Offset Begs for Cardi’s Forgiveness


    offset cardi b breakup

    Offset is still pleading for Cardi B to give him a second chance, and the rapper is telling the world all he wants for his birthday and for Christmas is for the two of them to be back together again.


    1. Too little too late. Hope Cardi stick to her position. Once a cheater always a cheaters plus with another baby on the way.

    2. He looks like a moose or some type of animal. Cardi should have been the one to cheat on him not other way around ??‍♀️ She’s dumb tho she will take him back

    3. Keep it moving Cardi, you can do better. He need you more than you need him. Be an example of a strong woman to all these girls that follow you. F—k offset. If you take him back, that’s a W for these cheating azz niggaz. They want you to take him back because they know if you leave and don’t look back like karruche did, it’s gone be a trend of woman not taking no Shyt from these niggaz, cause they follow you. And they trying to avoid that at all cost. That’s why they begging you to take the nigga back. TI scared his wife gone boss up and leave too. That’s why they begging you. You the leader right now to a lot of weak bytches. So show these niggax what time it is.

      That should make up for the fact that you can’t rap. At least you doing something positive.

    4. Offset you damn idiot

      You crying over a hooker lol

      They both knew they was hoes

      Just paY your child support

    5. He’s disrespectful. Leave him in the rear view and keep it moving!
      Even if you took him back, could get over a reminder of his infidelity for the rest of your life( aka side baby)?

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