Offset’s Alleged Mistress Dedicates a Tearful Song to Him


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    Offset’s alleged mistress, Summer Bunni, is trying to cash in on their alleged affair by releasing a new track.

    Summer Bunni told The Blast she wrote “Don’t Matter” during their affair which happened over the summer.

    “I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time,” she said, adding she felt her emotions were being neglected during their brief fling.

    Here are the lyrics from a snippet of the track:

    “Don’t Matter”

    I’m sick of you I guess my feelings don’t matter
    Never question how I am if I’m better
    I left walking got door begging at my door (begging at my door)
    I replace you boy you better get gone
    (Better be gone)
    What is love what is love what is love
    Can you explain it what it does
    I had Ryan trying to come inside and
    I had Brian calling all night plus
    All your friends trying to fuck low
    But you stay steady saying I’m a hoe
    It’s okay but I’m let you be
    I’m not gone cry baby beg on my knees
    You didn’t mean it huh
    What you say
    You stay lying ni**a straight to my face
    What did you call us
    What did you see
    All the bitches be laughing all at me
    I hope you play this shit when you all alone
    So you can think about why I’m really gone
    F**k the gossip f**k the tea
    I’m the one that you really need

    You can listen to the track here.


    1. How much of this BS are we supposed to endure on social media. Do your jobs! Make music and keep your social life off the news!

    2. Folks wanna know everything these days phukkin how big his dick is, is he gay, did he eat pussy

      Shame but this is society now

      These women ain’t got nothing else going on but sex, and eho they have a child by other than that what legacy for they have

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