Patti LaBelle Calls Ariana Grande a ‘White Black Girl’


    patti labelle ariana grande

    As Patti LaBelle presented Ariana Grande with the 2018 Billboard Women in Music award, she not only called Ariana
    “all that and a bag of chips,” she also recalled the time she met Ariana and told her to “sing like the little white black girl that you are.”

    Here’s the clip:

    You can watch Patti’s full speech here:


    1. I wish people would stop trying to bring trash like this into the fold…

      That girl has a lane where she is fine staying in.

    2. Blacks folks gone learn one day to stop inviting everybody to the cookout. I swear Black folks stay giving out “Black” passes to other races, nationalities, and ethnicity. Where in the hell are these “Honorary Negroes” when the sh*t really goes down? SMH.

    3. See that’s why BLACK SINGERS don’t have a foothold on R&B now…….Instead of giving each other accolades they gladly toss their pearls to swine!!!!!!! I guess next she’ll be adopting her!!!! No blue eyes soul here or any other soul unless it comes from the BLACK SOUL……..THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      • It is more about who labels put their $$$ & support behind, because they prefer to have their own try to take over music as a whole….but patti doing shit like thiz does not help.

    4. Ariana ruined aretha song natural woman they could have gotten ant black professional singer who would have done that song more justice than Ariana

    5. First of all, f**k white people and f**k Anal Gland.

      Second, sometimes older people are on strong medication that makes them high and friendly af. Auntie Patti didn’t know what she was doing.

    6. All of this crap would halt if “WE” wake up and stop buying in to this crap,they(the ind) will only act when the ratings,numbers,$$ drop,look at the nfl their giving away tix now,keep the resistance up,not jst in entertainment ind,but social justice as well,love self

    7. Girl basically wearing black face. The kartrashians and this one are the new millennium step n fetchit minstrel shows? W/their black boyfriends, bastard child makers, and black besties. .. looks minstrel show tan from here

      • I’m not defending her, but she’s Eyetalian. They like to tan to blackness. Regardless of what other people are doing, they tan. If we’re real, they’re not even white. North African men smashed so many of their women that there’s almost no white people there.

        They used to get attacked for looking at white women. And even now, whites don’t really consider them white unless it fits an agenda.

    8. Patti old Uncle Tom and thinking its cute.
      Why do black ppl always inviting white singers to take over their music
      She sang at that funeral worse than I sing, she was horrible and high as a kite.
      Black ppl take the scales off your eyes.. When gave white ppl invited you into their fold?????
      Get a grip

    9. yeah blacks always letting whites in the fold

      miley started twerking black America thoyght she was all hood then she said she don’t wanna do black music anymore.

      Jennifer lopez same thing she got money and her white man at the tim shes all I don’t do black music

      kid rock was all hip hop and rapcore until he felt like he didn’t need so called black music anymore now hes all country.

      well white people blacks started country ad metal too so enjoy thinking you running from one black genre not knowing you run into another

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