Quincy Responds to Backlash Following Kim Porter’s Death


    quincy kim porter death

    People are confused by the way Kim Porter’s kids are behaving following her unexpected death. And now, her son, Quincy, is speaking out amid the backlash. He says he’s only continuing to live life the way she taught him.

    Many people have spoken out on the way Quincy and his siblings have grieved their mother’s death, especially after this video of Christian Combs dancing and smiling at her repass hit the internet.


    1. Your right the real cause of her death won’t be revealed because Diddy will make sure of that.

      • Remember all things come to light and the way her death came out of the blue looks like three people are involved dad and two sons that’s why it’s nothing to them they are on their way up to the top

    2. I’m sure the kids are mourning her behind closed doors. I don’t expect them to be depressed in public. There are stages of dealing with a loss one.

    3. Jesus is the caucasion version… you may want to rethink that…. God says that GOD is the only one worthy of worship, you may want to rethink that

      • You are right about his son’s name not being haysuse, but don’t get it twisted his son did die for our sins and he does want us to acknowledge him…

        His True Hebrew name is Yasha/ Yashaya…all other names are false.

        They try to tell you it is not the above names to continue to cause confusion.

        • “acknowledge” the Son, NOT worship. Nowhere does GOD say “create a religion and worship my son…” He DOES say that He is the only one worthy of worship

          • The person you are talking to isn’t saying anything about worshiping him…accepting = acknowledge it does not mean worship, so chill.

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    4. Honey……they don’t even do THAT in Louisiana!!!!!!! But if that’s how they grieve………..it is what it is.

    5. Quincy is fine as hell damn. Of course they are mourning their mother but behind closed doors. Ppl need to mind their own business.

    6. Some say the doctor’s gave her some bad medication

      Puffy and suge has bodycounrs all their close friends and families end up dead or in jail


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