Offset Defends Crashing Cardi B’s Show


    offset cardi b

    Offset crashed Cardi B’s set at the Rolling Loud Concert to tell her: “I just want to tell you I’m sorry, babe.”

    Cardi later addressed the incident, saying she didn’t want people to judge her “baby daddy” so harshly, and Offset went on the record to defend his actions.


    1. Like most narcissists, he is self centered with no regard for anyone else’s feelings. This was her show yet he made it about himself. All these DBR’s coming out in defense of him. You know why? Because Cardi B has many followers. If she leaves offset because he cheated, many women would do the same. Cardi got these negroes shook. Steer the course, Cardi!
      It’s 2018, time to stop standing by men who don’t deserve to be stood by!

        • Sorry guys but remember this girl was a prostitute scrambling for 1$ bills when Fabolous was making it rain on her lolol of course it’s about the money and her followers. He ain’t taking her seriously. In my opinion they can do better without each other. Both ratchet as fuck

          • She’s lucky he even bred her to be honest. Not like he’s a catch or anything but sorry that video with Fabolous is too funny. That’s his baby momma ???

    2. Please bring back ninjas like bone thugs, wu tang etc etc I cant fucking stomach these waste of space new generation faggots fr. Migos make me sick sooo much n I can’t believe ppl actually buy into their bullshit. Fucking hop scotch music. Fucking disgusting

      • Bring back real hip-hop/rap period. Belcalis (?) would have a coronary if she had to do the bridge on Supersonic at the same speed. Could you imagine any of the Migos doing I’m Bad or any LL track with the same manliness? From what I’ve seen no one today can put on a show like Big Daddy Kane or Digital Underground did back in the day. Not saying change is bad but in this case, it seems to get worse. Now these goofy mofos can’t decide whether they want to rhyme and get paid or star in a soap opera.

      • Uh Bone thugs is still around and making good music. Gza released a album with DJ Whoo Kid. Stop whining about the commercial mainstream artists and dig for good music.

        • I’m not just complaining about the music (which is my right, btw) but how dumb the whole scene has gotten. Yeah, tastes change but it’s sad that people have to “dig” for quality music.

        • Suck a nut bizarro. Where talking bout real hip hop artists. Not about lil girl boys trying to push their egos n agendas on us. We’re talking about when rap music was for the ppl things we can relate too.

          • Also missfitts today people in the industry just care about money. I’m not calling them artis btw because their not. It’s all about that paper as they keep saying and there is no music with heart these days. Cardi from young didn’t want to be a rapper or anything. She wasnt spitting as a teenager, writing n all that. She was a stripper that had n opportunity n now wants to say she living out her dreams. It’s the money n the fame. Not the music. Feeding young girls this bullshit. Fuck him then Il get some money. That’s the real Stripper Cardi. Not this fake rap artist lol

            • Did u even read my comment u fuckin dummy? Any moron can make a rap song nowadays with the technology that’s out there. Back then it had to be somewhat decent. But here you go again ranting and raving about Cardi. Bringing up her past. At least she straight raps and is not tryin to be a thug n harmony singer. She better than most of the males. But all you can say is she used to be a stripper. Broke ass backpack hater. Who are these “real hip hop artists” you keep flapping yo gums about? Yawn.

              • Bozzo please suck a nut. Do I really have to say who these real hip hop artists are. You must be 20 or something lil pump fanlol Cardi rap better then Kash doll? Dreezy? Remy? Foh

                • Btw the ladies above are not the ones I’m referring to as real hip hop artist. But their skills are way better n they stripped n they write there own music

      • What having a dude use you for album sales and publicity? Niggaz will do anything for money, including sucking another’s man penis, rob niggaz, kill niggaz… sooo I don’t understand.

        Show me a woman with her own money and I’ll show you a nigga using her.

        When you rich, niggax will do anything! If he oved her, he wouldve never did the shyt he did.

        So this apology is deemed void and selfish, not sincere. It’s to save his career not hers.

      • And you right. Because if a nigga did this to me, i would’ve walked off the stage, fired whoever in my crew that was in on it, and nerver did nothing for Power 106 again. Than I would’ve got the divorce papers expidited and then found my daughter a new daddy. Cause he is super freaking disrepectful. Nothing about him is the truth, not even his apology. Like did he really call her bruh??

        • That’s why it was a publicity stunt. Everyone was in on it and they even promoted her concert but saying that something was going down that night. Don’t miss out on it. I don’t think she knew that was gonna happen. Your right whoever was in on this she be fired. The girl can’t breathe

          • Yeah Power 106 was pumping it up. Since it was at SC, right in his hood, I would think Nipsey Hussell would be the headliner or even Lil Wayne. I was wondering why They kept bringing up Cardi B on the radio.

            Yeah it was definetly a publicity stunt from his end. I feel bad for Cardi, cause the more he do, the worst he making it. He disgust me at this point. Just like TI, I can’t even listen to him no more.

            I don’t like shady, snakeish ppl at all. They irritate my soul, make my stomache hurt, just hearing they name or seeing them.

            It’s a wrap for offsett, he might as well invest his money. Cause I know I can’t even look at him without frowning and I don’t even know the nigga.

          • If he knew how much his behavior was gone remind every girl in the world the time they was cheated on, he probably would’ve thought twice. Cause this just remind me of some shyt I went through. My heart loved the dude but my body no longer wanted to touch him, he disgusted me. So even when I thought about taking him back mentally, there was no more sexual attraction psychically, it was over…. the trust was gone. He looked like walking aids to me.

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    4. I don’t take anyone in entertainment seriously. As others have said this is a publicity stunt of course

      • Mho The 80’s was the beginning of the end in music.And who got time to dig and find “new” music,which is also rehashed 70’s/80’s soul,r&b with the aid of autotune,only now the white boys have stole,repackaged preform it then sell it back to y’all,read some books instead fam…
        sug: The Mis-Education of the Negro Carter G Woodson its also on YT audio book

        • Yep, digging is hella tiresome, especially when YouTube decides to slip in kiddie acts on my home page. Even the alternative station in my area slips in top 40 b$ regularly now.

    5. Is Jesus your homie? You kick it all the time?

      Said on Monday…. He’s ya homaaaay
      Said on Tuesdaaaay…. He’s ya homaaaay

      • Nope, he doesn’t want to lose his money bag. Her ratchetness will put her on par or above the Kartrashians, money wise.

        • Imma rebuke that statement in the name of Yasha on GP.

          We don’t need to put shit like this in the atmosphere now or ever and my hope is this trash gets her dismissal papers ASAP!


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