Offset’s Mistress Apologizes to Cardi B


    offset summer bunni cardi cheating

    The woman Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B with has issued a video apology, saying she feels guilty for breaking up the rappers’ marriage.

    Summer Bunni is one of the women Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome with that would include Cuban Doll. She says she didn’t know how serious Offset and Cardi were at the time and she told TMZ she hopes the couple will reconcile.


    1. Modern women have no shame. There are woman who feel no way in beaking up marriages but want to act like they really care about the sisterhood….crazy man. The South African instagram model who offset f*ucked said she dont care about no cardi B. Cold man

    2. Who is colder….the man who made a how to his wife with child or the woman who has no obligation to the wife. IT IS MODERN MAN WHO IS COLD…

      • True but these same women who profess “b*tch your man with me” and I can f*ck any womens man” we be the same ones protesting about how misygonistic men are smdh. Nothing is more misygonistic than a woman WILLINGLY sleeping with a married man

    3. Thought cardi was cool with his infidelity
      Cardi like most women waited til the baby arrived so she can get child support

      Offset the fool cause he married a well.known whore who let it be known she sold pussy so I don’t feel bad for him

      Amber rose pregnant again lol

    4. NO nothing is more misogynistic than a man who will cause pain to the wife he proffesses to love and cherish by cheating/risking it all for sex with a random woman who doesn’t care for him, or his wife. Let’s not forget nothing can get between a man and his wife unless HE ALLOWS IT. Acting like cheating men are victims….smh…lol.

      • lot changed since 92, back then you was soft or looked kind of gay you didn’t sell records

        ask pm dawn oh yeah prince bes gay ass is dead

    5. all this treating hoes like ladies is out of hand

      why marry and impregnate hookers

      cardi came out and toldeverybody she was a ho, she sold pussy, she suck dick eat pussy

      offset got what he paid for


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