Crabs in A Barrel, constantly trying to Pull Each other Down.

      I hope when the shit really goes down we get rid of you Fuckers First!

    9. Contelpro counter intelligence infiltration has plague the black community for decades this no different not to Colin is apart of the boule and work for the higher ups just like rihianna and so does the rest of the black wealth black people you have no to represent you not even your people this is a distraction to start a race war

      • Not every wealthy person just like not every poor person has one side to them…people on either side defect all the time….and right now he is being made an example of, that is why what nike did, even though it was for their benefit, is huge to show you can stand up and still be supported.

        Crab Barrel Mentality is a more of a Community Killer than anything else.

        Everything else they try to do will fail at some point, because being The Most High’s Chosen we will inherit the Earth…that is what you Idiots that don’t know who you are need to understand.

    10. All black people need to follow in Rihanna’s choice and boycott the NFL (Negroes Fall in Line).

    11. This question is for black parents, why do you continue to enroll your sons in football? Don’t you know the NFL hates black people? Don’t you know that football causes brain damage? #JuniorSeau

      • Because their kid isn’t tall enough for basketball, and America doesn’t have real soccer clubs, and baseball is boring and doesn’t offer as much opportunities.

        That will change though. Baseball will see an uptick. Football won’t go away though because it’s life for people in the south and Midwest. And there’s probably a lot of rednecks in baseball that folk don’t wanna deal with. Especially considering pro ball is played while drunk and tweaking on steroids.

    12. We all have to stick together in Unity when it comes to these causes. My black and my latino brothers and sisters.


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